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  1. I had a friend that interned for her show for a season... He said she was not a pleasant person. I think she definitely has another side that the GP doesn't see. And she does seem over it, so why keep going? End on a high note. She has plenty of money.
  2. Oh I misread this, thinking it was single-releases, not unreleased songs. I meant it would've been an epic single. But she should've performed it on DWAD Tour regardless!
  3. Agreed. Joanne was so out of place in her discography. It would've made more sense for her to release Chromatica then, and then Joanne now, after A Star is Born and everything. I think there is a day Britney could reinvent herself with an acoustic album that would allow her to just sit and sing some songs stripped down - after some practice, I think she could really rebrand herself and drop the Queen of playback title... But first, she needs to come back with a bang - after all of this conservatorship drama, when she's free, after a tell-all with Oprah, and a #1 pop album with a smash single - we need 'Womanizer' status again.
  4. Cinderella is my favorite song of hers. Her vocals are fierce and the production is great. It's cheesy pop at its best, but the music video + live performances could've been spectacular. Imagine at the DWAD tour, fog everywhere, her rising from the stage in a massive dress that takes over the entire stage, some arial acrobatic type performance. Would've been soooooo cool.
  5. I am not a fan of her voice or performance style at all... But she is definitely smart, business-minded, and one of the best pop songwriters of this generation. On top of all that, she really makes an effort - despite being a weak singer, she still sings live, and has improved her vocals over the years. Congrats, Taylor - well deserved!
  6. That's not necessary when there's an asterisk indicating it's a correction -- but clearly you didn't even understand that. Also you said nobody likes a grammar snob and then made an attempt to correct my grammar. So... Byeeeee.
  7. *wish, you should probably re-enroll in a grammar class sweetie. ... And what are you doing here then, exactly?
  8. Wait. He actually sent them to you? I would wanna see. So is his only fans like soft ****? Ha ha ha... Not that I would subscribe but, if it's free... gay curiosity, you know.
  9. Can whoever wrote it edit the description or is it too late? @PokemonSpears i believe had some very good points in another thread about the corrupt judges on her case, the abuse of conservatorships in general in california, and how the whole thing was done in a messy manner. those should be included in this summary. i appreciate whoever took the time to write it and make an effort but if we are going this big the summary needs to be extremely specific and show them why this is a legal matter, without any emotions.
  10. You are epic!!! The GP definitely needs to catch on, which is happening, but it needs to be reported by some entertainment news sources... Or hopefully enough influencers will start to talk about it on different platforms that it gets picked up by some journalists. I have a small "micro-influencer" following on IG and I have been posting a lot about Britney recently on my stories and I'm so surprised by how many of my friends (that like her music) would message me and not understand what's going on. People really just think she's off, and we have to start changing the narrative. I have just started adventuring into YouTube so I wanna do a new vlog around her next court case to help some of my followers understand what's happening and I'm definitely going to share some of this information you posted about the judge. I will link it here if you guys like so you can watch it, the more views it gets when it's published then the more it will appear in YouTube searches about Britney.
  11. Yes AND an actual 1-hour interview with Oprah to promote the single and spill ALL THE TEA on the past 10 years... No, 2 hours actually, 2-part.
  12. I can't believe that in 2020 after all of these woke movements and cancel culture that there isn't actually a law preventing a magazine from editing photos. It should be held to the same standard of defamation. Why is it allowed? Although, we also have a "president" who stands on the White House Podium and speaks fallacies and spreads false scientific information, which should also not be allowed.... WeLcUm 2 'MeRiKa
  13. Agreed! I think the majority of her success is simply being relatable. Aside from the timing of her career and whatnot, people are drawn to her simplicity and mystery on a subconscious level...
  14. I'm so not tech-y and I don't get what this means. If I have a Macbook pro from 2012 & Macbook Air from 2017, what iPhone should I get after iPhone X to ensure it remains compatible? Because already there's problems syncing photos and videos and things with image capture & Photos with my iPhone X. I'm assuming it would not be good to have a new iPhone and older MacBooks, so is the iPhone 11 going to be the last one with this older compatible chip? I was honestly about to hop on the Google Phone train...
  15. Oh FFS. Just let this woman get married and have a baby. That's literally all she's wanted since 1999 and she didn't even get the experience of "having a family" with her sons. She's running out of time to have another child if it's not already too late. If she's truly happy with Sam, and he's truly invested for love and not fame, then I hope they have a baby and she can have a true experience of motherhood with a husband. But for all we know she's consulted doctors or tried and she's not able to have a baby. So in that case, I hope she gets to the vocal lessons and dance studio and returns to dominate. She needs to be willing to put in the work this time around, not banking on her legacy, and for all of that to happen she needs a completely new management, A&R, PR team, and hire a social media team... she needs huge pushes on socials.
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