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  1. This is very unnecessary and a little concerning. I don't think people understand that words online come with consequences at times.
  2. You said it the best, that this is "YOUR" opinion, despite no one asking for it. And you probably perceive that her impact doesn't carry into your country or even into your life, but look at all the time she's stolen away from you by just you talking about her to defend your words. I know she's not everyone's cup of tea, but to some she is a favorite. You cannot discredit that she has and continues to make an impact in the music industry globally (i.e. what she did with "folklore" in just a few days.) So even if it's nothing that you relate or listen to, doesn't mean your opinion is in the majority.
  3. I will never understand, and more so, never excuse, people trying to discredit someone's art. If it's not their cup of tea, well then don't listen to it, right? It only makes sense. (If someone is lactose, they know to skip on milk each time.) What irks me more than anything is when a man feels the need to voice his option that one one even considers on a woman's work. And unfortunately we know that this will not be the last that we see of this.
  4. Despite if you're a swiftie or not, you can't denounce the mastery of this album. If it's the sound that sets you off, focus on the lyrics. Each song is beautifully written with so eloquently, truth and emotion.
  5. This is the news that I needed to keep my head up, especially during this week. 💕
  6. Once I heard the pre-chorus of Katy Perry's "Spiritual," it instantly reminded me of Belinda's "Gaia."
  7. My heart breaks for her son, her family and her loved ones. May they find peace and closure after this. A true talent has been lost too early. We love you Naya, we always will. ♥️
  8. This is disgusting and is only going to work to steal the vote of POC away from Biden. Whether we want Biden or not as president, he is a far better choice than what we've dealt with for the past 4 years. Our country has been the butt of the joke of the rest of the world. Biden is our only at showing growth towards democracy, as opposed to the majority of Americans sitting on the bench while the rest of the boys enjoy the perks of locker room talk.
  9. What’s with all the negativity towards all these female artists and the need/desire to share it on this platform. I know that you’re posting your opinion, but I just wonder why the need to even say it. If it’s not you’re cup of tea, then don’t listen to it. There’s so much more music to focus on then on one album or even one artist. I’m not the biggest Gaga fan, but I can sit and appreciate the songs that I do enjoy without bashing the ones I do not. Lately this website has turned into “let’s see who we can bash today just for the hell of it.”
  10. Her ERA 1 music was so fun to listen and dance to, and still is. Each album and single releases since then has shown us different sides of music she is capable of also working in. She is such an interesting artist, with an even more interesting background to entice people. She is not just here to prove that she is here to make it in the pop music world, but also that LGBTQ+ artists have stories to tell. I can't wait to see how far her career grows.
  11. The fact that Taylor's fame, artistry, success and impact affects you this much to always draw comparisons to her at every chance you get, always overshadows your negative comments. Imagine being so pressed by her that you leave comments on just about every post about how others are more deserving of the success and notoriety that she has gained and worked so hard for. Stop pinning hard working women against each other. Use this same energy to share, promote, admire and root for your faves. Everyone has different tastes in the arts. If Taylor is not your cup of tea, then so be it, but don't demise her success through your negative comments. There's enough room for E-V-E-R-Y woman in music to succeed.
  12. This is so heartbreaking to hear and watch unfold. 💔 What I keep reading on Twitter is very upsetting as well (people saying they wish it were Lea Michelle instead.) I pray she is sound safe and reunited with her son soon.
  13. This is definitely (currently) her trinity. 1989 - the definition of pop reputation - a storyboard from darkness to light Lover - whimsical & light, a true story of love & justice It's a toss up between 1989 and Lover for me, only because "Out Of The Woods" is a genius song (thank you Jack Antonoff), but Lover is filled with such great lyrics, almost up to par with the lyrics from her album RED.
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