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  1. As a spanish person myself, she’s white, not latin. Her music could be considered latin as the term latin is not the same in music as in race and ethinicity. Also she should have known that the topic of races and ethinicity in USA is a very sensitive one and far different than how it is in Spain. In spain, if you are curious, you can be the whitest girl in town and wear black braids without any person of color calling you out. That is because in Spain you could say that the term “cultural appropiation” does not “exist” as there is not a lot of immigrants or different races (Spain is almost entirely white) and the minority who are immigrant or of a different race than white are the ones that actively try to show their culture and get the rest of the (white) people to try it and accept it. So yeah, as a spanish person myself I get where she is comming from, but she should have known a little bit better about the topic in USA.
  2. I mean it was kinda obvious that it was going to have those numbers if we take into consideration that it was a visual album for an album released more than a year ago based on the lion king and released on a platform that caters more to children than adults. If it had been on netflix i think the numbers would have been different but that is not going to happen. Also Beyoncé’s tipical lack of promotion 🤪 Anyway, I don’t care about the numbers and streaming, I only want her to keep doing this projects because they’re truly amazing. (I’m from Spain so I’m sorry if there’s something hard to understand)
  3. I think the reason why they don’t talk about this topic is because of how conservative South Korea is. Any korean idol/celebrity that goes out of their way to talk about important topics (such as feminism, LGBTQ+, mental health...) usually get a lot of hate and backlash because they are not doing what “they are suppose to be doing” which is sing, dance and please their fans. Also, the korean music industry is way different than the western industry, the singers are extremely controlled by their companies. Matter of fact, blackpink said in an interview in 2017 (I believe) that they were not allowed to drive, have social media accounts, drink, do drugs, go to clubs, get tattoes, get plastic surgeries and/or get into relationships (because those are things that have made a lot of korean idols loose their reputation or even their career) . Then they explained that if they wanted to do those things they had to ask for permission and they would probably let them do those things but at first it’s a no no. Pd.: sorry if I’ve made some mistakes but english is not my first language, but I hope my message helped you to understand a little bit more why they have to be so “cryptic” with what they say and do.
  4. Omg first doja and nicki, the ariana and now megan and bey, black queenss But really, I feel so proud of megan and bey Pd.: this is my first time replying to a topic since I first discovered breatheheavy in 2012 when I was 13
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