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  1. I see what you've said, again lol. Sadly not yet to be removed yet. Well Brits new counsel Loeb & Loeb LLP should put up a good fight! & Bessemer (if they're initially a CO/CONSERVATOR) should place some injustices out of the window & fight the C/SHIP, or should I say past actions ect to come to light/show all the corruption and her severe limitations, then put Jamie in a place of disadvantage therefore hopefully removed (or in jail) and her Dual or SOLE c/ster to be moral and have her best interests - therefore freedom
  2. Hello, thats why I was clarifying, if its CO-conservator first I'm sure its a first step to get him out eventually.
  3. Hello which is correct? - I thought she wants him out completely. So the first step implied by Ingham is to add Bessemer along side jamie - then to remove jamie ect?
  4. I have one song I strongly recommend if any: SODA POP! And I cant wait to hear your new mix! - mashup layerings of two songs and/or sound bites from other songs interluding are really good to freshen and add the excitement too
  5. You are literally helping me through my working days with these remasters!! Curious (I wish I could download these in 4K) How big are the files after you remaster them, say for this one? THANK YOU AGAIN!
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