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  1. I’ve always watched the Spanish subtitles version and am shocked it’s gone. Coincidence?
  2. Literally zero videos of the actual documentary available. Can’t find it online either!!!! very strange....
  3. Also why did she have the flesh coloured mic during the FF promo performances ? Where was her iconic mic???
  4. I seen the original choreography with the stand in doing the same choreography, and it wasn’t it lol Final chorus in HIAM is better IMO
  5. 1) I honestly think that corset idea costume would have been amazing. 2) WHERE WAS THE LONG PONYTAIL 3) Why wasn’t she wearing her original head set??? That pathetic tiny mic she was wearing just wasn’t it. 4) Do you believe that Justin showed up backstage before she went on? 5) LBR, the dancing sucked except for the breakdown towards the end.
  6. THANK YOU. Where the was her real head set ?
  7. I doubt a book would happen but imagine a documentary that was shown in theatres and film festivals... Oscarney.
  8. It didn’t stop Jessica and let me tell you. She tells some pretty embarrassing stuff!
  9. Clearly she would have to get out of the conservatorship or have someone new in charge that wants her to be happy and free and would allow her to tell her side. I know it’s far fetch but that would be one amazing book! I’ve noticed lately she’s been giving little flashbacks or stories as her captions. Perhaps she’s trying to give off signs to a publishing company or once she got out of the conservatorship, a FTR style documentary that would play in theatres and film festivals PS Jessica’s book did really well and she mentioned Britney a lot. I really wish they would have stayed friends. I think they both would have helped each other a lot in times of need. Both southern, both started in the business early, literally know each other from when they were younger, and both have had really hard times. Both are mothers. Thoughts?
  10. She said at the end “I will have a good book someday” or something like that. And I didn’t mean to come across as saying you said it would flop. I just meant it would be so good for her career. And I almost disagree. I think if people actually listened to her side, they would understand her more. For The Record was not her side of the story. That was a tool used to get us to watch and hype up her album Circus.
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