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  1. what's the need to make a video when you don't wash your hair since 3 weeks? They want portrait her like a crazy person, i'm sure about that
  2. i'm sorry but i love my freedom to do what i want , bye
  3. Rita Oral isn't american and thank god in europe we are free to dress and style our hair in the way we want
  4. you missed the point, Britney or Beyoncè can slay even with a coat, showing their body it's just a plus not their main """""talent"""""
  5. i hate self titled because scream desperation like "i'm still hot after my pregnancy, i'm not old please watch at me"
  6. every woman should do what she want do with her body, but i don't like when someone use their body to gain attention instead of use the talent. Women aren't anymore only a sexy body, please don't use this easy card
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