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  1. Really love the symbols on the ITZ CD case. Even considering getting some of those symbols as tattoos.
  2. But these are actually good reviews. Yes, at times, harsh. But overall good, timeless, and honest reviews.
  3. That is such a myopic mindset. An old, previously available and accessible song on Youtube and other platforms (though not as widely released) doing this good and being #1 in a chart is already outstanding in itself. It’s almost unprecedented. Everyone knows Mood Ring will never outpeak an LG and Ari song on the BB considering that MR is up against a new song (with a solid roll out, massive streams, media traction). People are just genuinely happy that it is doing so well, and has even outsold Gaga in itunes on the eve of an album release. Britney, Gaga and Ari are all winning here. Why do we stans need to always pit female artists against each other? It is so petty.
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