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  1. I was surprised I didn't see it as part of your OG post, ngl. I hate that version though.
  2. I really loved TTWE back in 2011 but it's aged a bit badly, in my humble opinion. Plus, they've milked the hell out of it in the past 10 years with putting it as the encore of her tours/residency; I'm sick of it. Same goes for I wanna go, it was a smash hit in 2011 but the hype quickly died with that song. It's just a radio song. I don't like it. The video was cute, but that's my choice for the worst single of FF, despite its success. HIAM remains a masterpiece. I pray we get a proper dance break although this year I've enjoyed all rehearsal videos! Criminal is one of my fav songs of hers. The video isn't that good but the song has aged really well!
  3. That's a great interpretation, good job! However, as you've pointed out yourself, we should bear in mind that these are only different random scenes compiled together and it's just a glimpse of David's vision, who knows what he and Britney were having in mind? Nevertheless, you tried to make sense of everything that we've got so far and although I find it a bit of a stretch at times, I too choose to believe that they were going for a more artistic/meaningful video than what it seems to be from the different clips at first glance.
  4. She probably recorded the whole song and eventually they were to pick bits from her part to mix with theirs? That's what I imagine it to be at least Otherwise, if that's what the song was supposed to look like for their album, I don't understand why they'd even consider it since AJ only sings in the first 50 seconds or so, the rest is Britney. It is a bit odd but I don't really know what their idea was/the recording process,etc.
  5. The song is ok but being released as a single, with a music video? Nah Doubt it would happen but who knows
  6. OMGosh what!? That's so so sad! They truly became the blueprint for what a girl band is supposed to be like! Oh my - But hey! Business/music aside, she is doing the right thing for herself!- taking care of her health (something Britney never had the chance to do until her hiatus). So as long as she's healthy and happy with where she's going, that's what matters. There'll always be work to be done but health is more important, especially mental health - it's been neglected by so many throughout the years and frankly if you don't put your foot down, the industry will never frankly care if you're doing well or not as long as you're making cash for them. I'm sure this wasn't an easy decision but surely it feels right for her. Whatever happens from here on with Little Mix, it doesn't really matter. They've stayed together longer than any other girl group, 10 years (right?), and they've released some amazing songs and ballads, they've performed so so well and most of all, they've stayed true to themselves and continued to support each other! Good luck, Jesy!
  7. He actually never did that photoshoot naked. He wore black boxers and they later photoshopped them out.
  8. I just hope that she doesn't start thinking that they're killing it just as good without her. You know, develop the inferiority complex. Fingers crossed she gets back ASAP all healthy.
  9. So good! Well done! Leigh-Anne has been killing it this era, especially vocally! She reminded me of Whitney in this performance, looks-wise. Their live performances have improved so much, not that they didn't kill it in the past but there's something more mature about what they've been doing now and it only adds up to their overall flow! They've had a glow up!
  10. Don't bother. First, he slanders BTI. Now, the new Glory cover. A was born in 2006.
  11. Erm, I beg to defer here. When a man takes off his clothes, he is normally lusted over and very rarely judged for being overly ***ual. so this is not a problem but Britney's side **** suddenly is? I mean, she's technically wearing a bikini in the photo. Not to mention media's obsession back in the day when she used to show more skin. Don't get me wrong, I think she's ***ier with clothes on (PoM shows, take notes) but the artwork is tastefully done and is nowhere near to being called trashy. + it has a vision/message - the chains. She's hot. If she's worked her bum off, why not show it off afterwards? Idk. Let's not give her a hard time. She's had enough. The Glory 2020 album cover doesn't deserve that. P.S. People often project their own insecurities on to celebrities so it's important to consider that as well.
  12. Unsuccessfully tho I- Explain to me what exactly is vulgar about the pic the side b00b? Did someone catch u look at the photo? You got embarrassed so you went for the easier justification: "OH LOOK HOW TRASHY SHE IS OMG. HOW VULGAR." is that what happened? If you honestly prefer the randee face screenshot from 2016, I feel sorry for you
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