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  1. Can’t believe y’all are sleeping on it I love it! Been on repeat all morning. It’s very infectious and the chorus gives me Dancing vibes, which I appreciate... not sure why she would go with Say Something instead of Magic as the first single but oh well. COME THROUGH DISCO QUEEN
  2. Bop Friday indeed! I enjoyed it! I was expecting more of a hashed up experience because we already heard a bunch of the songs, but in the end it felt like a cohesive pierce of work. I felt like there were more radio friendly single choices of the album and so I’m surprised she went with daisies (even though I enjoy the song).... ALSO Katy gurl why did you go with a clown theme? But actually... she could have gone with anything else. Oh well. Im excited to really dig into It and really dissect the non singles within the next week 🤔
  3. The earliest memory I have of listening to Kpop was BoA, when she tried to break into the USA market. I got really into her cause of her similar style to Britney’s music (at the time at least). I then downloaded her Korean and Japanese stuff which was great as well! I remember getting really into 2NE1 aka I am the best.. I also remember jamming to Hikaru Utada. ah good times
  4. Ran to exhale to report!! Hmm I'm liking it but I do think the original is superior. I'm very glad it wasn't one of those cash grab remixes where they just randomly throw in a feature for the sake of re releasing a song aka dojas say so ft nicki... Madonna sounds amazing! I'm also surprised that it's basically equally sung by Dua and Madge. Excited for the video tomorrow
  5. Just listened to it on YouTube... man I miss early rock-ish Katy ps she sounds great in the passenger demo.. much better than Brit. Should’ve kept it for prism
  6. Make it Happen I don't believe in Jesus but I do believe in Mariah Carey I love the performance, its a little rocky (relatable queen) but her energy and charisma on stage is undeniable... The moment when she runs across the stage!! (ps how do I embed youtube vids Im new here )
  7. Faves: Mona Lisa (the kiss fm version). She sounds pitchy at times but the candidness and rawness in her vocals really brings it home Abroad. It would've worked on Circus quite well, the theme of freedom and escape has brit written all over it Rebellion. I mean duh!! its probably the most mysterious track she ever recorded.. Dramatic. I love the **** you attitiude. ALSO the youre so- dra- ma- tic lower register is iconic Look Who's Talking. I love that brit wrote it.. does anyone know why it ultimately went to BoA? ALSO.. I would love to hear brits Whiplash ALSOOOO... It feels nice is amazing... low key want a rap album lol Least Faves: Guilty. I always thought she sounded awful... but that could also be the production SO MANY GEMS
  8. Physical!! It’s so lush and diamond rich it also takes guts to go up against the Olivia Newton Johns og physical... and the videoooo
  9. I believe that she is capable and smart, just has been silenced by the cship team. We obviously don’t know everything that goes behind closed doors but maybe the theory is that if she spoke up her kids would be taken away for good? i don’t blame her for staying silent... I read an article from a few days ago that pointed out that a fan commented on her ig saying something like “if you need help wear a yellow shirt”. A day or so later she posted a video of herself modelling a yellow shirt with a thorough all (spelling??) caption that talked about her love for that shirt... it comes of random but is it? the way that was executed, it reminds of the execution of the letter above this is so sad. I was crying this morning thinking of her, I hope she is ok.
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