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  1. Obviously, but why . The Make Me single cover is soooo bad , and the other photos we just got from the same shoot are soooo gorgeous . Why would they want her to though.
  2. Dont understand Spanish. But from what i can understand the message is great . The video is supposed to depict a brothel with a lot of glory holes right ...
  3. I don't know about yall but my YT algorithm has just now revealed to me this old interview, and i've never seen it before . Just thought i would share it with you guys. The quality is really good i think ! Have you guys seen this before? Cuz i've never . And here she's performing afterwards:
  4. Basically devils made her angelic self fall from heaven and now she's chained in a hell of captivity, where her wealth and success have become restrictive instead of liberating, and those who were supposed to take care of her/look out for her have become her worst enemies . She has been regarded a tool of the industry, rather than a human with rights and autonomy. Her greatest joy, children, is being used as pawns against her to make her comply . Both MJ and Elvis were handled to misery as well . Wth did Madonna and Paul McCartney do right? They stand tall and proud and i feel like at least Madonna is totally in charge of the creative control and self expression of/in her work . Did they rub the Illuminati right and the others did not or something ?
  5. Honestly, perfection has never ever been so perfect . DWAD is the epitome of modern female beauty divinity . Barbie is shook .
  6. When did The Griff roast Brit? Griff’s a vile creature and her “artsy” pic with a beheaded 🩸 Trump confirms it’s undoubtfully . Are you sure it was COVID-19, where’d you read that, that would make it even more tragic cuz then it was not due to old age ? I always liked King’s style. He was a cozy type gramps with a serious yet mellow and professional attitude. That was refreshing considering all that tacky humour of most of today’s interviewers. Great with variety and old school. Rip 🪦🌹🥀.
  7. Is Modsun like an established artist i dont know of or is he like the record label's version of an MTV push artist, using Avril as a booster (kind of like Tinashe on Slumber Party)?
  8. As long as ppl dont spread or get venereal diseases #protection . As long as i'm not bound to live under the same roof as my "open" partner nor sharing my economy with him, as potential jealousy and irreconcilable differences would likely become an eventual problem . Then i think it's fine. I wouldn't though unless it's an arrangement where my partner is only open to gay relationships and i get to be with both of them... and they should both be hella fine looking ofc .
  9. Top Best Glory songs : Liar Just Luv Me Invitation Slumber Party Coupure Electrique Do You Wanna Come Over (version with Britney singing the chorus!) Better Top Fine Glory songs : Love Me Down Mood Ring Change Your Mind Make Me Private Show Top Glory songs I never understood the hype about : Man On The Moon Just Like Me If I'm Dancing Clumsy Hard To Forget Ya What You Need Generally i'm really not a fan of the "high pitch" or whatever it's called she uses alot, like consistently, on this album during songs such as If I'm Dancing, Just Like Me, Man On The Moon, Make Me, Invitation, Coupure etc. Overall production/song structure save the latter two from mediocrity in my book, though .
  10. Maybe i'm just ignorant but i've seen lots of Jeffree Star and James Charles makeup videos and this is the first time i've seen eyeliner swatches. At least like that . Didn't even know she sells makeup. Glad her lab produces the black eyeliner for me to buy, those are so hard to find on the market... and this one looks super extraordinary .
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