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  1. that choreo is a hot mess. it doesnt even match the music
  2. I dont think her weight is a problem...her wardrobe however I dont think that dressing up like that does any justice to her body. I have the suspicion in her head she feels like a Victoria Secret model in those skimpy outfits but in reality she actually looks more like Lizzo.
  3. Not Mexican - Bolivian. But Fey is just 90's nostalgia at most and has not been relevant outside of Mexico since 1998. so calling her "Mexico's pop princess" is a bit extra
  4. The jokes didn't concern me. What concerned me is that there were allegations directly against HER and how SHE treated people, and she framed it as though these things were just happening among her crew and she had no idea. I wish she had taken accountability and addressed the personal allegations as well as the corporate ones. Her time is up.
  5. I think she is a good artist but the fact that many people treat her like she's a God-send rubs me the wrong way. Specially because she actually believes it's true. She used to make fun music, but now everything she makes tries too hard to become "a statement" and the fun was lost. Now I honestly dont care about anything she releases because it has to have some ulterior empowerment movement behind it - so nothing she released after 2011 has been half as good as what she used to make in the 2000's
  6. I think she talked about the things that marked her life in a very deep meaningful way. I think she just lumped "The Simple Life" with the rest of her reality TV persona which she does speak about at great length throughout the film. Her prison episode was an absolute joke, she was in and out in a heartbeat, and it was more of a publicity stunt than anything else.
  7. I loved her, but she was the architect of her own demise. She was originally a "Christian" music artist and did the crossover to Pop, but didn't stay there. She tried to sneak Christian lyrics in her following releases and the GA was not having it...and then she faded into obscurity to become early 2000's nostalgia.
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