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    Long time reader (since 2006!) and only now have had the courage to join (2020)
    You know what I love as I just said what I have been reading for the last 16 years haha!

    PS Jordan Miller if your reading this thank you for these last 16 years I feel as if we dated I’ve known you so long 😂
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  1. My Mom taught me if I haven’t got anything nice to say don’t say anything at all :) stream Mood Ring now! ;) ps when are the “gaga was cloned and replaced” rumours going to start as that is not the same Lady we met in 2008 oops.... mom, I’m sorry *chromatica dropped 12 AM *me at 12:44 AM “hey Siri, YouTube Britney Spears 911” hehe
  2. I don’t care either honestly... and I love Christina no shade but I have tried many many many times to get anything out of bionic and reminds me of madonnas MDNA album just noise, very loud noise. Concept and creativity off the charts however girl should have not been so stuck up to get some writers worth a !!!! on the album and maybe we’d be caring about it still.
  3. Good points, I just always thought since they did seem to hit it off well and she seemed confident with him however at the same time she wasn’t pushing herself in her career. Weird to me that the relationship ends and Britney starts dancing her heart out and as we all agree got some work done at this time. I always was curious to know if he hurt her ego or something like that as in judges her for still thinking she’s a pop star and she was like hell no I’ll show you... then got burned out real fast because she wasn’t given any freedoms or controls over the work she did... rest is history he is hot AF and yes has family money due to some tv juggernaut is in their family. if he hurt Brit I will find him lol either way you can tell quarantine is got me bored AF reviewing others relationships from 5 years ago smh 🤦‍♂️
  4. Okay so I have always thought that the way that relationship ended and following statements by Britney on stage afterwards something happened... peculiar to me that pretty girls comes out and they are happy happy and after Brit gets flop ratings and coverage they were no longer together, Britney upped recording time and started her second coming of primeny... my thoughts... I think Charlie basically made a comment about why she was still doing this and expected she would just agree and go off with him and become a housewife or America’s got talent judge lol... however since we know how that turned out do you think that it’s possible Charlie is responsible for her more determined state in 2015-2016? Do you think it’s possible Britney was insulted by Charlie and promoted to delete him and not even mention him when saying she was single for a year!? I’m bored and curious lol
  5. How to make BJ a great album you say? Honestly the album doesn’t need to have so much on it for one so just like glory trim the excess as with Britney less is more imo ... keep alien however should have been merged sonically with now that I found you as the instrumentals are good just not fitting.. I think alien with its brooding tones could have had an underlying higher synth and would have easily been a great way to introduce the era... All BJ needed really was that 10 songs tops and a cover ala regular Britney style AND singing TALK DIRTY (fight me) mid she had done that it would have been a great follow up to work b and in a woman’s perspective I think the song would have been even bigger as the princess of pop sails across the world getting phone numbers in her passport haha it was Beyoncé’s year and nothing was going to change that even if blackout had been dropped that year lol there would have been no competing... just solid radio plays would have been the way to wait out the Yonce-storm however we know what ended up happening
  6. First performance I saw was when I was home sick from school and my mom was watching the Rosie ODonnell show and Britney was on I’ll never forget it. My mom said that she was going to be a huge star one day... first time I ever heard baby one more time I thought it was one of the spice girls in my little 8 year old brain haha how wrong I was when I saw the performance. So strange back then as there was no YouTube and we couldn’t afford much music or mtv so I didn’t even see the music video for a long time after it’s release... probably watched it around the same time Oops came out 20 years agooo
  7. Yes, I’ll give you all of Britney Jean for Original Doll that wasn’t the question!? still my final answer
  8. Agreed as I always saw slumber party being released around Valentine’s Day as the last single with ari or Selena and then two weeks after glory dropped it seemed they were tryin real hard for the album to bounce back after they threw it in the garbage... bad roll out okay music... would have done well if pushed like ari or Selena cause most critics have said and I agree all three (Selena Britney and arianas) music in 2015-2016 sounded all the same and they could have song each others work with no difference... imo IF glory had done well it would have been another femme fatale in the sense that it wouldn’t age well with the GP and would be forgotten. If she would have reissued glory the next year as Glorious with better more Britney songs with a following Glorious World tour then she would be back in GP good graces. Realistically she doesn’t need so many hit songs to be popular now just attention from the ones doing the most work lol like Beyoncé no shade
  9. People be so thirsty... lol the only thing I like from the whole BJ fiasco was the most definitely fake demo of Zombie on youtube... thought the idea of doing that song for Britney was great and was excited to have the 1 cover per album trend back... here’s hoping... Max Martin get your *** quarantined with Britney and make pop music again ... one more time! ;)
  10. I agree and think that it was those monster heals they put her in to make her look taller/slimmer (big big hair days lol) which made her feel uneasy on stage to not bend the heel like GIMMEMORE VMA ... she coulda pulled off the Britney 2014-2015 look at this time as she was the same size (I prefer her looking healthy she loves food and seems happiest when she is allowed to eat lol) with the pants again and sneakers ect plus when she wears pants her *** is fire lmao like onyx hotel green pants for the hook up! Fav fav fav
  11. LOVE LOVE LOVE TOVE LO!! Shifted, Stay Over, Disco ****, True Disaster and CRAVE from her debut are my absolute favs! cant wait! She needs more attention.
  12. Lady Gaga, “Hey is Ari there?” She says timidly as she feels not “worthy” of her presence (wtf?) Ari, “Yiip” “wanna make a bang bang video using your scrapped song from the Charlie’s flop soundtrack?” Ari, “I got it! Bang Bang but Gaga and no chorus.” two minutes later... Ari “All done!” Gaga “okay now lets leave it for 2 years so they think it took a lot of creativity to make it” Ari, “Thank u, next” whyyyyyyyy Gaga why After many listens I feel I would automatically like the song if she had just held singing rain under neath the instrumentals. Even that just THAT would have made this not sound like Calvin Harris is doing double features instead of the plain old one at a time pop star collaboration. 14 songs remain Gaga, all I hear is Gypsy and GUY for some reason with Ariana grande playing in the back ground. She has a smooth voice but the way she pronounces words while singing to me make them emotionless... fan card where’d you go?
  13. Agreed, she coulda pulled a Beyoncé move then and took over working with Max Martin and then we prob wouldn’t have had Ariana grande she had huge momentum here... always thought Ari’s Problem was a perfect work b** follow up! My everything has a lot of Britney in it however I feel Max Martin can’t not do that as she was his first big success and he is a formula man.
  14. Yes I am in Canada and I remember the US news was very scrutinizing and then the Canadian news would not really discuss it and just wish she would get better and take time away. I recall this show in Canada called Marilyn Dennis and she said that she thought it was terrible how the view celebrated her divorce to KFED with balloons and confetti... this is someone’s marriage with whom she has two very young children. I remember when Craig Ferguson who did the late late show back then had a breakdown himself after Britney shaved her head on air (still on youtube) because he was upset with the way the media was attacking. At the time there was supporters and important ones however as Craig Ferguson said later on about that in air rant is that he was sure he was going to be fired. A lot of people I knew were causal Britney fans after circus and then died down afterwards when like I said this performance and the tour was terrible live which we saw. IF U SEEK AMY use to go off at the bars here when it came out haha the and not just the gay bars
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