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  1. You have a point though. I've also noticed this change with the content she posts these days. It's the same posts over and over. We don't see her interacting with anyone besides her boyfriend. She barely sees her kids as we know. It's sad.
  2. As a Britney fan, I learned my lesson not to get hyped up so easily I can see that she will eventually come back one day, but I also cannot see how this is possible for her without somehow addressing her situation. Are we gonna pretend like nothing happened last year? Are they waiting for it to die completely, for us to forget everything and then drop an album or a new residency? It will be a huge struggle for me to support the brand knowing that the person behind it, is not free. Are we gonna get a new FF era? Scripted interviews and everything? I'm not here for that, honestly. And I understand that she doesn't owe us anything at this point, she could just retire and I'd be happy, as long as that's what she wants. I feel like if she ever comes back, it will be a lot different. Either way, I wish her all the best.
  3. That she is a clone. Shane Dawson and his conspiracies
  4. The outfit is very unflattering though. She always had a great figure, and with curves she looks even better in my opinion. She just needs to wear a better outfit. Happy to see her smiling and enjoying herself.
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