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  1. Is Britney Spears a reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe? Will Lou ever be exposed and pay for her crimes? Does Jamie Lynn have any good intentions left towards her sister? Will Britney get her $600 million back? Will we get a Crossroads 2: Cross Harder?
  2. Will she ever re-record Britney Jean with her own vocals or address this controversy publicly?
  3. But I thought he was only opening his mouth to the only place that mattered: a court of law? He sure is milking his "communication" with "Britney" to the last possible drop. Can't wait until his charade gets exposed.
  4. This 💩 is wack. And so is she. I regret giving it a stream but maybe Britney will have 3 extra cents to pay her new attorneys to GET Jamie Lynn's hillbilly *** OUT OF SJB Trust. #ARRESTJAMIELYNN
  5. She probably read "Jamie Lynn is coming over party". But still hilarious. We Stan.
  6. I don't know, to be honest. But they're all guilty of human rights violation. Britney is an almost 40 year old toddlers in tiaras cast member. Its really sick. I would be LIVID if my entire family had a say in how I spent my money and what to do with my bank accounts.
  7. I would never spend my money on this ***** when I know she'd hold me at knife point. Or if there were no weapons available she'd bludgeon me to death with her chin. #ARRESTJAMIELYNN
  8. Its disgusting all of these people think they deserve a say in Britney's money! Everyone gets a say but Britney apparently. Jamie Lynn needs to be booted ASAP. She is compromised. I'm so over these peoples entitlement to HER hard earned money.
  9. I'm so disgusted by this clan of hillbillies. Is that respectful enough? I'm seriously disgusted at all of these "interested parties." GET A JOB! STAY AWAY FROM HER!
  10. Meanwhile Tyler Posey and Austin Mahone are acting a fool on Onlyfans and selling their crusty knickers and feet pics for $300 and nobody is asking if they're okay. The GP is drooling and egging them on with their "bizarre" behavior. We live in a really weird world.
  11. You don't have to click! That's why I put all of the text in the OP.
  12. Fox News: Britney Spears fans concerned after star posts bizarre video of herself dancing I know its Fox News but I am disappointed. Especially since Fox Business put out this amazing video the other day: https://video.foxbusiness.com/v/6200184272001/?cmpid=prn_investors#sp=show-clips Worth a watch! What are your thoughts on this? I'm done with these "concerned" commenters when anyone who isn't Britney posts weird **** on IG and Tik Tok on a daily basis. This narrative is tired.
  13. First off, I agree. Casey WAS hot AF. Sadly he found his way to the meth pipe. Now he is a cautionary tale and seemingly a deadbeat dad. Allegedly. He has been arrested multiple times. Sadly he did not take any cues from KFED, and fumbled the bag. And I agree. The speculation in this case is pretty gross because I am almost certain JL's connections would have her be "untouchable" at that time. Lesser known actors on Nickelodeon at the time though I do worry about. That being said, I also agree with you about the article. I know JL didn't write it herself but she comes off as really egotistical as well. "DID YOU GUYS KNOW I COULD HAVE BEEN BIGGER THAN MY SISTER? THEY SAT ME DOWN AT A RECORD LABEL WITH SO MUCH POWER AND ALL THESE BIG WIGS BUT I POLITELY TURNED DOWN SUPER STARDOM!" Bih... Interesting way to remember it, that's for sure. The narrative in this article is really sad as well. As if people are clamoring for a Zoey 101 reboot. Girl, if you really want to try to be taken seriously for your artistry, try acting in some indie films instead of falling back on your only claim to fame. I had to laugh when she was talking about how creative~ she is and loves creating characters. Girl...never in your life have you convincingly played ANYTHING. She's always been uncharismatic. I would see clips of Zoey 101 back in the day and girl is stiff as a board. I was embarrassed for her while reading that article, to be honest.
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