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  1. To be honest though this song is the direction I want Britney's music to go into. Beautiful lyrics, ethereal production. Queen slay us with 80% of your vocals and keep us guessing on the rest. I've been listening on loop non stop for the past hour. I should probably stop. I don't want to get tired of it so quickly. But the more I listen the more Brit I hear
  2. I mean you're entitled to your own opinion. But if that were the case I feel like they'd just be promoting it as a single instead of a Glory re-release. They probably were deciding between both of them and went with MotM. If it were newer I feel like it would've been finished tbh.
  3. I disagree. The beginning sounds very reminiscent to Man on the Moon. And considering its from the same writers or producers, if I'm not mistaken... I believe it's from the Glory session. I'll always be curious about B10 but I think most of it will probably be scrapped. By the time it would come out the sound would probably be dated.
  4. I'm sorry but have several seats with this take. Just because people are saying things that you may not want to hear...Chile. Most of the comments are positive. Are we expected not to dissect the one bit of new content we've had in over 4 years? This is a discussion forum. If you don't want to read what we have to say just play the song for your mum or whatever and be done with it. I'm over people coming onto message boards and being surprised to find people with different opinions. And nice blaming the fandom for Britney being over it. I am sure it has nothing to do with her creativity being stifled by her team and her not being allowed any agency or say in her artistic direction...but mmkay.
  5. You know what? **** it. I'm not even mad. There's more Britney in here than in Work B and Till the World Ends tbh. And what we hear on Brit sounds great. I can hear her throughout the song. It sucks we have to go through the motions with this as a fandom though. Brit ilu girl but finish your projects I still feel like she could've recorded the bridge to Tom's Diner on her iPhone lmao would've just taken 30 seconds. Still I feel like I hear her on more than 80% of this track. What I really need is for Britneys***** on YouTube to separate the vocals and give us an acapella version of this song so we can get a better picture.
  6. I mean this one song is better than all of Brenda Joan. I wouldn't have minded BJ as much, even with all the Myah, if any of the tracks were actually good or if it was a cohesive album as a whole...
  7. Ngl I had the same suspicion but I didn't voice it because some people think I am a Debbie downer on here.
  8. I have to say I think the opening is very reminiscent of Man on the Moon. I love it for the consistency. "Dark mascara dripping down my face...." Where it's just Britney sounding like Imogen Heap lol
  9. To be honest I wanted to give this a go and pretend like they weren't going to grab a ghost singer but.... "and we'll STAYYYYYY ALIVEEE AND SEEEEE SOME CITY LIGHTS" does not sound like her to me at all. also the part where she's like "HEADFIRST ALL THE WAY DOWNNNNN" just does not sound like her either? Like it wouldn't be that smooth? Her voice sounds great on Glory but this track is missing some of the cracks we have heard in her voice in more recent tracks. No shade guys honestly you know I am a stan just giving my opinion. I don't want to rain on anyone else's parade. I mean I am not saying its not her but maybe filtered? The adlibs in the end is obviously not Britney. But low-key they should've gotten that single to do the bridge in Tom's Diner remix...
  10. OMG I am crying. I have been offline almost all day and the second I perch my *** down at my desk I see this has LEAKEDT. Shoutout to the flawless @Invitation Although I will say I hear some audio trickery here that is making my side eye the track but I am so ******* STARVING for new Britney content that idgaf. For now...
  11. I've said it before and I'll say it again but Britney's vocal on Just Luv Me gets me pregnant Everytime (available now on iTunes), and that is anatomically impossible. Ha impact.
  12. Could it be we got it wrong and the Matches collab is with Aqua instead of BSB? If so, the song is symbolic of Britney taking said matches and burning down her entire career/legacy. I rebuke this in the name of the Lordt.
  13. I think you underestimate how Britney has gained momentum with Gen Z over the past year or two. From multiple songs from her becoming relevant again through Tik Tok to all the conspiracy theories about Britney that went mainstream over the past couple of months. But if we forget Gen Z it still doesn't change the fact that Britney is a permanent A list celebrity and always will be. Hell, there's a movie being made about Madonna right now and she is even less relevant and known by Gen Z. You think that's going to stop the buzz? And I don't get what you mean by her case not being talked about in the mainstream. The last couple of months alone I've seen Britney plastered in the front cover of magazines talking about the case with her dad. It made news worldwide. From BBC in the UK to Germany etc etc. I just can't relate to what you're saying. Britney does have her small, dedicated, rabid fanbase. But besides that there is still a lot of interest from the GP. You think you show in Vegas was constantly sold out only by rabid fans? There are people who grew up with her who aren't necessarily part of the fanbase but still enjoy her music and would go out to see her. Or kill an hour and a half on Netflix by watching a documentary on her to check in and see how she's doing. When she did the PoM tour in Europe I remember that **** selling out in MINUTES. There is demand for Britney whether you see it or not.
  14. Not going to lie I am annoyed at this choice of collab. If "Britney" really wanted it then I guess I am fine with it. But I can't help to think this establishes her as more of a nostalgia act than someone who is hot in the game in 2020. What I wouldn't do for a Britney/Doja Cat collab. Or Britney/Dua. Or Britney/Miley. Or hell even a Britney/Harry Styles. RCA stop flopping, PLEASE.
  15. I can't wait for Billy B. to leak these 2 years from now because "Britney" told him to.
  16. I don't even know why any of these people bothered to register this song when Lindsay Lohan recorded the best track (dedicated to sh .itty fathers) of all time.
  17. Just to add to this, everyone loves to hear the dark side of Hollywood. And I can guarantee you a lot of blue check marked celebs would chime in and tweet about it as well. Netflix looks at (and cares about) all of this. I have said several times on here that if Britney wanted a development deal with Netflix she could easily get one. Would probably be the easiest 100 mill she's ever made.
  18. I disagree with you wholeheartedly. I believe Britney, when she is able and willing to talk, would be able to get a documentary on Netflix if she wishes to do so. David Chapelle wasn't even "big" for a long time until Netflix paid for his comedy special. One can even say Shawn Mendez isn't as popular as he was even at this point last year. They just paid for a retelling of the story of Selena. Monique was going to get a comedy special on there as well until she was low balled. If there is room and interest for a train wreck like Tiger King on Netflix then I am absolutely sure that people who have been hearing about the Free Britney movement for over a year would be more than curious to hear from Britney herself as to what has been going on with her. I think you're underestimating her level of stardom. The GP is definitely curious as to what is going on with her. At the very least, the gays (who Netflix panders to) would be more than here for it. And I am 100% sure it would be trending worldwide, which would benefit Netflix in the end.
  19. Yasssss I did make a Vedic astrology thread and I feel like the predictions came true. Slay me with that photographic memory, sis!
  20. Lmao I never did it! I've made a few enemies on here. Would rather not open myself up to a doxxing. Besides you guys wouldn't be able to handle my **** vocals.
  21. It was you sis unless Myah Marie struck again. Didn't know she could do accents that well tho. But we only have Work ***** to go on.
  22. Lmao. I never committed, boo. Someone else on here did a very good job though. Britney-Fan something something. I think they changed their username.
  23. Yass I live for his readings lol. Where's our resident Exhale psychic? We need another tarot reading answering our burning questions.
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