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  1. Loving her commentary on the album: We were not worthyyyyyy. We STAN. Serving In the Zone promo VIBEZ. What's your favorite Glory track?
  2. He has a hit show on Netflix and has stayed consistently working the past decade so I'd say
  3. We stan a Scorpio King. He's pretty clever and charming/funny irl Funny thing is I never found him attractive or interesting in any of his previous roles (Gossip Girl, Easy A, John Tucker Must Die, etc.) but it wasn't until he played a serial killer on You that I started to enjoy him and wish that he'd saw me in half.
  4. Girl, the GAG is that I've read that book and besides getting the title wrong she also is incorrectly stating what the book is about. Leading me to believe she never read this book in particular and just wanted to state she was very keen on FREEDOM. This is one instance I am 100% sure she was trying to get the message out.
  5. Its nice but they leaned too much into the conspiratorial aspect and painted her father in a sympathetic light that was not to my liking. And barely a mention of Lou? I guess they're avoiding that (alleged) possible lawsuit.
  6. Invitation, Just Luv Me, and Make Me in no particular order. But I guess Swimming in the Stars is working its way up there.
  7. Lmao sis because you just KNOW that would be happening. Kids these days legit have to navigate through so much **** we didn't have to growing up. I mean I was a kid and had access to the internet but it was NOTHING like it was even these last 5 years. Crazy.
  8. Agreed. Her moments with her boys are so precious to her. I feel like she would rather keep them to herself for now.
  9. I didn't read the whole post so I don't know if anyone revealed his snap info but in general I don't think posts like these should be featured going forward. Jayden's live got him into some trouble last year. The boys should not be that accessible, and fans can get messy. I remember someone actually posted some pictures of SP shirtless here a couple of months back and I thought it was SUPER inappropriate. This particular post I guess is somewhat harmless but in my opinion the focus of this forum should be Britney. We don't need updates on Jamie Lynne or whoever else. Britney's made it clear her dream is to live an obscure life in retirement with her boys on an island somewhere. I really don't know how she would feel about this picture being uploaded on here. Though I do understand the argument that whatever gets posted on the internet is fair game. But at the very least an effort should be made to shield the social media accounts/handles.
  10. I will reiterate that I just don't believe anyone over 18 has any business following a 14 & 15 year old on Snapchat that they've never met. Britney goes out of her way to be private. Why do you think her face is not even in the picture? Their mother is a super star. SP & Jayden are not. I find it to be an invasion of her privacy. You disagree. It's fine. . If they want a glimpse of their fave they should stick to her official instagram, which she clearly runs on her own.
  11. I disagree with you completely. And I feel like what you're saying is quite silly. Sean Preston and Jayden are NOT public figures. They're underaged BOYS who both Britney & Kevin make sure keep out of the spotlight. I am absolutely sure that Britney is not for 30+ year old gay men harassing Sean Preston via DM and telling him to come to Brazil. I don't know who Billie Ray Eyerus is. If you're referring to Billie Eilish she's 19 years old. She is obviously a public figure. But I personally don't think anyone under 18 should be thrown into the industry to begin with. I consider it to be child abuse. Sean and Jayden may not be posting anything inappropriate but there are creeps out there that they don't need to be exposed to. I think it's creepy as **** for grown people to be following these children just because they stan their mother. It is inappropriate and it crosses boundaries. I don't want to know how many "is your mom okay" DMs they get. And that's the least of their worries.
  12. Girl, I wonder if they're allowed to text. I bet you its monitored, too. Its sad her boys have more freedom than her. Jayden went on that live saying his dad don't give no ****s. Even her minor children have more rights than her.
  13. Girl, what is there to recognize? The mask, hair, and hoodie are covering most of his face. All you see are the eyes. 👀
  14. I'm really bored of this simulation we're in tbh. Can we just skip to the finale?
  15. CIA is all up in Hollywood. Not a Trump supporter myself, but I am personally TIRED of politics and hearing every regurgitated take these celebs have. They really think they're pushing the envelope.
  16. Girl you are assuming **** isn't balls to the wall crazy right now in the rest of the world. There is nowhere to run. lol
  17. Yo can you imagine the level of gaslighting if both Britney and her children are given scripts of conversations they can and cannot have with their mother on their bi-weekly visits? I swear Britney is living in her own version of The Truman Show. Preston: Hey mom, what did you do today? Britney: I had 6 or 7 costume changes. It was really cool. Jayden: Amazing.
  18. Girl, I don't even know. I certainly ain't checking for them. Some of these stans have no sense of boundaries. In my household we only have time for Chris Evans or Henry Cavill on social media, mkay?
  19. Her sons are clearly aware of the Free Britney movement. I wonder what those conversations are like... Happy to see them all together. Though I don't know how I feel about Britney stans following her minor children on social media.
  20. While you have a point and I am not excusing anything he has done, it just doesn't sit well with me. It makes me uncomfortable. But then again I grew up with dystopian, post-apocalyptic literature. Big Tech is increasingly becoming more powerful and to be honest I don't even think they should be considered "private companies." I believe they have too much influence and there needs to be more checks and balances on them. Especially considering how much information/data they mine from us for free. I honestly feel like doing that right now is going to make the situation worse, not better. I don't care so much about banning him, but they are seemingly happy banning anyone with a conservative platform and that I do not agree with at all. And to reiterate, I am not a conservative. But it's very dangerous to be silencing people and forcing everyone to think the same. That **** is not supposed to fly in the U.S. YouTubers who even mention corona virus or the elections are getting deplatformed.
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