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  1. This song slaps me hard! It’s like the perfect early 2000 pop ingredient!
  2. I’m probably the only one but I can see her point honestly. But if it was me and it happened once I would make sure it never happened again...Also I wonder if Britney knows she bought Jamie a Tesla.
  3. Oops and Crazy would have went number one in the US if it had a physical single to buy. Toxic would have went number 1 if digital singleS were counted. Which toxic missed by months ugh.
  4. I do like some of her songs and I wish her nothing but the best with her struggles. But there is something about Demi that makes her unlikable. I imagine her being really mean. This could be why she is having a hard time with her recent songs not charting well. I could also be way wrong and she could be very sweet. Just a vibe I get
  5. I saw on Jamie Lynn’s Instagram that Austin Spears passed away. I’m assuming it is Jamie’s brother. Wonder if Britney is there with the family? Might be awkward if so 😬
  6. The fact that The Third album Britney sold as much as it did the first week with a radio ban is Iconic in itself. also if Jive would have released physical singles to stores she would have a way bigger hot 100 record early in her career. And if Toxic digital sales counted it would have went straight to number 1 😭😭 so many salty things happened being a Britney fan lol
  7. I love her and I honestly don’t think she cares what people think. But can I tell you I giggled at some parts during this lol
  8. And Britney has zero rights after three world tours in a conservatorship
  9. This will be Britney in her 50s making the Glory follow up! and I’m not comparing Britney to Paula at all FYI lol
  10. I FEEL SO OLD!!! ... But I can see why this blew up if Taylor said something about her. I mean Taylor is the music industry currently.
  11. Also should I donate my blood since I have the antibodies?
  12. A little off topic but if anyone knows any insight to this let me know. so Thursday I went to get a antibody test. I was positive for the IGM antibody but not the IGG one. They said I was positive with covid and to come back in 14 days. They didn’t even do a swab or anything after they told me. I have zero symptoms and I’m scared it’s about to sneak up on me lol on Xmas day I thought I had food poisoning so could that have been my covid symptom?
  13. Tracy Chapman is a legend. I listen to her masterpiece of an album all the time. The song Across the Lines is one of the best songs ever written. Tracy bleeds honesty I’m her writing and song delivery. These young kids will never know!!
  14. I like it but I don’t think they have that great of a chemistry on the track together. I might change my mind later on though lol
  15. Real or not it still blows my mind how deep Britney’s voice really is. They manipulated the crap out of her!
  16. I personally hated the lyrics and her robot voice but it was the highest charting song from Britney Jean on iTunes. I could see it being a hit and I hate saying that 🤣
  17. We are less than 5 years away from learning a lot more about Britney’s life than the Spears family wants us to know. Once those kids are adults there is no telling what they will say or do. Bookmark me lol
  18. Britney’s Instagram activity reminds me of when I was 17 and constantly changing my music on my MySpace page and my top 8 friends lists..I truly think she has been so guarded these past 20 years that she has a mind of a teenager when it comes to social media. She really didn’t grow up with it because people always did things FOR her. It’s not her fault at all and she is isn’t hurting anyone. So go posts 10 more of the same pics Brit!!!!
  19. That’s kind of tricky..I’m pretty old school and I always thought a single was official if it went for radio adds. So since I live in the US I won’t consider it a single because it never went for adds at pop radio.
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