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  1. It's not just him. Its seemingly everyone who has conservative views. I'm not a conservative but I am personally not celebrating this. This sets a dangerous precedent. I am not for censorship on ANY platform. They are also trying to shut down the conservative alternative to Twitter (Parler). Liberals more than anyone should know the importance of having a "safe space." Given what happened on the 6th, I don't believe that the best answer is to silence 80+ million people when the country is already in a fragile and divisive state. I also don't believe another impeachment when there are only 12 days left to his presidency is the answer. The media could simply not pay attention to Trump. But all I see this past year is everything bad that happens being used as an excuse to exercise further restrictions on everyone. If Big Tech and the government continue pulling this **** I honestly believe what happened on the 6th is going to seem mild compared to what's coming. But at this point I'm starting to think these people thrive from this chaos. Scary times we are living in.
  2. To be honest, I don't want to sound like a **** but I am just turned off at a lot of the up and comers nowadays. The lines between the entertainment industry and *** work are very blurred, and it wouldn't surprise me if you were to tell me she has an Onlyfans as well. I know I sound like a prude but whatever. The thumbnails on those videos were very off-putting. Like I am just at a point where I see the entertainment industry for exactly what it is. Knowing what Britney went through it makes it difficult for me to "stan" or get behind anyone else at this point knowing what a toxic environment surrounds the people trying to "make it" in the game. It actually makes me mad seeing the ***ism and misogyny Britney went through back in the day for showing her belly button or whatever when these girls have everything hanging out nowadays. I used to think people were prudes back in the day but really there is an over***ualization going on in the industry right now that is truly out of control. It makes you wonder why the powers that be want you to be seeing and hearing that all the time. It makes me sad that there are 12 year old girls doing routines to WAP on Tik Tok. I don't want to discredit this woman's accomplishments either but let's be real, once the industry puts all of their energy behind someone to "make them a star" a lot of it is less of their "accomplishments" and more "how much" they're willing to play the game. I encourage anyone that listens to this, Ariana, or even Billie (All three have really young fanbases) and take a moment to reflect what the PTB in the industry want the masses to be absorbing. It's a little too sinister for me.
  3. I don't have time to read anyone else's responses but I think you should. You're 33 or 34. Are you financially dependent on your parents at the moment? If not I think you should do it. Take your time and come out on your own terms but I don't think you're ever going to feel comfortable in your own skin unless you're out to your nearest and dearest. That's the only way to heal any childhood trauma or insecurities related to having to hide yourself and basically be repressed for 30 something years. You don't realize it but it can have a serious affect even on any potential/future friendships/relationships. I'm not saying to do it tomorrow but feel out the situation. We're kind of in a ****ed situation worldwide so I think you being gay should be the least of your mom's worries. If you alluded to it 4 years ago she probably already knows. She might also be feeling you walking on eggshells about it so that might make her nervous/anxious to have the conversation as well. But I think you should try when you feel comfortable enough to do so. Maybe drop it in convo matter-of-factly and let it marinate? Or maybe wait until you have a boyfriend or girlfriend to present to her. It might make it more real if you actually bring someone home. I don't think it really hits for a lot of people until that happens. She might be holding on to hope that its a phase otherwise. Hope this helps! But I think your mom definitely already knows so the goal here is to normalize it to her she she can walk you down the aisle one day. Good luck! And make sure you're doing everything to heal any pain you might have from carrying this secret all this time. It's quite the burden! Having a support group is essential.
  4. I'm 100% serious. But now I'll have to save it for later anyway because I'm heading to the gym.
  5. Thanks for the recommendation (and confirming my suspicions lol) If I am feeling generous I will give Paradinha a stream today while I'm at the gym.
  6. So you admit to calling someone anti-semetic with no basis to your claims in order to derail a thread? Reported. Of course you're bouncing once you have been exposed for being a complete and utter ignorant human being. I'd be embarrassed, too! How did I ignore that he is "clearly" Jewish? The gag is I didn't even know he was until you brought it up, SIS. No one in this thread brought it up and there is no mention of it in the article posted. I've never even heard of this man before today. In fact, I think what you're you're implying is dangerous, suggesting we're supposed to be able to tell someone is Jewish going off of a picture with no other information. Are you suggesting there is some sort of stereotype that people should be using to identify Jewish people? Sounds about white.
  7. You're saying I am obsessed with race is rich when no one even mentioned Jewish people to begin with. You pulled that out of your *** for no reason other than to instigate. I have never made any disparaging remarks towards Jewish people, so I am not sure what prompted you to even ask that other than clear derangement on your part. And regardless of whether they consider themselves to have a separate identity from whites, a majority of them still benefit from white privilege. So sit your racist *** DOWN. https://jewishjournal.org/2020/07/16/white-privilege-and-judaism-lets-talk/
  8. What does him being Jewish have to do with anything? The answer to your question is no, I am not an anti-semite. Seems like you're contributing to systemic racism if you are denying the privilege that a straight white male receives in any industry, though. Despite their shortcomings. Are you a white supremacist?
  9. All of her discography except for Britney Jean deserved better. In a perfect world Britney would have invented the surprise release of visual albums like Beyonce and we would've gotten a music video for every track on each album.
  10. The stills are too overtly ***ual/****ographic for me. I'm not really a fan of that in music anymore. Rather transparent what the industry is trying to do these days, tbh. Poor girl.
  11. I wish people would stop associating Britney to Jason Alexander. It's not fair that they are forever linked. Embarrassing. And this dude deserves no press whatsoever. Positive or negative. Billy B. come collect your child.
  12. I haven't clicked on a single video and I am still underwhelmed. My mood rn:
  13. I'm so sick of these *****es. I'd make a joke but I don't want to be reprimanded for inciting violence or whatever. Arrest all these corrupt motherfukkers.
  14. Shawn was never meant to have much of a shelf life, tbh. He's spent most of this era complaining so its all going downhill from here. Camila is also kind of a flop. She is much more of a singles artist. We'll see how her Cinderella movie does but the Brandy version will always be superior. Normani COULD have been big but I've heard whispers there has been sabotage in her career to boost up other up and coming artists...
  15. I've never heard of Anitta but if this guy is the one responsible for managing Normani then I'm completely underwhelmed. The only reason Normani is not a bigger star right now is because her management has failed her time and time again. Brandon Silverstein is a manifestation of white mediocrity. I don't know how these people continue to fail upwards. #Justice4Normani #LetBritneyRetire
  16. Come to think of it Hold it Against Me could be the sequel to the Break the Ice video. This post has been brought to you by Plenty of Fish.
  17. She (and her discography/catalogue) is in fact better, and more iconic than The Beatles.
  18. I have to laugh because it seems like the clout has really gone to their head. I guess they get to decide when "it's time" to start and end a conversation. The girlies really be thinking they're in leadership positions by telling the sheep us what to focus on. Hasn't the focus ALWAYS been on freeing Britney and ending conservatorship abuse? And if it wasn't (the focus) on NYE, why would that be???
  19. They also paid to feed all the people that were standing outside the courthouse. They're so evil and conniving!
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