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  1. Please basically everything summarized in this thread. This thread has a LOT of good information chronicled and documented. There is also a drive that I believe we should make a copy of (in case they come for the original) that has even more receipts. But basically I think it needs to be laid out for the public and the White House so they can step by step see all the corruption. I think there was even a diagram somebody made outlining all the money laundering that was going on with fake business being created? (allegedly) That thread is a great start.
  2. I know that the White House will probably release some statement about how they can't do anything but at least we get the word out. xoxo <3 We'll get some continued momentum and headlines.
  3. “The Grindr Federation maintains a list of people who may or may not be rumored to be a high-end ******, or are suspected to enjoy head from the male s e x themselves, or are allegedly under “reasonable suspicion of being complicit in an unlawful conservatorship of a gay icon/Queen of Pop.” 👀 The gays have spoken.
  4. No its the democrats and LIBERAL CALIFORNIA that are responsible for the corruption in the CONservatorship. TRUMP is all about FREEDOM. He is the LAW & ORDER SVU PRESIDENT. Olivia Benson could NEVAR. Trump, Kim, and Kanye will #FREEBRITNEY this year. Mark my words.
  5. White House Petition 11,610 signatures left til we get an official response from the White House. WHY THE **** HAS THE PERSON WHO MADE THIS PETITION NOT UPDATED THE SUMMARY WITH A LIST OF RECEIPTS LIKE WE HAVE HERE ON BREATHEHEAVY??? WE ARE SO CLOSE. SOMEONE CONTACT THE PERSON AND GET THEM TO UPDATE. If Trump gets her out of her conservatorship I swear he will get my vote in November!!!!!!!
  6. OMG we've got a natural born ScAMmer here. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. GET A JOB!!!! STAY AWAY FROM HER!!!!
  7. Cosmopolitan: Lynne Spears Files Legal Docs to Be Included in Britney Spears' Finances Amid #FreeBritney Movement Daily Mail: Britney Spears' mother Lynne files legal documents to be included in decisions related to her daughter's multi-million trust and finances Even more publications writing up articles about the Free Britney movement. Y'all know what to do. Spread the wooooooorrrrddddd.
  8. I searched and found what this poster was talking about but they either lied or exaggerated. Rose just said she was cleaning up her page but still supporting. No mentions of Lou or feeling pressured to take it down.
  9. Yeah, its very possible we are tripping. But regardless MK Ultra or not SHE IS a victim of abuse in my eyes. And I don't see an end in sight for her situation. I hope that she gets the freedom she deserves sooner rather than later. But again, if she were really happy you'd think that she would call off the Free Britney movement herself... I have to question everything she posts on there at this point. Who knows what's really her besides the videos that get uploaded? The thing is, she spends a lot of time with Sam. And I know for a fact Sam reads the comments and knows what's up. Unless he's forbidden to talk to her about the movement...she's 100% informed. I believe in the yellow shirt situation...
  10. Agreed. We just have to accept that most will write us off as tinfoil hat people. But sometimes I think its better to live in ignorance. Once you recognize this **** and see it for what it is you see it everywhere. I'm glad like-minded people are on here as well!
  11. Gurrrrrl yeah. We just have to remember she's been in the industry since she was 4. I don't think she willingly went into anything. That's why I will always root for her. We have no idea what is being done to her or what kind of trauma she has going on. I can only send her positive vibes, sadly. I think we all wish we could do more for her.
  12. I would maybe do it but I just wouldn't want thinking that I'm using Brit's situation for views or for my own personal attention whoring. I'll consider it. But ultimately if I do a reading its not like it will lead to any outcome for her.
  13. Agreed. Are you referring to the thread with the Brazilian reader? At the very least one of them said she'd eventually be free...that's good. I am a card reader as well. I'm actually afraid to even inquire into Britney's energy. I feel I would need a lot of sage.
  14. Picture courtesy of @VanillaCandlez https://vigilantcitizen.com/vc-resources/the-one-eye-sign-its-origins-and-occult-meaning/ This symbol has heavy implications in this industry. And I agree with you. There is something especially sinister in the fact that we seemingly can't do anything about this situation. Is this the ultimate price of fame? Britney has had 12+ years robbed from her. She deserves better.
  15. Yeah. I am glad at least someone understands what I'm trying to say. I'm really sensitive to people's energy so I can tell something is really off. The fact that she went out of her way to do the 666/ok hand sign in not one but two separate videos is also the point where I decide I'm going to have to take a step back as well. I'll keep her in my prayers, for sure.
  16. Personally going through what she has, and living most of her life in the industry I have a feeling she definitely knows what the intended meaning of the sign. I started a thread about it, but to me this is the scariest thing she has uploaded. I feel like the people behind the curtain are using this to set us up for collective trauma as we are forced to sit here and watch her clearly not be okay. Whether it was her intention or not she is letting us know who is in control. And yes, I am being vague.
  17. Like I can't help to get the feeling that these videos are leading up to something not good. I kind of feel like when those videos of Anna Nicole Smith out of it were leaked to the public all those years ago. I'm starting to get anxiety or a sense of dread whenever she uploads a new one. At least at this point people are more sympathetic to Britney...ish. But for some reason I'm not feeling optimistic. I get the feeling that there's nothing anybody can really do but to sit down and watch. I really hope her team do not end up ultimately failing her and that SOMEONE like her mother is in her corner. I just really feel like she is expressing sadness in her videos. As the movement picks up momentum these videos are going to get increasingly uncomfortable because she REFUSES to address the giant question: is she okay? Her silence, in that regard, is deafening. Britney we are pulling for you and we hope you make it through. Do not become another Whitney, Michael, or Amy. I remember when I watched For the Record with my mom over 10 years ago, she expressed to me she felt Britney wouldn't make it. The strength that she has to endure what she was her entire life...let alone the last 12 years. She is an incredibly strong woman. And she needs to be freed. What can we do other than make noise online? I am afraid we will get nowhere if Britney does not give us more direct communication on her situation soon. I think we need her children to say something.
  18. I'm not a fan of the Illuminati hand symbol over the eye with the ok/666 symbol. Those in the know about MK Ultra know why...
  19. The article I edited in the OP from Spain at least spoke about her father's restraining order causing her to have less time with her kids.
  20. While I agree, I still think its important that publications like US Weekly and Today give the movement some exposure.
  21. Just wanted to share new videos that are making the rounds. Make sure to like, share, and comment so that the conversation keeps going and other influencers realize that they might want to make a video on it as well.
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