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  1. Songs aren’t new but Michelle Branch went country for a little while. Her group is called The Wreckers.
  2. It’s on Britney Jean 🤷🏻‍♀️ It sounds like her for the most part. That’s my biggest issue with the album is it’s so overproduced it’s hard to tell if it’s her or not. I stopped following closely after circus so I hadn’t heard the myah Marie stuff but when listening to Britney Jean I just thought this doesn’t even sound like her. I don’t listen to the other songs enough to decide if they are any good
  3. I only like perfume, don’t cry, now that I found you and hold on tight. Work ***** is awful. I was hyped for the album until I heard that. The vocals kill it the most but I always found the song to be ****ty lyric wise especially as it felt like her teams song to her.
  4. I think if she hadn’t lost custody of her kids/2007 that she probably wouldn’t have released an album at all. I think blackout was a distraction from being away from her kids. Maybe big maybe she might have recorded stuff, but I couldn’t really see her touring or anything major like that when her boys were little because she had talked about how important it was to be there watching her babies grow. Which she missed while being forced to work.
  5. I’m super late to this party but dlisted still has the article about it up. Way to show how she stalks your site though. I still don’t understand how they can threaten the form when it was posted on many big gossip sites 🤷🏻‍♀️
  6. I didn’t like it my first play through and I’ve loved Taylor since day one. And my second play through it I changed my mind. It’s now my favorite album by her and definitely the best of the year.
  7. Because the court appointed monitor had Preston so Britney couldn’t lock herself in the bathroom with both of them. I’m sure she would have if she had a hold of them both. If someone tried to take my kids I know I’d have done the same. Especially if they were primarily living with their deadbeat *** dad that never helped with them.
  8. Well she didn’t want to show Preston off either. She agreed and cried and changed her mind but the photos leaked and the magazine went through anyway. I think she decided to be more cautious with Jayden because she learned her lesson. I also think if Jayden was possibly anyone else’s kid it would have come out, Kevin couldn’t fight for custody if she said he wasn’t the father and could prove it. I’m sure if Justin was the father she would have had him take Jayden instead of Kevin who she clearly didn’t trust to take care of the boys. And Justin wouldn’t need so much child support.
  9. If she really really insist on being tan she can always get spray tans like most do. She doesn’t have to be super dramatic with it like Ariana grande/stripped era Christina but she can lightly tan that way.
  10. In the original post filtered or not you can see it’s like a sunburn peeling. She has a lot of sun damage around her chest/neck area. She really needs to stop using tanning oils and start using sunscreen. And stop sunbathing in general.
  11. They would definitely b under observation of their doctor but that would be in the form of checkups basically. They are given the prescriptions and sent home with directions on taking it. Told what to look for as a serious side effect, and are suppose to follow up so many days/weeks/months after depending on what the issue is. However people have the right to decide on medical care or not. They can decide to no longer see the doctor. Medication can not be forced against someone’s will. Treatments can’t be forced. This is not just mental illness but health care in general. Say someone has a very treatable cancer that will die without the treatment. The person can decide they don’t want the treatment. The doctors and family can’t force someone to get the treatment to save their life. I believe this freedom on treatments is to prevent medical abuse as much as possible. If you see someone choking you aren’t allowed to help them without their consent legally. Someone that is unconscious can be helped based off reasonable belief they’d want help. I couldn’t say if Britney has the freedom to deny treatment because of the conservatorship, I don’t know the legality of stuff like that. I don’t think they are allowed to hold her down and force her to take medication, they can’t slip it into her drinks/food, and I’d assume a doctor couldn’t force inject her with medication either. Which is why she was forced into the treatment center because they do have more rights to force medication when you are in a mental facility. If you sign into a mental facility willingly I’m assuming that means you are willing to accept the treatments, being forced into them (51/50 and such) usually means you’ve proven to be a threat to yourself or others so the doctors would have the legal rights to monitor and provide treatments. while I think it’s good to an extend that people can not be forced medication it has its downside too. The health care system is so incredibly broken in america. A lot of people that need treatments are uninsured and couldn’t afford or have access to their medications even if they DID want them. A lot of mental illnesses would benefit greatly from therapy along with other treatments like medication. But the options aren’t really there. If you have the money like Britney does she has access to all the best care and treatment options if she wants to get them. The average person isn’t that lucky. A lot of drugs might as well be legal ****. Some doctors over medicate and don’t care much to make sure you are improving. Others are super cautious not to give out medication in fear of causing addictions or getting in trouble for giving them to someone that is abusing the medication. If you don’t have health insurance and see a doctor regularly it’s almost impossible to get medication because doctors need to have it established with them that it is needed. Often people that are held on 51/50 or hospitalized and given the medication they need, improve enough to be released and end up back suffering because they don’t have a regular doctor and aren’t able to get access to the medication they need anymore. So it’s a repeated cycle ending back up in hospitals until they eventually die or manage a way to get help. A lot of people with mental health issues will self medicate with illegal drugs. Mental health is a huge issue that needs to be address in America.
  12. Someone with a diagnosed mental illness absolutely has say in their treatment typically. Even if they are a danger to themselves and others they can’t legally be forced to take medication. Unfortunately that’s why some that seriously need medication to function instead end up homeless and such. Pretty much unless the person with a mental illness does something that gets them locked into an institution they are free to be unmedicated. They can also say they don’t like a certain treatment and ask to try another type. I have a family member that is bipolar and she won’t take medication, she abuses drugs and lives on the street. She’s not a threat to anyone so nothing can be done. I have a family member with schizophrenia, his long term medication stopped working. He was put on something else by his doctor, the side effects weren’t something he could handle. He asked his doctor to try another treatment option. His current plan seems to be working for him and he’s doing well.
  13. I don’t either. I stopped closely following celebrities when Britney had her breakdown because I realized the obsession with celebrities fuels the paparazzi. I just assume Tennessee since that’s where he’s from originally lol. And I only know about Montana since I seen it posted that they were in their Montana home for quarantine, because I guess he complained that it’s hard being with your kid all day or something along those lines. I’m with my 4 kids all day everyday though so his “joke” wasn’t something I really understood like he couldn’t handle a few weeks with his kid seemed sad.
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