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  1. wanting to scream Alright now I'm definitely convinced that she's trying to speak up but can't Can't wait for the tell all book
  2. And she has freedom to choose what they she wants? Let's put Jamie Lynn also in conservatorship because her post doesn't show mental stability #LockJamieLynn #FreeBritney
  3. Circus tour is really great because they really spent money on it (not like POM second hand outfits & recycled props). Great costumes, unique stage, good remixes, props... Only think I really hate about this tour is absence of pre recorded vocals And the choreo wasn't great either but she looked like Primeney 2.0 and her body really slayed
  4. Call Brian. He's the only one that can do choreography for Britney
  5. Which song and album? Another day another Britney Jean thread
  6. I don't think they're that stupid to release 5+ years old songs. Yeah Myah recorded all FF demos. Just look at Blackout. There are so many unreleased songs and they've choose the best and it payed off. Britney also said she recorded many songs for Glory (over 30) but we won't ever hear them because RCA keeps them in safe (unlike Jive).
  7. She would probably need to record at least 50 songs and then choose the best (Glory & FF scenario). I think they should scrap the old material (if they have one) and start all over with Britney as executive producer Sorry Justin Tranter but Britney is better It's going to be her 10th album so she needs to be the one in charge of everything (finally truly personal album)
  8. I really really want album full of bops (similar to FF/Blackout) Maybe we could get disco themed album cause that's in
  9. I really don't like him after these shady events last year. I guess we'll see if it's real relationship after Britney gets out of conservatorship
  10. This is crazy. First Lou cutting off internet, than lazy Jamie can't fill his papers I really can't wait for Britney to do witch hunt after them
  11. I know Britney sang about being Alien but this is too much
  12. That just proves Britney is the most talented, briliant incredible, amazing, show-stopping, spectacular, never-the-same, totally unique artist since her debut Modern pop girls could never
  13. Probably Lou is doing advertisement for her friends
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