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  1. I’ll say stanning Britney for the past 20 years has not been good for my mental health. It’s been a bumpy ride.
  2. Who is this Vanessa Hudgens girl? Was she one of the Disney kids ? (Of course I know but I have never been a fan of hers )
  3. Britney - Glory era Taylor Swift - 1989 era Miley - Bangerz era These we’re their eras when I was in college and just bring back a lot of great memories
  4. I think I’m most bitter about Make Me not doing top 10 because Britney really loved Glory unlikes previous albums
  5. Omg a lot of till the world end hate in here! TTWE was played every second on the radio in 2011. It wasn’t a “I got a feeling “ type hit but it was still a hit. songs that I thought would do better!? I thought Make Me was going to be Top 10 after billboard had early predictions saying it was going to debut top 10, I thought criminal would have been a top 20 for her for sure. She really was a radio force in 2011 . I thought pretty girls was going to do top 10 as well LOL. Slumber party - I was ready for a top 40 for it and it clearly didn’t. on the other aspect - Work ***** became iconic as hell and even more memorable than all of the FF singles etc. scream and shout was a worldwide smash. I didn’t think 3 would be #1 .
  6. I feel like Gaga is going to sweep but
  7. It’s her team. They are going to use this against her court. She will never be out of the conservatorship..... the videos are going to get keep coming believe me. It’s starting to feel like 2007 again
  8. Commercially? Yes. Their sounds/image to me are just VERY 2015. Like I remember them being everywhere when I was in college. Regardless of the fact, the both had hits and success. I can see Charlie being huge behind the scenes for upcoming artist and Meghan having some talk show like Kelly clarkson. However, I don’t see either having another hit single again (MAYBE Charlie but not Meghan)
  9. HOWEVER if they continue with the trend they are doing - 80,000 in sales and 100k SPS. if Britney is free and makes the music she wants. I could see 150-175k SPS
  10. I don’t think we will get another Britney album to be honest. I honestly think Glory was her last album.
  11. I mean she isn’t selling the CDs at target etc so I mean ???? I can see why 240,000 however do you think she will sell the CDs at target ?
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