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  1. The thing is Britney isn't even a "naturally mean" person. It was clear that the edits were trying to make her look like some female Simon Cowell bad *****. She probably had producers in her ear telling her to act a certain way. Its sad because I feel like if her heart was in it she could have been a GREAT judge. But Britney refused to give much of herself in the role. Obviously had to do with filming a live show with an audience and just in general previous trauma working in the industry/control of her handlers. I mean, she had a panic attack on the first day of filming the X factor. That should have been indication enough she wasn't ready for her seat at the table. But yeah her team wanted it to seem like everything was "amazing." I don't think she was too fond of Simon either, tbh. Nor do I think he was too fond of her. But I'd be pissed too if I took an 18 million dollar gamble and all I got was a cute 30 second montage in the last ep with strange faces/reactions. Forgettable season, tbh. Season would've been a hit if we had gotten pre-2007 Britney sass.
  2. I don't think people really cared for her much during her season. And I believe Britney was checked out most of the season as well. She didn't make much of an impression, sorry to say. Knowing that she was forced to work under these conditions makes her team look worse in hindsight.
  3. GURRRRRRRRL. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I would start here: https://www.astrosage.com Enter your birth details where it says Kundli/Birth Chart. Then on the next page go to the Print Birth Chart/Life Report. Then go to Download life report and you get a free 50 page birth chart reading interpretation. It will have a lot of important information that you can start off with. So yeah you can check for whenever your Sade Sati is on there. You'll get your year prediction as well as general overview of the periods each planet will be ruling/transiting your life. Remember that with Vedic your sun/moon/rising sign might change. Depending on what your ascendant/rising sign is you figure out what the rest of your houses are. So for example if your first house is Taurus, second house will be Gemini and 12th house will be Aries. But if your ascendant is Aries first house will be Aries and 12th house will be Pisces. After you figure out what house you have in what sign, I'd use this guys channel on Youtube to get the meaning: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAhSM44HoLZQrjGFttqvI5A This guy's channel is an amazing resource. I'd literally just YouTube as an example Mars in the second house/Mars in Taurus. And sometimes he'll have it as specific as down to the nakshatra/Pada (You'll see this on the chart so you'll have a better idea of what I'm talking about.) Basically if you figure out your placements and whatnot this guy's channel is an amazing cross reference for you to make sense of what It all means. Hope this helps!
  4. Haha I have bad experiences with most Libras I've met. We share a rising sign though.
  5. Hi everyone, So I was doing a little bit of digging to Britney's planets and transits according to Vedic astrology, which is supposed to be a lot more accurate in predicting fated events. Its very interesting what I came across while looking at her chart. First off, I do believe according to the charts we are getting another era. She is 38 now. Is her Confessions of a Dancefloor coming? This is why she hasn't filed to petition to end conservatorship. They've got her right in her weak spot by threatening with her kids. That's why she has continued with this all these years. Now girlies, the interesting thing is that Britney is currently on her second Sade Sati. What does this mean? Britney's FIRST Sade Sati began on December 17 1987 and it ended on February 16th, 1996, a year right before signing with Jive. We ALL know that she had a tough child hood. It is interesting because she had a Small Panoti (Which is a condensed version of Sade Sati) occur from November 01, 2006 to January 10 2007. Then again from July 16, 2007 to September 09, 2009. We all know what **** went down during this period tbh. Anyway her SECOND Sade Sati (Which is supposed to be the most difficult period in ones life) began ON JANUARY 27 2017 and it ENDS on MARCH 29, 2025. But the energy will be at its peak in Jan 2023 and will start setting from then on. What this means to me is that even if she gets out of the conservatorship this year, she will still be dealing with the legal and financial repercussions/fall out for the next 5 years or so. Its interesting because according to the planets, Britney has had a ROUGH last couple of decades. To me this says that even past 2025 it might be rough for her... Thankfully in 2029 we get some good energy for her that will last SIXTEEN YEARS. This has been what's been going on with her this year so far...If you want to skip 2020 and go directly to January 2021 scroll past. But apparently SEPTEMBER is a big month for her, as previous people have stated. If we go year by year there seems to be good news coming her way in 2021... I hope you *****es read this. There is a LOT of cosmic tea here on her current situation.
  6. For those of you who have nothing to do on a Thursday evening (like me) and want to get to know our queen better, or learn more about astrology: Here is an interpretation of Britney's chart. TBH, all of it is true! Definitely worth a read. This birth chart report shows the positions of the planets for Britney. Warning: Its long af hahaha. Her Part of Fortune is also in Leo, which proves to me she loves performing still. Share your zodiac sign, exhalers!
  7. Lets just put it this way. There is a chance for a positive outcome but people will try to sabotage her every chance she gets. And she is in danger. (Allegedly for entertainment purposes only.) Do I think she'll ever really be "free?" Officially, from the conservatorship maybe so. But our girl really needs to work on her self-worth or else there will always be a "handler" involved in some way or another.
  8. I'm 100% dead serious. You can tell she doesn't even know the title of the book because in the video she just calls it "Astrology". I'm guessing her team of people who approve of her Instagram posts added that after the fact. And yes, I was surprised I was the only one at the time who picked up on that. Lmao. It for real is a good book though, ngl. Thanks for the suggestion, Britney's handlers!
  9. The funny thing is that I've read this book. You can tell that Britney probably did not and was looking for an excuse to say she was keen on freedom. This book has nothing to do with zodiac signs. It talks about the north nodes of the moon. So it doesn't go at all into detail on if you're a sagittarius sun moon or rising. Britney's north node is in cancer. This is to me evidence she's been sending messages from way back when. I should probably read the north node in cancer chapter to see if there are any clues on her situation though.
  10. I'm 1000% positive she will have a song called Yellow Shirt on B10. lol. Bookmark me.
  11. To be honest, I have the reading, its already been filmed. But I got some negative feedback from some users on here who claimed I was being a bad person for spreading conspiracy theories, so it made me think twice about putting myself out there like that.
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