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  1. wow that is old stuff. the only fun part tho is the last part imo . i can see why this is controversial . Do you know the Willow clip?
  2. song title is wrong on so many levels. i wonder what the reception of that title would have been if it was a non poc person... but kanye can get away with almost anything cuz he is a musical and cognitive genius right. like his music is undoubtedly deserving of all the grammys and other awards it has won right...
  3. that is what part of her own fan base in here says as well btw in this thread's thumbnail, Timbo looks hella old. but i haven't really paid attention to him since around 2006 so that might explain it
  4. i think it is completely stupid to smoke while driving. it just adds to the level grossness, like contain yourself girl, i think only chain smokers drive and smoke simultaneously, imo
  5. a grown man acting like that, lol. he could not care less if it wasn't because he knows his money and income is on the line here. to him tati is literally: ******* with his money. at least his makeup products with JS will pay his rents. does anybody have a link to the "monkey woman" and the Willow Smith videos?
  6. it's a stupid move, and it's aesthetically stupid as well because she did not paint her chest and arms a darker color as well. So the portrayal is not even believable it's just like... idiotic. on another note. Isn't the "watermelon" and "hot sauce" references in her lyrics a cultural generalisation, and isn't that a type of cultural and social stigma that is problematic as well? Or maybe that is the types of food she can refer to, because otherwise it's not cultural appropriation? I mean she should never sing about garam masala, or glass noodles? At least she got it right with the neutral lemon and bee.
  7. i actually think she exudes a confidence and presence in these last two insta videos that i have not felt from her in like a decade. and i like her dancing, because something about her mindset has changed for the better and that shows in her body movement.
  8. primeney can definitely be divided as well. she looks completely different from 1999 to 2001 imo.
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