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  1. Gloria first met Sergio at around 16 years old when she was part of a girl group, and she didn't "break away" from him until she was in her early 30s. A lot of the girls who spoke out against Gloria even said they witnessed Sergio abusing Gloria but that she never tried to leave him. In her own words, Gloria said she stayed because she felt bad for him. I believe she developed a Stockholm Syndrome bond with him. That man had been brainwashing her since she was a teen.
  2. I'd also like to add that she was never convicted of anything, she literally was in jail for almost 5 years awaiting a trial to take place. And some of the women who accused her during 1990s-2000s came forward a couple of years ago saying that they were paid by TV Azteca (a popular Mexican TV channel) to smear Gloria's name
  3. More English videos for anyone interested. Interview during her younger days Documentary about her legal turmoil
  4. One of her many songs inspired by her relationship with her manager.
  5. Even though I am a new Exhaler, I wanted to make a thread about Gloria Trevi's 5-year legal struggles and posting it around September 21st (when she was exonerated) because the Mexican audience is still very intrigued with this case. I was afraid of "introducing" her to an American audience in this way, but Gloria is a prime example of a phoenix, and deserves so much respect. I am totally going to commit to this idea now!
  6. How do you guys feel when other people make 2007 Britney jokes? Like on social media, when people shave their hair off and say something like "mood: 2007 Britney"? In a time where people preach about mental health, why is Britney an exception?
  7. Luv the Hurt Away, You Got it All, Girl in the Mirror, Where Are You Know. She gets to show her deep range in ballads, which is why they're my favorite
  8. What I love the most about her is that she bounced back after surviving a dark time in her life. After people dismissed her as a joke, she persevered and broke more records, set new trends, and paved the way for celebrities to talk about their mental health (even if she herself doesn't) and for law enforcement to put boundaries on how the paparazzi work to protect celebrities. Whether or not she was comfortable coming back so soon is up for debate, but I admire her strength as a person so much. I genuinely have so much respect for her
  9. Strangest Love. I like her ballads a lot too
  10. It's safe to say that most of us wish that some Britney eras, like the Glory or Blackout era, weren't cut so short. I thought it would be fun to create a thread where all of us got together and shared ideas on how we would direct a music video for Britney Spears if we were given the opportunity. This can be for already existing music videos or singles we wish would have been released. Be as creative as you want! P.S. I'm new here so please don't let this thread flop
  11. She's always been shown inside a cage (like in the Slave 4 U performance, the Circus Tour, the original Make Me video, and some photoshoots). I think the cover should have an open cage in some way to let everyone know she doesn't feel trapped anymore.
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