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  1. Oh. Does she have a multiple octave vocal range? From what I've heard from her music is her singing is on par with the average pop singer.... Not in the realm of Ariana, Mariah, etc.
  2. I died with the Overprotected Dark Child remix, the limo extension and the rain scene
  3. AGREED. That's the irony in this entire situation... Britney was stripped of everything for being a "bad mother"... For... Driving with the baby on her lap? Has anyone gone into Kevin's home and checked on his parenting skills? Ugh.
  4. I hope this CON ends so she can marry Sam get preggo before it's too late, maybe have the gift of twins so she gets to raise a boy and a girl, and finally gets her dream. Then she can come back years later with a smash single, Vegas residency, and Super Bowl performance. But I just want her to be able to have a family at LEAST let's give the poor woman a decade of that normalcy !!!
  5. don't stress... this is America. It's built on a greed for money, insurance, and policies. It is NOT uncommon for these things to be put in place in any NORMAL family, let alone a huge celebrity with a net worth and assets. I understand your concern based on this horrible situation Britney's in but let's not make it dramatically dire and turn this into a murder mystery. As greedy as some of the people involved with her are, nobody around her actually wants her to die. They are just blinded by their own shortsightedness by thinking their actions have good intentions but they're actually harming her more in the long run, which is diff. than planning to murder her for money...
  6. Riiiiiiight I forgot about that whole world of Britney thing. Isn't that what made Ruben stop and close the whole site?
  7. Larry is too old to continue managing anyone's career. He got lucky with Britney because he saw potential and she was the right girl for the right time in pop history. It's not BECAUSE OF HIM that she had so much success... He was lucky and went along for the ride. There have been sooooo many poor management choices even during her Prime, but in the latter half of her career it's been even messier, we are at least lucky that we got some good promo and eras during her prime, because he is so out of touch with what she needs. IF she wants to work again, she needs an entirely new team that's younger and hungrier and knows how to make her have hits and good PR now, not trying to use the same methods from 1999.
  8. This is just her recording segments to promote X factor... They are little bites that they plug in before/after commercials. She's just reading off the notecards very fast. I don't think this has anything to do with CSHIP she was probably just tired, obviously rushed and wanted to be done... TV work is grueling and long hours, that's why she asked for so much cash
  9. This always cracks me up. As if her team prevents her from singing live. Britney does NOT WANT TO SING LIVE. This is purely her own lack of effort. She doesn't have a strong voice anymore, she's a studio singer, she will never be able to sing live and dance like she did at the beginning of her career. Her voice is too weak. None of this is live OR pre recorded. These are all vocal stems of the original with the effects stripped so it sounds more natural. You realize that her voice on CD has like multiple layers to it, right? She records things multiples times and with some variations and they layer it all together so her voice sounds stronger and the song has a fuller sound effect. That's how all vocalists work. So when you hear these stems this is just one layer they've pulled off (for instance, the high voice in the Slave chorus). edit: WORK B! may have been pre-recorded, or they just isolated her vocals from Myah's
  10. OK so I just watched it. I actually think the choreography is good and right up her alley. (Never say never BUT...) she realistically is never going to dance again like she used to. This would look great for her, it's simple, but if she executes it right like the dancer it's very sharp. The problem is Britney doesn't have SWAG anymore like she used to... IE think of how she danced and moved during Onyx Hotel Tour. It was very fluid and ****, not as "sharp" as DWAD but still executed with precision. Unfortunately she doesn't even make simple movements **** anymore they seem very forced... I don't know if she's not comfortable now or what... And also I hate everything they do in every version when the song says "you got me in a crazy position..." - so cheesy to always have her bending down
  11. Agreed. They don't make it easy for her to dance - she was more covered up when she was younger. As she's aged her outfits have become more revealing and ***ualized... I don't think it's a good look. She should scale back and do what she used to, people care more about her dancing than her body at this point BUT if the dancing level isn't there, then they're using her body to distract...
  12. She was super young when she was dancing at her "prime" - she was basically the same age as her backup dancers. Of course she had tons of charisma and energy - she was 16-22?? for most of her career peak. Most backup dancers work from 20-30, some stretch their careers into 30s but usually they have to evolve into other careers or start choreographing. Of course, it's possible she was taking supplements, *******, adderol, this still is the music industry LOL but I don't think she was using anything "regularly" in the past... So she's almost 40 and while I wish she was like JLO, it's exactly as you said, it could be 3 things... 1) Her heart isn't in it so, she's not going to push herself. Many choreographers quoted saying she's a "mom" now and moves differently on stage 2) She's had how many knee surgeries now - 2? 3? She could be FORCED to take it easier because if another occurs then her whole profitability could be gone 3) Whatever medication she has been on has weakened her ability to execute and learn difficult choreography
  13. Omg you kids really are too sensitive these days. No wonder logical thinking is out the window with this internet culture. Britney has been called far worse THROUGHOUT her career... And now exposing her situation for what it is, being the ONLY CELEBRITY EVER to amass that amount of fame basically comparable to PRINCESS DIANA and be upset over a terminology? There isn't a "BETTER" way to say it because the situation was HORRIBLE and a one off. She WAS and will be the ONLY pop star to ever reach that level of crazed fame, that's WHY there's documentaries coming out now about her case because everything was so mishandled. SO YES THATS CALLED AN EXPERIMENT IN SCIENCE!!! THE ANALOGY IS CORRECT!!! AND ITS UPSETTING BECAUSE THE SITUATION IS UPSETTING!!! oy vey.
  14. I think she's a cool girl but I'm really amazed at how well of a pop career she's had considering she's not a great vocalist or entertainer (it's not like a Jlo voice with the moves to back it up). But her tracks are good so they work for her voice, but does she ever sing live? I would love a recent video of her singing one of her newer songs, to me they sound pre-recorded and so echo-y. Or maybe it's a live auto tune with tons of reverb.
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