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  1. I'M CRYING. I missed the YouTube premiere. Was it fake? Regardless I feel like its leaking soon!
  2. There are about 15 bonus/unreleased tracks off the top of my head that would like a word with you.
  3. Again, weren't you defending her "team" aka Lou Taylor and Jamie Spears a couple of months ago to the point that you were at -300 reputation? You were all about defending the conservatorship. What happened, boo?
  4. An illegal download might not be out of the question. That way I mess with Lou's bag while also being sonically blessed with angelic vocals.
  5. Girl weren't you trolling this board for weeks causing your reputation to go to like -300 while defending the conservatorship and her handlers? You're kind of the last person to judge. No tea no shade but you might wanna get off that high horse.
  6. I'm not so sure about this tbh. I think its a bunch of want. I think the last thing Britney is thinking about rn is releasing Glory singles. She didn't even acknowledge Mood Ring's re-release like she did #Justice4Glory. I think this is her team trying to make a quick buck. And I think someone pointed out a couple of weeks ago how stuff like this always happens around court dates. Could possibly be a distraction from the Britney is afraid of her dad headlines.
  7. Someone mad they took ha coins and no one went to The Zone.
  8. The title is very reminiscent of "Man on the Moon." I love how cohesive Glory is as an album. If we get another heavenly and melodic~ bop from Brit I will ******* die. Love her space themed jams.
  9. I can't at these ****ers hiding extra tracks from Glory from us for four years. Imagine all the songs from all eras we have yet to hear.
  10. Not these white demons threatening me with a Glory era single/unreleased track once I have already decided to #boycottthebrand and #cancelJustinTranter. Must... Resist... But I love the title... **** you, Tristar.
  11. Guys I know we are disappointed but I think today was a win regardless. I took a moment to process the news but ultimately today's revelations are not shocking. I think it was established or theorized a month ago that this was the plan anyway. Get Bessemer as co-conservator and THEN petition to remove Jamie. We also knew that there was a LOT on the agenda to get through in such a short amount of time. I think if Sam officially petitions to remove Jamie within the next month, we might get BRITMAS on Dec. 16th. But think of everything good that has happened in the past month. Jamie Lynn no longer trustee of SJB trust. Lou running for the hills. Approval of Loeb & Loeb. And now Bessemer Trust instead of the return of Andrew Gallery as originally planned. I honestly believe within the next month or two we might finally get Jamie kicked to the curb. I think that will be Britney's 2020 season finale. Keep the faith. We now have even more official confirmation of what we knew was going down all this time. And the press is already on it. We had the biggest turn out I think at the FB rally in LA as well. I think big things are happening.
  12. I bet Jamie Lynn's involvement goes far deeper than we even know. She has participated in the gaslighting of her sister. Note that Lou, Jamie, and Jamie Lynn have all come out and made statements about how they've never spent a cent of Britney's...This has all been disproven this past month. All THREE of them are liars and have cashed in. SUE ME YOU ******* ****. #Factsarefacts
  13. By the way if it wasn't abundantly clear before today: Jamie Lynn Spears is officially cancelled. The **** that she has co-signed with both her father and Lou Taylor... Both Jamie Lynn and Lou need to be blacklisted permanently from the industry.
  14. Lmao at Jamie thinking he's on the same level as Bessemer... The ego and delusion of it all. I hope he's stolen saved enough for retirement. He'll be able to buy lots of candy bars at the prison commissary.
  15. Imagine hearing that Jamie was spending 350k of Britney's money without her consent and still keeping him on as co-conservator. Make it makes sense. Every time this **** is postponed another 2 months is another 2 months of Britney's life she can't get back. I really hope when Britney is out of it she throws real money behind putting her alcoholic dumb *** father and that stalking *** **** Lou Taylor behind bars for 10-20 years.
  16. Brenda probably knows what happened to SP already, which makes her dragging her feet over this even worse. Clearly she is someone who has no understanding or regard for victims of abuse. She needs to recuse herself and let a competent judge take over. **** that dumb *****.
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