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  1. NAH. this commentary is so rude, machist and misogynist. She can sing and talk about whatever she wants to and use things like " too old for that" DEF is disgusting
  2. I think the "Ray of Light" concept fits so well right now. After all this conservationship drama, her posts and the fact she always bring her boys as something really important into her life. I mean thats exactly Ray of Light concept: after all the *** theme, Madonna releases an espiritual album and after her first child was born. This album is so iconic, so deep and there is also great dance music like: ray of light 10/10. Please Britney take all the grammy nominations and awards, YOU DESERVE IT AFTER ALL THIS HELL
  3. I´ve been wondering why Ellen never talked about Britney situation (or even freebritney) since she always said that they were "friends". She even received Britney as guest since 2008......... After those allegations, I wonder if she has something deeper and darker with the Hollyweird scene.
  4. the title should be: """"""""""Britney""""""""""" gets spiritual: "the third eye is the locus of occult power and wisdom"
  5. after all that bull**** that went on yesterday.. I´m expecting him to say she neeDs treatment and privacy and the same old sh** all the members say I JUST WANNA BE WRONG
  6. OMG im almost crying reading this and seeing those gifs. Feeling always sad for her situation
  7. She looks so nervous. Poor Britney ): And like... this questions and answers are soooooo 2000´s magazine
  8. this song is PERFECT. give me chills, I fell all the pain. OMG i´m crying
  9. OMG im sorry... I was talking about Kim x Kourtney makeup fight. it was supposed to be: "I felt so disgusted how Kim and Klhoe treated KOURTNEY***"
  10. SWIFTER IN THE AREA: 1989 >>> reputation >>>>>>>>> Lover I mean 1989 its a masterpiece, the lyrics, the audacity, every song makes so much sense 10/10 Reputation: I began to loved it after seen the concert (on netflix, unfortunelly). Lover: I even bought the tickets but I was not that excited, hoping her to release another album untill reschedulling of new dates
  11. I felt so disgusted how Kim and Klhoe treated in that insane fight that I really do not care anymore about them. Besides that, the whole isolation and pandemic made me feel more human (?) and stop caring those stupid *****es I mean, look at her face she is completly another woman. Im done of how they try to dictate people´s way of life. They are so stupid and its so sickining
  12. I like Nicki Minaj so much, I guess thats why I try to find positive perspectives about her. But I had no idea about "she goes HARD for six-nine". SO disappointing. I guess she got lost in the character :(
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