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  1. Not true. I am positive Britney stans both Lady Gaga and Beyoncé, so there's that proof .
  2. Why would ppl even want to buy it, i simply dont get it. It is covers from the same artist as the original and there is no fresh creativity added, it's literally her making them all identical to the originals. Why would anybody be interested in purchasing something that has been here for like 10 years or whatever?
  3. Well it wouldn't be that hot either if it was to happen, so i can deal with it not happening . Justin's *** appeal vanished in like 2003 or something, imo. It's probably gonna be Lil Nas X doing that, with Styles and Ricky Martin. I'd love that actually .
  4. Illuminati confirmed, honestly . Sorry yall but i dont give a rats *** about this. It's not pretty with a stache and buzzcut. That man needs to wear a wig, trim his face and put on at least some concealer for this to work a bit. Ofc people should be able to wear what they want, as long as ppl are not popping nipples and cracks. But this is not him; it's a staged gimmick or something like that. Hence i dont dig it, cuz it's a mockery imo . Expecting backlash in a sec, but i dont see anything genuine in faking it unless it's for obvious comedic or serious aesthetic reasons which this aint. Btw why would he honor Kurt by putting on a dress, am i missing something fundamental here?
  5. 1: If it was staged and intended why would Janet have to forgive him? They were both in on it, and the backlash is not his fault . 2: Sounds legit he wanted to outdo Britney/Madonna/Xtina . 3: However if he really wanted to outdo them, he should have kissed a man, or actually two men . ^ I'd say if it was to happen in modern times, like this year, he would have to kiss Justin Bieber and Harry Styles. But sure his ballsack is not that big, unfortunately .
  6. So an astronaut walking around in the beginning is Britney inspired ? I love the last minute of this when they are talking/gaming and he is in the tube .
  7. That's animal abuse . Which is deplorable and unforgiving.
  8. It's unfathomable how many closeted gays are in the industry, let alone the world . It's hard to be authentic when society will detach itself from you if you are openly authentic. It's like with Kate Winslet's recent statement saying she knows a lot of gay actors who wont come out because they are sure it will end their careers . Hopefully Ronen's gonna prove Kate wrong, at least with his own case, in the future.
  9. I agree, he's poeticizing actual hate crime to his fans with that, imo. I really dislike people idealizing/glorifying hatred. Even P!nks Revenge song i think is just wrong. And the hypocrisy on top of it all with DMX's The Omen . Manson has been in drag a lot of times around the time they collaborated. In the Long Hard Road Out Of Hell video, and the again on Mechanical Animals, probably more times as well.
  10. Thanks so much for the clarification 😊. So he is literally talking about shooting *******uals . Don’t get why you would apply kool aid on your pumps tho, they are female shoes in this context right? It’s kind of “funny” he expresses his dislike for *******uals and still he collaborated with Marilyn Manson who I know is not gay but he did look super gay back in those days. Think it was 1998.
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