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  1. Ugh this makes me sad. It’s mike how can a parent treat their duly child Ike that? How terrible.
  2. Wishing you happiness, love, and true inner peace! And don’t forget to always wear your retainer at night. Take care! ☺️
  3. Roxxy, I’ve wished you well multiple times, yet you and your friends continue hounding me and downvoting anything I say. This is bullying and you’ve said you’re not going to stop until I’m gone. You abused your power by deleting my day 11 song because people were laughing at it because it was funny. You get rid of anything I say that you don’t like, then edit others. But I’m not going anywhere. I wish you love, happiness, and true inner peace. ☺️ Now leave me alone. I don’t enjoy arguing like you seem to. Tagging @Jordan Miller because you’re harassing me at this point. Thanks.
  4. I still wish we could hear a final version of Britney’s telephone. I think the auto tune would’ve been more subtle. I also think they didn’t release telephone because it mentions “drinking henney” and telephones (which she allegedly didn’t even have back in 2008/2009). But I still have hope we’ll get a finished version one day
  5. Black widow! And also, telephone. I would’ve LOVED to hear a final version of Britney on that.
  6. Well, some of the things said were worse than anything I said. But, I digress. Wishing everyone on here love, happiness, and true inner peace! ❤️☺️
  7. No, I think they broke up. Which is weird because they’re family lol. But I still jam out to them!
  8. I prefer Iggy and Rita’s version tbh. But the only black widow I stan is Britney’s!
  9. Honestly, iconic. The song was for a children’s movie, but the video was absolutely adorable and Britney looked stunning.
  10. Good for poppy! I’m not really into her music but I think she’s absolutely stunning!
  11. I actually liked this album, but I hated the album cover. Maybe that’s why some call it a flop. We know an album cover can make or break some albums. Looking at you Glory 🤣
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