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  1. If you say so. But to me that email is 10x more incriminating than any allegations made about LFB. Any association with Sam Lutfi to me = instant cancellation. I had never seen that e-mail before.
  2. Sam Lufti creep story of the day: Sam seems to have a habit of targeting up and coming or wanna be celebrities. The fact that its 2020 and he's still up to this shady **** is concerning. If he is associated with BritneysGram in any way I am 100% done with those hags.
  3. I think that's what made it qualify for a bonus track on the album. The thing is if they're going to do that I would be much more comfortable with them giving that other artist a feature. Kinda like Charli XCX sings choruses on Fancy or whatever. Or throw in some melodyne on there on Britney's vocals. I know they do it for "stylistic" effect. And HATLM is a good song. But its just a gripe I have. Its something Britney fans have to come to terms with I guess. But how can they expect us to when we know she is capable of delivering flawless bg vocals of her own. Glory is a great example of this.
  4. I believe 50% is generous. But let's agree to disagree.
  5. If they re-recorded it with Britney singing lead in the chorus then sure, maybe! Or at least turn down that other lady so we can hear Brit.
  6. Why Should I Be Sad can go to Circus. ;) Blur makes more sense as the closing track to Blackout.
  7. Nobody ever said she stole them. However, her management did indeed list her as a writer on tracks that she did not write. I doubt it was at her request. And I do think its bull**** that if you change a word or letter to a song you are given writing credit. I also think its bull**** that 10 writers contributed to an awful track. The proof is in that most of the tracks were already mostly complete by the time they even made it to her team. But you're really saying that this is a stretch when there are entire tracks on Britney Jean with only 5% (and that's being generous) of Britney's actual vocals? Wouldn't you say that is "stealing" someone's vocal credit? Or do you not know that Myah is 90% or more on Work ***** and Chilling With You? And when it comes to Myah, I don't trust what she has to say at all. She has never met Britney in a professional capacity. She has also lied to us, insisting she's only a background vocalist on BJ when that is clearly not the case. There are songs that clearly have Myah vocals and she's not even credited as background vocalist. Do you really think that Britney designed the entire line of Candie's as well? I've got a bridge to sell you, if that's the case. Nobody is calling Britney stupid or incapable of writing a song. We are merely highlighting the shadiness of her management and her label.
  8. To be honest if I were to go back and correct the timeline I would remove Why Should I Be Sad from the track list and replace it with "Blur." xoxo that's all I have to contribute to this thread.
  9. Lmao I am sorry, but that is just savage. I can't... Bih...
  10. Sorry, while I appreciate your post. It was not a good album. Fans didn't drop the ball at all in the era. They are already getting the absolute least. The least the label could do is (their job) and put out good music... How exactly was it a good album? It was a weird mix of ***** **** and Jesus juice. The album was not cohesive at all. It had no direction. Every track sounded like an unfinished demo. Alien had a glitch. TI had a line about beating a ***** til somebody called PETA. The songs that stans cling onto for dear life (BMS & Hold on Tite) Britney does not sound very good in, if I'm being completely honest. The songs were horribly produced and mastered. Britney did bare minimum promo for Blackout and the album stands on its own. There is no excusing how bad Britney Jean was. In fact I would go on to wager that never in my life have I heard an album that bad. In fact, Britney Jean was so bad that it ruined her otherwise flawless metacritic score. It literally brought down her entire catalogue. Chilling with You is an abomination. I would understand if maybe 1 or 2 songs were not that great but the problem runs deep on the entire album. And to top it off you have Myah's struggle vocals invading from every corner. If Britney had actually put out a great or even just good album then that era would not be remembered with so much ire. Sometimes I fantasize and wonder what would life had been like if she would have released Glory right before PoM and after FF. Send me to that parallel universe, please.
  11. Most missed opportunity in Britney career: Doing X Factor season 3. Up n Down would not have destroyed any charts. Would have just been playing in the background while bussies were destroyed.
  12. Everything about her is cringe. Her one good song and only moment where she doesn't bug the **** out of me is "Breathe Me." Her voice is something else. And I don't mean that in a good way.
  13. Another man Lutfi allegedly stalked and harrassed. Starting to see a pattern here... Source You look up the case with Courtney Love and its the same accusations. I swear anyone entertaining this dude will immediately lose all credibility and my respect.
  14. This dude has had at least 3 restraining orders prior to Britney according to this article. And if anyone is curious about the extent of this dude's issues... Source I have no doubt he has been somehow doing his part to manipulate the movement this entire time. In the words of Demi Lovato:
  15. Exactly. I have lost count how many people have known him personally that say he is a very dangerous man. I would not be surprised if you were to tell me certain members in the movement are involved with him just to get tea. If they end up using an "anonymous source" in that documentary I feel like its pretty obvious who my first guess will be. This dude, in my opinion, seems obsessed with Britney. I hope that she takes the proper precautions once she's free to keep this dude out. It honestly seems to me like he's a vulture just waiting for his opportunity to go in.
  16. Does it not bother anyone else that this creep is still trying to insert himself into the narrative and involve himself in what is going on with Britney? It wasn't enough for him to mess with Courtney Love, Amanda Bynes, and all the other people that have had to get a restraining order on him. It makes me sick that the movement still entertains this dude. How about the leaders of this movement unite together into letting everyone know where they stand on this dude? I am really concerned what he will do once Britney is free.
  17. That's kind of their M.O. I believe they're pissed they didn't get to reveal the details of the PoM contract themselves on their socials, or on their eventual documentary. To be honest I am kind of bothered by the allegations put on FreeBritneyLA, that apparently he expects everyone to report to him and him have final approval as to what they end up leaking to the movement? That to me is hella sus...I really like Kevin and I hope this is not true. There needs to be transparency here and nobody asked them to be gatekeepers. It makes me wonder if there's something that they know that we don't. What haven't they revealed to us for whatever reason?
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