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  1. Well, both of them are attractive and tallented. I just prefer Selena overall. I guess I like humble people... Ahrm...
  2. Hola, mi gente. This correspondence just reinstated why @Midnight will continue to be rejected by me while @Mattyj7883 will indulge in my Cavillry Selena remains my celebrity crush so don't you dare come for her. I'll be the only one doing that
  3. I never said you were included Our sess is a separate one First of all, it's a HE. Second of all, you're a little overdue with the news. I'm only committed to @Roxxy. Everything else is just multiple summer flings.
  4. What's going on with your new profile pic? I suddenly want us to game our beasts together.
  5. This D is on fireeeeeeee First, let's cool off the emotions Second, let's tame the beast
  6. You always get your face covered in... banana mash so can't say I'm surprised I beg to defer Join us tossing a fruit salad, I can reassure you that there's plenty of fruit juices to keep you moist and well hydrated in this heat
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