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  1. 13 hours ago, Towelney said:

    It’s out!


    :disappointed_thinking_oh_okay_glasses: Beautiful visuals. Predictable sound/way of singing. So far, not impressed. I hope this is the transition track from Rare:disappointed_thinking_oh_okay_glasses: So far it's like Rare. Good for a couple of listens but not something I'd go back to. Still, let's see what she's got up her sleeve. :)

    13 hours ago, cocodeluxe said:

    So I just watched it and I dont really know what to think. It seems like an intro to a visual album :ineedthetruth_oprah_huh_um_thinking_confused_what_truth_stare:

    It got me thinking the same. :omggg_shocked_hand_old_lady_woman_surprised:

  2. On 1/12/2021 at 3:18 AM, allthat88 said:

    So this one isn’t a full comeback but I want Zendaya to make more music   She is huge as an actress right now but I really loved REPLAY (even though it only peaked at #40) and her song from Euphoria was so good   Plus her singing in Greatest Showman!  She has so much potential as a pop star   I wonder if she’ll ever dip back in to music or stay focused on her acting career   








    Totally agree! She's got soooo much potential and I totally love Euphoria. She's got the looks, the voice, can dance, act, is very charismatic!

    Besides Zendaya, 




    Around the world is such a Britney track. From the choreography down to the melody. 

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  3. Let's wait and see what happens. We don't know if Britney is willing to work and if so, how much she is willing to invest in her career from here onwards. We as fans of course want the best for her and therefore aim high in the industry but we don't know if she wants the same. There's no point in hiring a highly ambitious manager when the main star is not willing to invest just as much.

    Anyway, my point is that we're yet to see what will happen.

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  4. This got me thinking. If this is true, then what if Britney purposefully shots such trashy videos? Meaning they have no alternatives  to choose from if everything she sends are pics/videos from her backyard. Interesting. The lack of answers is killing me.:disappointed_thinking_oh_okay_glasses:

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  5. Hmm tough one. 

    I never really vibed with Fergie although her music is catchy. It just rarely makes me go back to her songs. Glamorous and Big Girls Don't Cry bring the nostalgia for me.

    Gwen was big at the time, I remember. Sweet Escape, Cool, 4 in the morning, Hollaback Girl, Rich Girl. However, these songs are from the span of 3-4 years (2004-2007) so I wouldn't say Gwen captures the 2006 sound. 

    For me, it has to be Nelly. Nelly & Timbaland & JT were such a major trio. I love Timbaland's production from the time and for me that's the sound of 2006/2007. Promiscuous, Say It Right, Maneater, All Good Things, Give it to me, Morning after Dark. I go back to her songs the most out of the three. It's super nostalgic and each song still slaps. I'm hoping they make a comeback. 

  6. 5 hours ago, limezd said:

    God, can I have *** with just his chin? :lustney_britney_glory_mm_make_me_shy_flirt_finger_bite_hat:

    No but you can cut an aubergine with it :shameless_blush_blonde_hair_stroke_proud:

    3 hours ago, jennyj said:

    Henry is the epitome of the perfect man. He's a beast, he's kind, he's gentle, he's nerdy, he's a gamer, he's humble, he's frugal and lives in a tiny house, he loves his fans and always talks time to say hi them including the creepy ones lol, and that body....

    The things I'd do.... (sorry hubby but you already know he's my imaginary side guy and you said it's ok lol).

    henry cavill GIFhenry cavill muscles GIF

    Aw thanks for the kind words. I strive for kindness at all times but I'm also not afraid to choke throats and break some holes with my Cavilry/KingCobra. :shameless_blush_blonde_hair_stroke_proud: Figuratively speaking of course :shameless_blush_blonde_hair_stroke_proud:




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