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  1. Marshmelo creates really good songs. ‘Be Kind’ with Halsey is a bop. I hope it works out!
  2. I somehow managed to separate them, and at least here in Latin America, Ashlee was more popular than Jessica I think.
  3. What up, Exhale I put my liked songs in Spotify on shuffle and one of the Ashlee songs came up (L.O.V.E., namely). Then, I went in a listening party. Many memories were brought and then I thought how much she is no appreciated. After the SNL lip syncing incident, her career suffered and she never truly recovered. However, her brief discography is quite enjoyable and she very well embodied what pop/rock was like. Autobiography (2004), her debut album gave her hits like the soaring ‘Pieces of Me’; the sassy ‘La La’, and her reality show opening song ‘Autobiography’ (baby just ask meee). And then, the deep cuts: ‘Love Me For Me’, punk vibes and husky vocals, ‘Better Off’, a carefree tune about being so happy with yourself and with your significant other. I Am Me (2005), her sophomore record, was seen as a decline by many. In my opinion, it is her best. The unapologetic lead single ‘Boyfriend’ had delicious guitar cords and is low-key a h03 anthem (lol). L.O.V.E. had all the elements to become a big hit, and it was even remixed by Missy Elliott, but it didn’t really break. As for the deep cuts, ‘Burning Up’ showed us a sexy Ashlee, ‘In Another Life’ reminded us of the cute style of her first album but harnessed with edgy guitars, ‘Catch me When I Fall’, a piano ballad, performed live in SNL, and while she is not an A-list songstress, she can do decently live. Above all, this album gave us my favorite Ashlee song, ‘Coming Back For More’, a driven tune about, you know, it’s so good you can’t quit it. Finally, her last studio album, ‘Bittersweet World’, displayed a sonic evolution that should have made her big, but it didn’t. The lead single ‘Outta My Head’ was a legitimate earbug. ‘Little Miss Obsessive’, the second single, had its little debut in the Hot 100, but all promo was cancelled and the song didn’t get the success it deserved. As for other songs, ‘Rule Breaker’ and the funky ‘Boys’ were obvious single choices. She has put out music with her husband, but I haven’t really dived into it. What do you guys think? Should she really put effort on making a come back?
  4. Folklore deserves all this success. Too bad I’m not in the US, otherwise my streams alone would keep both Cardigan and Exile at the top for the months to come 😎
  5. His legend status and influence cannot be denied (just look at and listen to Justin Timberlake, Usher, Bruno, and Abel). In the other hand, I just don’t vibe to him as much as the rest of the world. I have some of his songs in my 80s playlists, but I skip him more than often. Anyway, no one will ever dance like him, he set any stage on faia.
  6. 1. Chromatica I - Alice 2. Stupid Love 3. Babylon 4. Medley: Venus / Gypsy 5. Love Game 6. Plastic Doll 7. Medley: Fun Tonight / Enigma / Replay 8. Telephone 9. Free Woman 10. Dance in the Dark 11. Alejandro 12. Chromatica II - 911 13. Sour Candy 14. Paparazzi 15. You and I 16. Just Dance 17. Million Reasons 18. Shallow 19. 1000 Doves 20. Born This Way 21. The Edge of Glory 22. Poker Face 23. Rain on Me ENCORE: 24. Chromatica III - Sine From Above 25. Bad Romance
  7. Wow! The amount of people pressed! If she is causing all this stir is because of how GARGANTUAN she is. Go apply some ointment if it burns.
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