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  1. I like Oops font but the lowercase b drives me nuts 🤷‍♂️
  2. We break the dawn by her deserved so much more..A total Bop!!
  3. I agree and Also don’t think it will be career ending at all. The marketing for Romance was awful in my opinion. The two songs for first single was too much and they kept releasing songs to see if any would stick. They finally got one to stick with my oh my at least.
  4. I honestly think Glory might have a better chance in the lower half of the billboard 200 than mood ring charting on the Hot 100..But if I had to guess I would say 99-100 or the bubbling under chart.
  5. And In the original make me video I remember him saying it was her idea to be in the cage...She was dropping hints and her team said no no no no. But I feel like they have no say now and Britney’s real Glory Vison is what we are getting a tiny taste of.
  6. No promotion on radio or streaming so this is def not true. It can still gain traction though in a viral scenario. But for an old song with no promotion she did damn good!!
  7. They played Mood Ring on that radio show Jon Asher tweeted about! ..The djs loves the track and said it’s the best Britney vocals they have heard in a long time!
  8. I could be wrong but I thought I remember reading Britney and Ashton had a thing..I can see that for sure lol
  9. Have you ever heard an unreleased Britney song that you loved that the rest of the world has never heard?
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