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  1. chill out sisters, chromatica is not over yet i think she ll add a few tracks ( still waiting for babylons haus version ) and make re-release before the tour
  2. alright after a few listenings all i can say: WHAT AN ALBUM
  3. after the first listen i was disappointed, but now i have to say its a pretty dope album. Love the interludes, Alice, 911, and sine from above are the bests IMO. SFA just ate up the whole album for me, and im not an Elton fan at all. Even the tracks which seems fillers for me (like Replay) are pretty catchy with a playful lyrics. Im sad i have to let go the hauslabs version of Babylon, it was soooo promising I think its definitely a grover and Gagas music always comes full circle with the visuals, so cant wait what else is in the hat
  4. well,there is a few more collabs you guys wont do this with the Elton and Blackpink features, right?
  6. i think Gagas team leaked the demo and it was a pretty smart move.can anyone make the mashup pls?
  7. yeah i also waiting for that ..aaand only 3 days left until Chromatica hope it wont leak
  8. Rain on me demo /solo version surfaced on the internetmachine earlier. "i didnt asked for the daylight coz i was born for the night and it changed my life " the 2nd verse breathes a new vohesion to the song. Its soo much different then the version with Ari. which one do you prefer?
  9. im a newbie here,so i dont really know how to do that, but if you could make a thread that would be awsome
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