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  1. I love how they continue with the lies about how she stopped when her dad got sick. As if that's the reason Domination got cancelled. You really can't trust any sort of media to deliver a factual story these days, can you?
  2. I'm absolutely disgusted. Even Wendy got eclipsed by the stupidity of this reporter. Is that really who they're hiring at CNN? Explains a lot. I just can't. You can tell this segment was paid for by Britney's father. The comments that reporter was making with no actual research into the situation...Loeb & Loeb can we get a lawsuit over here? Where do I even begin? I was thinking Wendy was too quiet about this situation this season. Before she comes for anyone else's mental health she needs to check herself into rehab. She's had several episodes this season where she is strung out and can barely complete a sentence. Is she serious?
  3. Wouldn't surprise me if they approved an animated video. A really cheap and low budget one. We're still waiting for the to be continued from Break the Ice... (And no, Kill the Lights doesn't count.)
  4. OMG lmao I forget Billy B. attended that one rally. But yeah I don't blame you for not going then. If I saw him in person I would call his *** out ngl. Honestly, I was considering going to the November 10th one in California but then I came down with something that took me out for about two-three weeks. Sadly, there are no rallies near where I live. But I really want to show up for the queen at some point.
  5. Oh no worries, I was confused about that bit. And I agree with you as well to an extent. I personally just take issues with people placed there by Tristar. You will probably not see me coming for Sam Asghari, for instance. Jeff is kind of hot, ngl. I like that death glare he got. I just know its big. You shouldn't be fearful of speaking your truth on BreatheHeavy. But other people should feel comfortable speaking theirs as well, imo. Just my two cents.
  6. You probably disagree because he specifically went after you on this board and multiple times after the fact lol. Whether or not you agree or not, he brought a lot of attention to her situation and we shouldn't pretend otherwise. Due to his videos there was a lot more media coverage, and I personally had more than one person in real life ask me what was going on with Britney after watching that video. Pretty sure he's responsible for a lot of gen z learning about and supporting the movement as well. (and the influx of YouTubers that started covering the FB movement after the fact.) You still haven't made it out to a rally, btw?
  7. Where have you ever said what? I have my personal reasons for finding the calls for kindness on this site to be disingenuous. But I don't want to derail the thread any further. I have actually been trying to stay out of the drama on here. I am personally not assuming anything. I do think it's weird that Britney needs a social media manager to go with her on vacations while Britney is personally not working and doesn't plan to. But maybe they have a good relationship. I just don't believe that people should be shut down for questioning the intentions of people involved in the conservatorship shenanigans and their ties to Lou Taylor/Jamie Spears. Especially given the concern about how much Britney is spending per year. Maybe Britney is cool with it? Who knows? But I will never shut someone down for speculating. Something is definitely rotten in the state of Denmark.
  8. You know I sort of resent it a bit whenever people come for "conspiracy theorists." #FreeBritney was considered a conspiracy theory before Britney and Sam addressed the public and confirmed it wasn't in court documents. @moonwalkmars is a pretty divisive figure on here but if it weren't for his conspiracy theory videos, the movement would not have gotten as much traction this year with the GP and on Tik Tok as it did. If people aren't out there asking the questions and digging into things that don't make sense then a lot of corruption would run rampant without any sort of justice. I guess at this point we have to hope and trust that Britney is allowed to be discerning and have some say about the company she keeps. But whenever someone sounds any sort of alarm I feel like its worth looking into, personally. It's important to keep an open mind. Robin is another example of someone who clearly did not have Britney's best interest at heart. It all goes back to Lou. As much as I loved Glory I am glad that B is not working with Justin again. She needs to stay away from any celebrities who work with that freak.
  9. Oh okay I must have misunderstood that then. My bad. But there's still no need to bring up the topic even if its via Sam. Agree with you on the rest though.
  10. The thing is I don't believe its out of the question to raise concern about this. At the end of the day nothing regarding the #FreeBritney movement is our business on some level. With me personally, I take concern with how deeply Lou has embedded herself into Britney's life. This is not conspiracy theory. I believe someone like Lou should be cut off completely and there should not be any lingering communication. At the end of the day we don't have any proof that Robin was bad either. But considering that Lou is speculated/alleged to be part of a cult (Mercy Ministries) and her "friends" that all happen to be part of Britney's close circle all seem to be devoted to her... If I were Britney I would feel a lot more comfortable with a staff selected by me and approved/fully vetted by Bessemer via background check. Anyone who randomly has made their way to Britney's life via her father or Tristar needs to be shown the door. There were some decent points raised on here as well regarding Britney's social media and the optics of her Instagram all year. Some people speculate that Britney was intentionally made to look bad in order to help Team Con. But lets be 100% truthful here. There is 12 years worth of forced entanglement between Britney and Lou Taylor. We have proof that she is both afraid of her and her father. Unless Britney was involved in the process of hiring her team, (doubtful) I am personally worried that there is still some sort of influence there. Its possible Jamie and Lou are still getting regular updates on her. We obviously have no way of knowing, but we do have video of Britney looking uncomfortable around a lot of these people. Anyway, like I said, body shaming and death jokes should not be tolerated. That I agree with 100%.
  11. Don't mean to shade anyone but I personally find the whole insistence of kindness on this site to be a bit disingenuous.
  12. To be honest I don't really know much about these people to comment or whatever but you can't really be mad that people are questioning who is on Britney's payroll. It's clear that whether or not they are "nice" to you in general there is some level of complicity. Are they still friendly with Lou? This is an important question. How did they get these highly coveted positions to begin with? Why does Britney require a social media assistant? If they are tight on funds there is no reason Britney can't do it herself. Or even have Sam help her. I think there is nothing wrong with asking these questions. Considering Britney's current situation and everyone on her payroll bleeding her dry. Maybe she's helping them out in the middle of a pandemic by continuing to pay. Who knows? But at this point I don't think its out of the question to bring this up. Both of the people mentioned in this thread get paid to either speak for or filter Britney. Body shaming Cassie or making death jokes is definitely out of line, though.
  13. I'm not surprised. That ***** is not Britney's friend. She dragged her on some other British UK TV show and I will never forget. She's a fake person.
  14. Seems like a waste of funds to me. Britney just needs to point, shoot, and put some emojis. Why does that require an extra bum on an airplane and an extra mouth to feed?
  15. Another failure from our favorite Louser in 2020. Love to see it. I ship Lou & Bankruptcy.
  16. Lmao that demented chipmunk music is kind of cute. Kind of. I love our pink wearing Queen.
  17. Y'all are calling people who hear Britney on the track deaf. I can't. "Swimming in the stars tonightttttt" "Shimmer in the ______" (can't understand what she says.) That's definitely her. You hear the bg vocals on lets gooooooo. If there is any dubbing its probably that part, but we shall wait and see. Might be similar to "SO COME ON!!!!" on Inside Out. But I clearly recognize Britney's voice. How can you not?
  18. I'm not made about it. Its literally a Glory track why wouldn't they use a photoshoot from 2016? That Glory reign just won't let up. Longest era ever. And deservedly so.
  19. It literally sounds almost exactly like Britney sounds on Mood Ring. We've literally heard her voice do the same thing its doing here on other tracks. It sounds like Britney with a bit of layering/bg vocals in the chorus which is normal imo. I'll reserve judgment til the track is released. But in every track on Glory, the producers let Britney's voice shine. I doubt they made the one exception for this song.
  20. I can confirm that I did not lay down vocals on this track. Nor did I record Body Ache, Passenger, or Til its Gone.
  21. Guys I feel like there's enough unreleased Glory material to release a Glory Side B/Glory 2.0 album. Crying that we'll never hear all 30-50 tracks recorded for this album.
  22. I'M CRYING. I missed the YouTube premiere. Was it fake? Regardless I feel like its leaking soon!
  23. There are about 15 bonus/unreleased tracks off the top of my head that would like a word with you.
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