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  1. So her new job is endorsing virtuzone? lets hope this lasts longer then Lohan beach house
  2. Alanis' first albums might've been in Canada only. I just remember moving from Seattle to Vancouver and my older sibling got the cassette tape and we'd listen to Feel your love
  3. I love early jewel. Hands is probably her best songs in my opinion side note jagged little pill was Alanis Morrisette's 3rd album.
  4. She did the last belt live many times while performing the song; in some performances she would end the song singing 'always' or sing 'we belong together' again
  5. The album is unreleased and demos... those are released. They won't be on the album
  6. Some members here are not welcoming; some are problematic; some don't respect others opinion: and most act like they're in middle school... also if you're new it's very clicky and won't feel welcomed I'll participate when I want
  7. The photo is disgusting Britney herself has been asking us and the world to give her some privacy. This is how fans listen to her by ease-dropping on a private matter.
  8. He needs help; i hope the Kardashian family is trying to get him help, and that he agrees. The videos are very hard to watch, and it's very clear he's not in a good space with mental health.
  9. Grindr can be used for anything I have great friends that I met on the app, I've met great ex boyfriends you have to use it and be upfront with what you want from the app
  10. Nicolette and Marc had a physical altercation https://www.google.com/amp/s/ew.com/article/2012/03/05/nicollette-sheridan-trial-marc-cherry-unprofessional-behavior/%3famp=true
  11. It's very similar to the Britney shirt H&M was selling
  12. Some comments in this thread https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/latin/8518505/christina-aguilera-spanish-songs-playlist christina was embracing her heritage throughout her entire career
  13. Trying to save a disastrous new era with a single from a flop era... she's not Britney & can't release a song 4 years later from an album
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