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  1. I mean I’m surprised it held on for this long. It’s not a single, it doesn’t radio play, no video, it’s 4 years old, and it’s not being promoted. Getting it to #1 is huge already. If team Britney was smart... they would be sending this to radio etc but I doubt it will happen.
  2. I hope we get a least top 40 on BB100!!! (I want a top 10 tho 👀)
  3. The dreaded red update. UGH. I feel like I’m 16 again stalking Kworb LOL
  4. I think they should as well. Why the heck not? It’s a great radio friendly song
  5. It’s #32 ALREADY! oh god some of my gaga friends think it’s a new song and are all pissed
  6. Ugh I would LOVE for this to pull a Good As Hell or Truth Hurts but I wish it was released next week or something because we have to go up against all the Gaga songs but regardless... IM EXCITED
  7. So let’s have a FRIENDLY AND REALISTIC discussion about the state of our pop girls in the next 5 years. (Of course if we are not in quarantine still). A lot of the girls we will be heading in there 30, 20 and 10 years of their careers and it will be interesting to see what the future holds for them. I will start with my protections and you all can post yours. Britney- it’s hard to tell with Britney. I can definitely see another album which can go either way. It will either be another “comeback record” in which her team promotes it as such (circus hype etc ) or she will just drop it with no promo etc. I’m fine with either. Britney’s had an amazing career and truly has nothing to prove. I would love for her though to have another top 10 single that would sorta solidify her status as a legend (I guess we will have to see) I don’t know about the future of the conservatorship but I feel that things will get ugly before they get better. I don’t see her going to back to Vegas but maybe a small tour . Gaga- I definitely see Gaga doing everything in her power to stay relevant and produce hits. She will have a couple more albums and have a couple tours. She will probably do more films as well. I don’t see her having another huge smash but will promote the hell out of the singles to get them charting. Katy - I think KP5 will flop and she will try to go back to her roots for the follow up record. She will have a hard time connecting with her fans again and have a few top 40 singles here and there. Definitely see a Vegas residency in the future. Beyonce - Beyonce will plan an album in the next 2 years with the same formula as Lemonade and self titled. I don’t think it will be as successful as the two but it will definitely keep her name in the spotlight. I think she will be getting flooded with lifetime achievement awards in the next couple years. Rihanna - I think R9 won’t come until 2021 or 2022 and I don’t think she will promote it heavily. I think Ri is lowkey over being a pop star and focused on her Fenty line. I think it will do well just because of the hype but I honestly think we won’t be getting much more Rihanna music in the future. Christina - Christina will definitely keeping doing smaller tours and the Vegas show. I think she will drop albums here and there for her fans. Christina, like Britney, has nothing to prove and will rely on her status as a pop icon to sell tickets. Ariana- Ariana will definitely score more hits in the next 5 years and continue as being pops “IT” girl. However, I think we will start seeing a decline after those 5 years. Taylor - As much as I love Taylor, I see a huge decline in her career as time goes. I may be wrong and she may score another massive single with the next record BUT Lover definitely was a sign that Taylor maybe isn’t as powerful as she once was. Her albums in the next years will of course do well but I don’t think she will ever have a 1989 style era again. Miley - I think Miley is going to have a very hard time staying relevant. I don’t see her get another real hit again and I think she will struggle with the idea that she isn’t what she was when she released Bangerz etc. I definitely could see her doing a Vegas show as well. If I didn’t include ones you want to talk about, by all means, include them! But discuss! Keep it friendly!
  8. So I took a deep dive into Katy’s discography tonight and she really had something with One Of The Boys and Teenage dream. They were two VERY solid pop albums that had great hit singles to back them up. “I Kissed A Girl”, “Hot N Cold”, “Teenage Dream” etc. however, she became WAY to overexposed during prism and the music was generic. It was just felt like a rehash of TD with nothing new to her career. Like it was another huge era for her but it definitely was the beginning of the end of her “commercial pop” career. Then we had the wait for 4 years for witness ... and when we got it.... it was complete garbage. Wrong single choices, wrong image, weird videos. She should have leaded with “Roulette “ and then went with CTTR (which lowkey aged like milk). Her comments about Britney definitely didn’t help her situation. I mean the list goes on but here we are in 2020. Katy can’t even score a top 20 debut? This is the 6th SINGLE she has released since her last witness single that has failed to chart top 10. Her last top 10 was 3 years ago. Time is ticking unfortunately (and Katy’s whole career was based off top 10s and #1s unlike Britney who really isn’t a chart queen ?) I think KP5 will move 70k SPS opening week but will fizzle. But regardless, Katy had an amazing career with plenty of hits for greatest hits, Vegas shows, and tours for years to come.
  9. I definitely think it was a hint of maybe recording something soon. Maybe the rumors of her returning to the studio in August are true? But I want it to be on her terms and music that makes HER HAPPY. No more FF or BJ music. That wasn’t the music Britney wanted to make.
  10. Lucky for sure. I love everytime but Lucky is, I believe, one of the greatest pop songs of all time.
  11. as much as I don’t like the fighters, I somewhat agree we should move it. It would make the army look like the better people and let her 4 fans enjoy their day ...
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