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  1. Did you work on anything for B10 Or is there a specific sound you envision for new tracks that could wind up on it? Thanks!
  2. At the moment, I really like Heaven on Earth. When I first heard it, it put me off for how strange and bittersweet it was for a cutesy romantic song. I now think it's kinda a warning towards obsessively falling in love with somebody. It's so layered and I have a different interpretation everytime I listen to it.
  3. Oh yeah, definitely. Her 2009 to 2013 stuff was good, but I didn't think she was that different from any other pop star at the time. Now I'm watching her music vids, VMA performances, and DWAD encore and I'm just like . She was my age delivering these mesmerizing performances in a league of her own. Her fearlessness and bada**ery is so inspiring to me
  4. I don't remember why but a lot of people thought that iCarly episode was about Kesha. I was in like elementary school so I just saw it as a joke, but looking back it really seems like they were referencing Britney and idk why when her sister was the star of a Nick show.
  5. Yea same. I only knew of her as Jamie Lynn's older sister (it's pretty funny when yall make fun of her but I get it now ) and the girl Cry Me a River was about. A lot of people my age also know BOMT and Oops as nostalgic songs and Toxic for the bop it is. Other than that, Circus, Womanizer, TTWE, S&S, and WB were on the radio a lot. I watched the videos for Ooh La La and Pretty Girls when they came out but didn't really like them. Heard 3, Radar, Break the Ice and loved them but didn't know she sang them. Also same. I thought she was just another pop star but somebody on Reddit mentioned this song and I was like "what, why would a pop star release such a controversial song?" I listened to it though and gained major respect for her and realized she's always been this controversial figure. During quarantine, I watched some of her old stuff and gained a lot more respect for who she is as a performer and as a person.
  6. Dang, I take it back. Read the rest of the thread and now I get the hate
  7. So I've been lurking on this forum for like a month now and reading through all this does make me wish I could experience her prime. But I also was too young to know what was going on in 2007 and I'm kinda glad. The talk about mental health has really improved and I don't know if I could tolerate how much people were ****ting on her back then 2020ney gets people talking too, but at least a lot more of them care now
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