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  1. Not the best. A lot of the Domination rehearsals looked fire though.
  2. She looks great, and I love that she like old Motown music like Otis Redding and Aretha. I'd love to see her cover old soul songs like this (I know she already covered Otis Redding but it wasn't official) and put songs like this on one of her albums.
  3. Britney's been working since she was 9. We're talking about levels of fame. . . and no she is no where near the level of Michael Jackson fame. Not even close. She's more like a Diana Ross. Beyonce was never the bulls eye in the media like Britney, Madonna or Michael. People were just fascinated with them and they just had something about them, Beyonce has had a few hits and she was the it girl for a while. That's it. Similar to Gaga's fame. Also, Prince, Whitney, Tina Turner, Mariah are all waaay bigger than beyonce. She is not the biggest black artist since Michael. Delusional.
  4. Britney is way more iconic than Beyonce. You don't know what you're talking about and it's obvious. Beyonce is an icon, but she's not Britneys level. Britney has been in the spotlight for more than 20 years. She's pretty close to the same amount of fame as madonna and Michael. Beyonce is more like Diana Ross. Beyonce can learn from Britney.
  5. You're definition of evil only includes those who have murdered. There are other kinds of evil in this world. Jabbing at someone else's success to become more successful is a kind of evil. You are coming off hypocritical in your rant about the fan base.
  6. Y'all talking about the hair must be like 12 or you all think you're hotter than you are. Men can be **** without hair. There plenty of bald men who are **** af. There are plenty of older men who are **** as well. You ALL will eventually see it lol I think he's ****, honestly it's probably his Latin charm that does it for me.
  7. Honey, take a seat. I mean your screen name says everything about Taylor. She is mediocre and she's making these lists right now, but she won't be remembered like you think.
  8. I feel like you're making it about you, when it's not. I'm pretty sure she is avoiding it because it will not help her case in the court room. Technically, though we are fans, it's none of our business. Our job is to get the word out. There's more technicalities behind the legal process. She's doing the right thing when it comes to the legal process.
  9. I think we will see something in the next year or two. IDK if it'll be a full length album but she still has the drive and she still gets inspired, but the lack of control is an issue for her. However, I just have that feeling that eventually she will get more control. Yes, I want her to be free. . .but we're all fans for a reason. She loves what she does, we love what she does. It's not being a bad fan for wanting more of her art.
  10. She looks good, I just think these are sooooo awkward and uncomfortable to watch. I feel like it it has to be the editing. I wish she'd post videos of her singing and dancing unedited. I thought the dance to Billie Eilish was actually really good.
  11. BTW, They could've been implants like I said though. I was just speaking hypothetically due to how bad they look.
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