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  1. Brazil Not everybody can dance samba or play soccer well; We do not live in forests or jungles with snakes crossing the streets; Rio de Janeiro isn't the capital of our country.
  2. The pop world needs a Britney/Beyoncé collaboration. It would be a massive hit, bigger than Scream & Shout.
  3. I would vote for Britney. https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&url=https%3A%2F%2Fme.me%2Fi%2Ftag-someone-who-would-vote-for-britney-ready-for-britne-19419442&psig=AOvVaw0IYI3nVv9aZCXtTKSsNfG-&ust=1593999412245000&source=images&cd=vfe&ved=0CAIQjRxqFwoTCIjcqNn8tOoCFQAAAAAdAAAAABAd
  4. How exhalers think about my financial situation: How I look at my real financial situation:
  5. I will tell you something, I'm a Beyoncé fan since 2003, this picture was shot in 2011 and the first time I stopped to think about that was this Monday when I found out what colourism is. The situation at that time was really different, as a white man I would never understand what that kind of gest could mean to some people, surely thousands of people still don't know about colourism, even Beyoncé couldn't understand about that. She herself told in an interview that she never suffered racism. Maybe because of the tone of her skin, or maybe she lives in a bubble or she's very very lucky, because even I had suffered for not having the kind of hair that is considered to be "good". Lucky her, but the fact is that Beyoncé is fighting for equality for everybody and she must be exalted for that. The black people of my country once they get rich, they forget about the fight but she's still putting the prejudice on debate and representing women, black people, LGBTQIA+ community, forests, aliens, etc. I'm so grateful for having her, you can't even imagine.
  6. I was being sarcastic. The b. lackface is wrong of course. But did she mean to harm anyone with that? Does she uses that "gimmick" to make money rivers? Do you think she could be able to vote for Trump or that I was serious saying that? The picture is old and Beyoncé is a woman that is always learning, and I guess that's why she didn't used that again. How many of us used to think about something in a way and after seeing differents point of view we stepped back? Beyoncé isn't racist. She's a black icon and supports hundreds of people that are employed by her. Do you know her female band? Have you noticed that almost all of her dancers are black? Don't you think that everybody can make mistakes sometimes? Do you understand about forgiveness? If we have to cancel her, we'll have to cancel Disney, Britney, Michael Jackson, me, you, Jordan, everybody, because all of us can make and will make mistakes. More love.
  7. Beyoncé is above everything. She could steal the sun, take the credits of Macarena, release an album full of silence, vote for Trump, whatever. She is #uncancellable.
  8. I guess this could be a great reason to stop dancing to songs produced by other people. She could spin to any of her songs and people could like even more.
  9. Today's choice will be Hyuna's Red. But my rainbow playlist would have White Mustang and Blue Velvet by Lana del Rey, Red Blooded Woman by Kylie Minogue, Alexi Murdoch's Orange sky, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road by Keane and Shakira's Amarillo, Bobby Brackins' Indigo. I don't have a favorite green song, but I love Green Day.
  10. Thinking like that, all the fans owe her a n apology, though I like all her albums the most part of her videos "could be better" (to not sin again). But when we say that is to give her feedback so that she gets what we want. See the evolution in Make Me to Slumber Party music videos.
  11. Definitely she can have a hit by herself, that's why I suggest that she could work with those Dj's because they don't sing in their tracks. Ellie Goulding, John Newman, Cheryl, Bebe Rexha, Halsey, they all had their moments with hits handcrafted by good djs. Watch this:
  12. I will always be her fan, I like her music and I like the person she is and I rather see her happy than forcing a happiness she doens't feel. Maybe when her kids turn 18 she will be more free to do what she wants. Anyway all I want to see is Britney healthy and happy, we can keep watching her old stuff and the artists that she inspired. I can see her in everything, haha.
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