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  1. We dont know if SITS is gonna be on the rerelease? Why would they want to do that if SITS is going on yet another album for sure. Then there would just be one new song. That doesn't make promotional sense imo. So i dont think SITS is on .
  2. His face would do good in a gay movie 🍿 tho. He could maybe do a hood styled **** like an 8 Mile 2.0 where he cozies up with the likes of Birdman, Diddy, Wayne etc . Like it’s plausible, even Game talked about *******uality hiding in the rap industry . I’m down for rap going ***. First movie should be a romantic thriller with Wheezy . Narrated by Lil Nas X to appeal to the modern contemporary reality of ours.
  3. Who decides what’s an unflattering photo? Could just be labelled fierce, funny, casual, laid back, not photoshopped, without makeup, natural etc instead right . What he really means is “stop judging my looks negatively”. And nobody can control what others think of what they see . A lot of his narcissistic pain here could have been avoided hadn’t he not acquainted with Stache in the first place . Finally if he did not have a problem with what he looks like he would not care so he is actually exposing he himself dislikes the photos. So basically he needs to work on himself and practice some self acceptance .
  4. I agree ☝️ and I don’t even stan gaga, I’m so tired of her overrated career, I never liked anything she really did since fame monster except for Dance In The Dark . Somebody’s pushing her forward, award shows are rigged. She is basically mind controlled and her creativity is not hers but are decided and planned by her producers, creative directors, etc. She is a sham. Her career is just like movies, she is the lead but she didn’t invent ****. Takes all the credit for it tho. But her career is not cold imo 🥶, but that doesn’t mean I like what she brings to the table. Stupid Love song and video were so basic it was disappointing again given her fake pedestal of pretend creative genius .
  5. Nah A Star Is Born or whatever is pretty recent and she won like an Oscar for her performance in that movie in which she sang and acted. Plus Rain On Me and Stupid Love is recent too and pretty succesful, only since 911 has she underperformed according to her standard but the album and promo is from this year. I wouldn’t call that a cold music career.
  6. I cant believe they used the Make Me photo and dull Glory photo and basically scrapped the Mood 💍 and SITS photos for that .
  7. Ugh with that singing/acting career of hers going a thousand miles per hour she is set to surpass the legacy of Madonna before 2030 . This is like MTV push, only celebrity double threat push . It’s actually like the next Beyoncé somehow...
  8. What’s wrong with baby Nas? I get James can be a bit too much but what’s the deal with LNX ?
  9. Never knew this was popular in United States. But I guess Winx was always way more popular right ? I myself like witch 🧙 better, it’s kinda underrated I think .
  10. I do this too. It’s called breathing properly it’s a great alternative to the feeling of slow suffocation. So I get this decision which it clearly is .
  11. Utter mess . I guess her Faustian music deal didn’t work as she had planned, like she just didn’t read through the contract she once signed. If it’s not illegal for Scooter 🛵 to do she agreed to it on paper somewhere . End of story really.
  12. Great observation regarding Trump and pre 2008 Britney . I agree ☝️ hate is unhealthy but unfortunately most people find community in hating others. Girls/women talk trash constantly cuz that is their main source of forming bonds and connections with other girls imo . Boys truly have more fun because they are not genetically or culturally prone to have their entire persona based on gossip, spite and slander . Britney could very well be republican. Statically her birth state would make this a realistic guess plus she is not politically outspoken as only leftist Hollywood is .
  13. I think this movement of his is interesting but I just have a strong feeling ever since he started with this that he does this as a paid actor; somebody pulls the strings of modern culture in certain directions and Styles has been chosen to promote this gender fluid gender bending agenda. Imo I think his gb style is super unattractive; he should wear a long wig and maybe some 💄 or at least some contour. Honestly 6ix9ine is a thousand times better at promoting 🏳️‍🌈 aesthetics than Styles and Sam Smith combined . As do ...
  14. Oh now I reminisce the iconic glow series .
  15. Guys you can laugh all you want but this strong concept still beats Gaga’s Stupid Love video xtrillion .
  16. He just exposed the entire concept for R9's lead single's music video : 1: Rihanna is the queen of the alien civilisation on Venus. 2: She travels to planet Neptune where Pharrel is depicted as the freshwater god Neptune. 3: Special effects using water and fog. 4: Jason Momoa as Aquaman is seen on Neptune as well (rumor). 5: Rihanna seeks help on Neptune as her planet is attacked by Martians (probably illustrated with a Trump looking red Martian leader). 6: red and blue colours for the dance break (battle).
  17. Yes, finally she too is faced with the struggle of staying relevant and popular for more than twenty years . Honestly i haven't even bothered listening thoroughly to Lemonade yet; i guess i'll be in for a treat eventually .
  18. i absolutely love music videos like this . Straight rappers could never be this creative .
  19. i disagree with him, i actually utterly hate her voice in Lion King; both her singing and voice acting . However she is one of the, maybe thé, greatest self promoter of all time . I wish Britney could promote and commercialize like Beyonce , cuz Britney has failed to maintain such high promotional standard as Beyonce has, since post Britney era (arguably post ITZ era ).
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