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  1. Also, it just hit me. Listening to Alien in light of the #FreeBritney movement is so sad Screw the glitch and the whole demo-drama. I love her E.T. songs and Alien deserved a music video.
  2. Minus T.I.'s verse, it's okay. I prefer and the superior bop Also, Britney Jean hits differently during winter for some reason. It's an album to listen to in winter. I probably associate it with that season because when it was released, I remember it was snowing while I was listening to the album for the first time. As @SUCCESSICA IS A QUEEN said, I think the album has this odd nostalgic aura around it. The ballads on BJ were good though!
  3. The post you're quoting reports on a news article. Yours is titled "#DISLIKEtheCryMeaRiverYoutubeVideo". The first one informs people about something new and provokes a discussion which can go both ways. Yours was created to instigate a dislike campaign for one of his videos. If you can't see the difference, then I can't help you with it but I can reassure you that it's not hypocritical, at least on my part. I beg to differ. If I don't like something, I'd rather voice my opinion on it than remain silent. I'm not spreading hate or anything; I just shared why I don't think such an incentive will be a good idea given what we know about Britney's current relationship with Justin. Of course, you're free to post whatever you want but so am I. If you don't like my comments, you can also take your advice and don't interact with me.
  4. Fellow Wendy Williams worshipper, he did apologise. What then is the purpose of this thread? He released the song/video back in 2003. You can't make it disappear with this down-voting campaign. Of course it's not okay but he nevertheless did it back in 2003 when he released the video. Unfortunately, we can't change the past and art/music remains out there on the Internet. I just find this thread pointless now that he's been held accountable and apologised for what he did. Of course that'll never be enough because he got away with it at the time and that launched his career. But hey, don't forget that it's not him solely to blame. He had a team and a label that approved this idea because they knew it'd generate a lot of money/success. I just think that if Britney doesn't bear a grudge against him, we should probably follow her example as her fans. It's not like he's doing it now. He did it. He was a j_e_rk for it. He apologised. It's in the past. Let's move on with it.
  5. I refuse to participate in such initiatives because (a) they remind me of toxic stan twitter culture and (b) they promote negativity in this community. If Britney's not bothered by Justin and has even expressed the desire to collaborate with him, I don't see the point of cancelling him now. It seems like it's water under the bridge for her. Not defending his actions, he was obviously on the wrong for how he treated Britney and he should be held accountable for that BUT disliking his music video isn't the answer, in my opinion. Not to forget that he's issued an apology, however scripted it may be. There are more prevalent issues right now than her ex from 18 years ago.
  6. I think she will shine much much better after she releases her solo stuff. She's got this aura I really like! Can't wait to hear her sound and see her artistic vision!
  7. They mentioned that she's taking a pill that's blocking some radicals so she doesn't get the high effect so for the moment it seems like they know what they're doing and that's so much we can say from the outside. But she's failed so many times because they didn't work for her. She didn't have control over what her treatment is going to be, who the people around her are going to be and so on. She was told what to do as opposed to be guided and truly supported in a less extremist way. And if she's failed what? At what point do you decide that her story isn't worth sharing or that she herself as an artist/person isn't worth because of her failures? People learn while they're alive and clearly she's still learning. Yes, of course they're different but that doesn't give people the pass card to humiliate one person for their struggles and their type of expressing their art or whatever while preaching for kindness for another. If you'll vouch for kindness and humility, do it for all, otherwise it looks hypocritical. Of course you're entitled to your opinion and that's fine. Agree to disagree. I just shared an observation because people can be very nasty towards Demi who has personal struggles. At the centre of it all is a human who's struggling and is trying to cope up somehow. Might as well show some humility.
  8. Agreed! This! Right. Giving a NAME to a ROOM doesn't mean anything. Sure it may not be the best name but hell it's her house so you can't really judge that. I can see the narcissist vibes but that could change in the future, you never know. My thinking is that her behaviour was a product of her inner struggles; it reflected that. She didn't claim to have depression that people cannot relate to. She said that people may not understand how hard it was for her because people were making up memes, jokes, and the fact that she was just another celebrity that's OD-ed kind of dehumanised her. You know, the old mentality of "not caring about celebrities cuz they're rich". She must be doing it for attention. It's a gimmick, etc. Well, yes but she doesn't endorse surrendering to some type of drugs to other people. She says that the whole abstinence mentality didn't help her at all and it backfired in the end. So she's looking for some options that are best for HER and only HER. She's stressed on multiple times that everything's been discussed with her medical team. What do you mean by enabling that behaviour? Her team controlled her severely for YEARS and this is where it got her. Not to dismiss that it was her own choice to do that but she's acknowledged it already. Scooter and herself confirmed long time ago that they're not here to sell a pop record. They want to tell a story. It's HER story and as an artist she is allowed to express herself through her art. If people don't like what they see, just move on and let her deal with it. I find it veeeeery ironic how inconsiderate and nasty some people here are of Demi's situation and yet they vouch for humility for Britney's. Be kind.
  9. I adore the remix and her stage presence in this! However, one of my personal favourites is Circus. The hype was too real for that one.
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