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  1. I absolutely can't stand peppermint-flavoured drinks, candy, chocolate, ice-cream, etc. Don't know how you can drink that one haha.
  2. I also love mocha but that's only when I'm in a good mood. Otherwise, depresso espresso always works for me. Do you have different coffee drinks for different moods?
  3. Pony, let's not get nasty in front of everyone, shall we?
  4. On the other hand, @Towelneyand I finally coordinated our outfits so we're currently chilling drinkimg our boring Starbucks orders.
  5. Now I see why it didn't work between us. Jk Ly
  6. I refrain from consuming sugar in general, so it's a pass for me. I do love putting milk, but sometimes I overdo it so much that the coffee flavour disappears and it's one giant milkshake (almost). Adore the smell of coffee so I prefer it on its own. If it's good quality, then the espresso is super slick to drink and it's heaven to my senses lol. Sadly, I do start shaking if I drink too much caffeine. Also, it dries your skin, dehydrates you so I've started drinking a lot of decaf lately. Same flavour. No caffeine.
  7. Regular Americano or Double espresso. Sometimes with milk, other times - as it comes. No sugar or cream.
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