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  1. Lol I appreciate the violin arrangements but I don't think it adds anything to the song. Melodically is nothing impressive and while her delivery is great she sounds...boring and uninspired. But that's how I feel about the track.
  2. Yeeees, preach it. Glory is at the bottom of her discography for me, I only like Just Luv Me and the rest of the album is some of the most generic and boring material she has ever released. I said what I said.
  3. The title is a tad misleading. She didn't say she hopes to be this generation's Madonna, she just mentioned her.
  4. I don't know, I don't see her coming back to the stage anytime soon. With or without a pandemic.
  5. Lol I can't take seriously a generation that uses tiktok Sorry. I'm a millennial and I dated a gen z guy once and it was so stupid.
  6. Pretty girls is a decent track. Toxic is not that good. Glory is incredibly overrated. I don't get the love it gets.
  7. Nah I think it's a really solid single. I get why people would rather other tracks on the album though, but it was a good decision regardless.
  8. lol actually not fitting in DCMA is a good thing cause that song is garbage <3
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