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  1. Rip. He is a legend & staple. he like alex trebec, are ones i thought would never die.
  2. Off topic, but she looks gorgeous. I hope we all can be as bad *** as she is when we get her age.
  3. Im from where east of eden takes place, and where the authors from! Im a dork and a neeerd 🤓
  4. Saaaame. Its really good 💘
  5. I agree with everything you said but the first 9 words. Whats the gay agenda lol? Correct me if im wrong, but i believe weve been living in a world with a straight agenda... everything has been straight growing up. Weve recently started to getting more lgbtq representation in mainstream here and there
  6. Bruh its mariah effing carey. The vocals are gold and she wrote this song. She has 19 #1 songs (all of whicj shes written, except 1 cover). old town road (no disrespect to old town road bc its great song) barely broke her record for one sweet day that held the longest running #1 for like like 20 years. She has two songs of the decade- one sweet day 90s, and we belong together in the 2000s. Shes the only artist with #1s in 4 different decades. Shes queen shes legend. this is aint no surprise.
  7. U cant put ellen & r kelly in the same category ⚰️
  8. Pretty good statement tbh. Ill add that, yes some people will take it too far and be keyboard warriors, but at the same time if many people agree its your time to prove yourself. For example, jk rowling. People wanna cancel her but shes just so powerful & creative 💰. The thing is, i feel like she hasnt really proved herself personally since her criticism, so she really doesnt deserve the power 💰... ill testify to the child actors daniel, emma, & rupert for turning out so well being so young in the spotlight. Cant say the same about jk, due to her terrible twitter feed. And thats too bad bc shes been a grown *** woman this whole time. Use your power for good and support the lgbt & trans community. I think emma and daniel have been great allies for marginalized groups especially privileged white child stars. Theyve seemed to be very genuine allies for people of color and the lgbtq community. Keep up the good work you 2.
  9. I agree. It seems she loves her vacations and breaks like all of us, but i feel like its her home away from home to be with her dancers, which shes said is like 2nd fam, and being creative. but who really knows but her. Shes gotta deal with so much bs & rude *** people, but at the same time shes one of the biggest survivors for real, which is why shes one of the legends. And we take care of our legends ☝🏽😘😘❣️ Love her.
  10. Its bs... ☝🏽 Someone mentioned it. There are some famous people that can poooost whateverrrrr they want on youtube, literally... & then when a regular person does a small percentage of that theyre banned. Doesnt make sense. Especially when we already have so much less. Nudity logically isnt bad... especially if its ****ographic. Were okay with all the violence... but ahhh. If its a woman’s nip its the end of the world. and logically... it makes sense that if men can show their nipples women should be able to. We further ***ualize women then blame them. As a society we have a long way to go, but this past year it seemed like we move backward. Technology further, but humanity backward.
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