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  1. Rihanna, Ariana, Taylor and Gaga, uh duh!
  2. Uhh... so, this was were all the fuzz was all about? It’s a bit disappointing... and kiss and make up? Whyyyy i wanted brand new songs!
  3. Really loved bittersweet world: especially Lil Miss Obsessive, thats was my jammmm
  4. Meatless all my life and vegan for 1,5 year now! Eating meat or dairy or something else animal related is ->
  5. Well, Haha, guess we have to wait. I’m ready is great aswell.. best is still ‘how do you sleep’ btw
  6. Sure. Give me hope again only to let me down once again
  7. Tay’s Daylight Bside: Gaga’s new album etc
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