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  1. Turkey Not everyone in the country is muslim (this is a misconception of our president ) I heard some people think we ride camels but no that’d be useless in city traffic We don’t eat doner kebab or something everyday and no Istanbul isn’t the capital
  2. So I’ve noticed something interesting under Lady Gaga’s tweet about Britney’s dad’s barbeque in 2014. I suppose she talks about our Britney since they met at the backstage of POM that year. Any duct tape as well?? The fact that this happened 4 years before the whole #FreeBritney movement. I felt like I had to share it here. Should I delete the post in case they make him delete the tweet? Should we get screenshots? Is the tweet even useful for Britney’s case? Who’s even Jeff Raymond? A time traveller from 2018 or something? Too much for my cute little mind
  3. Ikr. There is literally no reason for a rich woman who likes shopping to release stress and make her own runway shows to wear the same cheap clothes for years
  4. No proper interviews with the cship staying in place. Never have been, never will be until she gets free edit: For The Record stays unbothered by the cship tho 💅
  5. The Toxic singer cleared things up with her fans in a tell-all interview on Instagram recently
  6. I missed the whole event while babysitting my niece Can you please just tell if it was good news?
  7. Omg I was dancing to britney with my little niece the other day and I immediately thought of this cute video of britney dancing to madonna with her niece
  8. Ikr! There’s something so hot about a man fighting for freebritney
  9. No !!! 😳😳😳 Why’d you even ask ???? 🙄🙄🙄
  10. When I was a child shopping for groceries with my mom, a wise looking old lady came to me and said using emojis doesn’t prove anything .... !!!!!! 🤔🤔🤔🤔 PS or does it ????? 🤪🤪🤪🤪😱😱🤣🤣🤓
  11. Seeing the first Make Me performance was a trauma while waiting for this choreo to start
  12. OMG I’m from Turkey, too! We’re like so rare here in Exhale
  13. What yellow shirt incident? Edit: Nevermind. I just saw a thread exists for that
  14. Not gonna lie some of the memes especially sainthoax on IG makes me giggle But the lack of respect is simply so sad What hurts the most is how people don’t give a **** about mental health, body positivity, women’s rights or even human rights when it comes to Britney. Like, she lives in 2020 too y’all! Haven’t we evolved?!
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