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  1. My love! I had no doubts you would be an Invitation stan. You have shown nothing but pure taste since I first encountered your posts on here. Apparently Guy Chambers and Brian McFadden are credited as writers for Strangest Love. Brit is credited as a writer on Invitation, though. But after her team gave her writing credit for all of BJ I am not sure how reliable this info is, tbh.
  2. Private Show would have been a HIT if they would have removed her pitch of the chorus or had gone with a different take of it. The rest of the song is perfection and that is a hill I am willing to die on. PERIODT.
  3. Lmao the shade, the shade, the shade... I'd take this over WAP or whatever is charting in 2020. I am pissed we have been robbed her talent and authenticity for so long. Praying for the nightmare to be over and to be listening to B10 ASAP.
  4. Hon not to be nasty but do people honestly still go crazy over BSB in America in 2020? I have not heard a single song of them chart in like two decades. Maybe in the UK or South America? Genuine question. I know they are still together. Any recent tracks worth checking out?
  5. The one and only. I'm listening to it right now. I love her similar run through while recording Toxic. She's just so interesting and entertaining as a person. Literally listening to her chewing on ice is giving me life.
  6. I unironically stan E-MAIL MY HEART. Although the song is kind of ruined for me because my trifling *** ex would sing it as "E-MAIL MY HOLE". But lets not talk about that.
  7. Girl, I don't know why the anti-boycotters are celebrating. I am simultaneously blasting the illegally downloaded song on my laptop while having absolutely NO plans to ever stream on any platform or purchase anything related to the release. Team COiN will not profit from me until our girl is FREE so they best not come knocking on my door. (Same goes to the FBI tbh)
  8. Sis but you can't deny that Break the Ice is THAT track and justifies the existence of the entire album...can you? HmmT....
  9. Can't Make You Love Me is that BOP. To be honest one thing I can say about her first two albums (And I struggle because I don't like to shade others except for Bowel Juice) is that her voice rarely sounds as strong and confident as it does on that track. Like serve me vocals, QUEEN. Why the **** would this girl need to MAKE anyone love her? Its a strange world we live in tbh.
  10. You did not lie, sis! Honestly the trinity for me is ITZ, Blackout, and Glory BUT & HOWEVER this is only because I truly became a committed stan during ITZ. I had her previous records before that but lets just say me blaring When Your Eyes Say it in my household would have raised several eyebrows.
  11. I wouldn't be alive today if it wasn't for Dear Diary!!!! Of course I stan! I am ashamed to admit growing up I never enjoyed Lucky as much as my fellow Stans. But now I see it as strangely prophetic. HmmmT should I go through the whole tracklist? Diary tell me what to do...please tell me what to sayyy~~~~
  12. Girl not gonna lie my face would be like a mannequin. I was more invested in Alexis and Ted. I need to find me a man like Ted. Husband goals. I would've moved to the Galapagos for that man. **** NYC.
  13. Heaven on Earth is weird in the sense it didn't age that well to me but when it came out I was all about it. It sounds a little dated now and doesn't hold up as well as the other tracks. I love Alien but its another case of me resenting the Myah invasion. I only listen to this version, which I ripped and downloaded to my phone. That and the glitch ruin an almost perfect song and opening track tbh. We also need to add Invitation to the list. Hands-down one of the most amazing tracks she's ever recorded and its constantly SLEPT ON by the fandom. Her vocals on there are some of her most beautifulest. We're also leaving out And then we Kiss, original and remix~!
  14. Any song she has ever released in a similar vein I instantly stan forever. I should make a tracklist just for that sub genre of her catalogue. Trip to your Heart, Alien, Heaven on Earth, Strangest Love, Love is a State of Grace, etc etc. That is my favorite Britney sound and what I feel like she excels in the most in terms of it being suited to her voice. Beautiful tracks, all of them.
  15. lmao from the get go I have only been excited for SITS. I've only heard the snippets so I will be happy if I end up being pleasantly surprised but I'm keeping my expectations on the floor. Chorus too repetitive to me and not a fan of the lyrics I read on genius.
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