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  1. Lmao I literally heard Dua in my head when I read: full 180 (crazzzzy ) But I agree with you 100%. In spanish there's a phrase that goes "tirar la piedra y despues esconder la mano" and that's exactly what these two shady ladies did. Absolutely vile. Its gross that we live in a society where people can regularly regurgitate bullsh!t and not be held accountable for it. And while they did record the podcast heard around the world, they've been absolutely mediocre ever since. But they want to trample on top of everyone else to come on top of the movement, it seems to me. I hope the documentary is worth it! Meanwhile, I am sure that Britney is thrilled another unauthorized exposé about her life is going to be released from some of her biggest fans. You know what they say, I guess. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
  2. That's exactly what my problem is. Them dodging any questioning or accountability is not a good look. By making this call for peace its a get out of jail free card for them because they're shutting down conversation by not having to answer questions. This is manipulative behavior. They have lost credibility with me.
  3. After deciding that they were going to ruin LFB's reputation with absolutely no proof whatsoever on New Year's Eve, (claiming that LFB was attempting to hack and take down all of their accounts.) The gram girls have decided to remove all proof of messiness on their end probably because of threatened legal action in the name of peace. See for yourselves: Yes, because deciding to take down an incriminating post and refusing to back up their outlandish claims is easier then having to actually answer any questions. They do not encourage negativity or discourse even though they all planned and coordinated in unison to take down an account, even down to having banners and graphics at the ready to crucify @lawyersforbritney. How did they honestly think that was going to pan out for them? Now after playing dirty the gram girls want to solely focus on positivity so we can focus on #FreeBritney. Folks, I hope you realize when you're being gaslighted. I am absolutely done with these condescending...(insert kind and respectful comment here.) I absolutely cannot deal with the audacity of these two. Thankfully I am sure they're ready to go on their regularly scheduled six month hiatus from the movement.
  4. Ohhh gurl, the methiness of it all. Hi Brian if you're reading this I read the fanfic you wrote last week and I thought it was really cute.
  5. Oooh...this ***** thought she was bad. Just wait til Uncle Sam get on her ***. Then it's done and over for her REAL quick.
  6. lol can't tell if you're serious. the one on the left is serving me butch squidward.
  7. What did the bible say about huomo secksuality again?
  8. Y'all just know that Jamie Lynn has been frantically reading this thread with her iconic glass of $2.00 white wine in hand. #drinkthepainaway #youmakemelou
  9. That's beautiful and all but sadly this was the story of Myah Marie. I am glad that you can enjoy her work.
  10. Hollyweird is a strange place where these two would be fighting over the same victims. But I believe they're cut from the same cloth. You know it's also still unclear how Sam even met Britney to begin with. I've heard some people say that Lynne introduced them? Before all the restraining orders Sam's life is a complete mystery as well. I have my theories about him but they're a bit tinfoil for this forum.
  11. Thanks for understanding! You didn't deserve that, regardless. This ****er Sam just gets me heated. I need to take a breath and possibly a break from this thread. Haha.
  12. I hope so. But I believe we have been presented with evidence that she's been in contact with him post FTR, while she was on the Circus tour. :-/
  13. Hi, I just re-read my reply to you and I am sorry that I snapped. This guy really just sends shivers down my spine and to be honest it triggers me to a similar incident I had IRL with someone so it kind of hits close to home. My apologies, I will drop the 'tude. No point in being rude to you as you haven't done anything to me personally. I agree with you though right now we need to get the Colon & the witch out of the equation. I often say Lou and Sam are two sides of the same coin. She has managed to worm her way in and become the biggest parasite of Britney's life. To be honest I think there is some sort of connection between her and Sam that we have yet to establish. Its very strange that they both essentially were trying to entrap the same 3-4 women. ("ALLEGEDLY.")
  14. Are you a professional psychologist? He HAS been meddling and not making it public for years. Including trying to sneak Britney a cell phone after she was in conservatorship and reaching out to Lynn and offering her money. He has "allegedly" been committing crimes non-stop for over a decade. The things that we know about him are the things that he's managed to get caught for. Now imagine all the **** that slips under the radar. I just can't. I'll have to exit this thread if people don't understand the extent of which this dude is a hardcore threat.
  15. You are misinformed about Sam. I've posted at least 3 articles in this thread alone that show the extent of his evil. I can't take you seriously if you're going to make statements like that. Saying Sam doesn't matter is utter bullsh!t as well.
  16. I believe he is, tbh. He hasn't let up since 2007. He is there slithering and maneuvering in the background. I hope that Britney truly understands that he is a negative influence and does what she needs to to distance herself from him once she's free of conservatorship.
  17. In my opinion, this dude will come after Britney first chance he gets. The restraining order needs to remain in place after 2024. I believe this man is sick.
  18. Lets hope the BBC has the balls to fully expose Lou M. Taylor and tell it like it is. I want that *****'s reputation to go down. I also want a camera crew to film her reaction once her google alerts start popping off.
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