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  1. Honestly as a kid of the 90’s, I don’t remember her going to jail enough to harp on it, and she has become much bigger than the reality show. They touched on it, but Paris is bigger than that reality show, tenfold. It may be due in part to the show, but I feel they talked about it enough for it it be roughly 15% of what she is today. EDIT: and the point of the whole Doc was that THAT person was not who she is as a person at all.
  2. I just watched it yesterday and i feel basically the same. It had a lot of good content and I was very surprised with how professionally she conducted herself in a lot of situations. I had no idea about the trauma and I definitely understand why she would create a semi-persona to pave her own success. When you are in situations like she was in for 11 months, you have nothing but time with your own thoughts and I’m sure it lit a fire in her to flip the manuscript on all of the people in her life putting her down. Watching her mother react to what she told her, I was really disappointed and genuinely anticipated something far more emotional and apologetic, if this is truly the first time she’s hearing about the abuse and solitary confinement. I love Paris and I hope and believe she will be able to continue expanding her brand without “aging out of it” like the people around her are whispering in her ear. Look at Betsey Johnson... she’ll be fine. I just hope for her to find true happiness and to stop falling in love with the wrong people. I felt like I could relate a LOT with her. I’d give the doc a 7.5/10, and I wish her nothing but success. Here’s to her next $100 mil.
  3. 😬 ... I mean, I’ll listen to it 100x but idk if everyone will... 😬
  4. This is the most disgusting video I have ever seen. That is pure hatred. Disgusting. THAT’s DEPLORABLE, for those of you who need a grammar lesson.
  5. But why should you feel the IMMENSE internal tug of war and ABSOLUTE NEED to explain it? nothing on you at all, just look at this situation and just think about it. you shouldn’t have to explain innocent decisions. Everyone is tense right now be of covid and that’s adding to all of this.
  6. Where I live in LA? It’s far too much. I feel like I’m completely voiceless because of social media and how one sided everything is, how much pressure is put on individuals to express their opinion and stance on every issue. Of course I support justice for George Floyd. I’ve been changed by that video as I believe people are being really compelled moved by it... it is the perfect storm for something like this to happen, and we need to re-evaluate how everything is dealt with in this nation, but it is a process, and this behavior (the destructive behavior, the stealing, the fires, the obliteration of small business owners’ livelihoods) is not the answer.
  7. I get that lol, but I think the reason people are pulling their hair out right now is because it’s simple math if you weren’t old enough 12 years ago to experience it yourself, the Billboard Hot 100 chart had different rules that made the chart based almost entirely of single sales. This was before streaming and radio were allotted as much power, (and basically before streaming really existed) Womanizer went #1 on the chart because of sales. What do you think was at #1 the whole week it came out if it charted #1? same with 3. Debuted at #1 because it was #1 on iTunes for an entire week. I have screenshots on an old computer of the massive gap there was through the week between the #1 song and #2 song and when Womanizer and 3 were #1, (there used to be a live pop bars website that measured with a physical colored bar, not numbers. Anyway, you can choose to believe what you want but I am not going to consider Mood Ring as her 3rd longest stay at #1 until we hit at least 5 days.
  8. Well you ain’t gonna get proof then lol. That’s the only site that keeps records like that and you’re taking it as holy scripture so there’s no winning. You’re gonna believe what that site says and everyone else will have their fond memories haha.
  9. You gonna accept screenshots? Cause I don’t wanna go digging just to have you say the screenshots could be faked. You keep saying the same thing and maybe give a little cred to your fellow stans that they might have something over this one website’s chart index that’s based on an algorithm. in ALL HONESTY, I do NOT think Work B***h hit #1 at all. It was very close but Wrecking Ball held on to number 1 the whole week. Also, someone else mentioned this/ Private show hit #1 briefly too. I know you’re saying for more than 24 hours and all of these other songs: GM, Womanizer, Circus, 3 were all there for longer than 24 hrs.
  10. That source has a messy list. Womanizer was a smash hit on iTunes worldwide for multiple weeks, it was definitely #1 in the US for at least 5 days, I think more than the whole week, because I think it even stayed #1 through the single artwork change. Circus (song) topped the iTunes chart in the US the day the album came out/ She performed on GMA. I think it stayed for a couple days. 3 was #1 for about a week And because of that the song debuted at #1 Hold It Against Me was #1 for a week Till the World Ends hit #1 on the chart for a couple hours before being overtaken by On the Floor. Some people say when it was #1 it was just a glitch because apparently while it was #1, On the Floor was not showing up on the chart. Think Work ***** was blocked by Wrecking Ball and stayed at #2 Make Me hit #1 for one day before Katy released Rise. So I think Mood Ring is doing better than make Me and Till the World Ends as far as holding the top spot is concerned but I’ll be interested to see what kind of units are moved since sales are so low nowadays. HIAM sold like 411,000 copies it’s first week, and I feel like if you hold the #1 spot for a week on iTunes now, it could be closer to 60K...
  11. I honestly just had this discussion with someone a few weeks ago and thought it was so crazy when this was posted a few days later, it’s absolutely the most cohesive (2nd would be Beyoncé) and it has a LOT of work jam-packed into it. Maybe not radio hits but a solid vibe cover to cover. so, IA.
  12. This is so exciting! I’m honestly shocked, I didn’t think it would pass Rain on Me because that’s blowing up right now... I hope this wakes her up from thinking she might not do music anymore!
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