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  1. Kylie about to show the pop girls how to SSSLLLAAYYYYYY!!
  2. All 3 were pretty bad. But no one was gonna send ongina home first lol drag race would have been cancelled 😂. Unfortunantly it's too late for Derrick to be looked at as anything else other than a Britney Spears impersonator. Even with other wigs or different make up people would still think Britney. But he has Nebraska now, that's his other drag persona without being seen as britney lol
  3. Make Me, Piece of Me and radar... perfume would be next lol
  4. Didn't realize I was in the minority of people who dislike Britneys 911 song
  5. I'd say I like 4 or 5 songs are really great. The rest are quite boring tbh. I prefer the uptempo synth songs (blinding lights, in your eyes, save your tears) but the rest just meld together and sound all the same.
  6. Arizona is 8pm but I drove home from a friends at 1130....
  7. It wasn't a bad single choice imo, I still love to listen to the song. I wish love me down would have been a single with a video But let's be honest.
  8. Now if only we could play music downloaded onto our phones with spotify instead of having to upload them onto the app through a computer. I've had google play music and it will pick up music on your phone storage but luckily for spotify gpm is more annoying and archaic in other ways that spotify isnt so I go with spotify.
  9. Mmm I would take him either way honestly nothing wrong with a hot bear 🤤😝😏
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