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  1. I always blamed the anxiety, but Brit behavior is too extreme. The way she moves and talks, her eyes are lifeless but the entire body has extra energy all the time. Maybe they fed the woman with some serious stuff, yes.
  2. Do you think this is consequence of medications? It's not only the way she moves, but when she talks too... Very agitated, like she's doing but can't feel It. it's clear she has an anxiety problem, but being anxious can't be so extreme.
  3. I don't believe much in the "signs" Britney allegedly is sending through the videos, music choices and moves, but... There's definitely something heavy about this. She smiles but It never feels genuine, at least in my opinion... These dancing videos are just... Disturbing. I still highly doubt she has idea what people are saying about It. Making fun of them, calling her crazy... Britney seems to be stuck in some parallel universe, very strange. Her anxiety still affects her really badly, while she should be more relaxed now? I mean, staying away from her sons must not be easy, but Britney tries to sell happiness all the time, and It doesn't translate when you see her attitude, videos, pictures. I feel sad to see her exposed like that for the world to see. She is alone in every sense of the word.
  4. I remember when Jason got more involved with the c-ship, most of fans believed he would try dissolve It with time. We know how It ended...
  5. "she" didn't say It, "she" wrote It. Veeery different. Funny how Britney never actually say exactly what they complains about her videos, we don't hear from her...
  6. Oh Lynne... She wants to be part of the circus, but she doesn't want to lose their cash cow so easily. Not really shocking, like at all.
  7. I heard a little about this, but didn't know there is a movie about It. Good he had someone to help, we're not sure If Britney has the same.
  8. Omg, Lu was an iconic contestant of a brazilian reality show. She had problems with everybody, I didn't know she became psychic
  9. They need the narrative: fans bothering Britney and her loved ones... Notice how most articles blames fans for "attacking" Britney. And most comes from haters, trolls and the GP. They need let It clear Britney feels suffocated by the comments. We had four differents caption rants in recent months. Britney cared so much about the hate since when? When people started to attack Lou Taylor, Larry and Jamie? Lmfao I agree. Someone tells her about negative comments expecting Britney reacts in a certain way. That makes her more insecure, remember the whole papz edited my pictures saga... She spent months obsessed to lose weight and to prove It. The boyfriend most likely has a heavy hand on what Britney knows (and the way she knows) or not these days.
  10. I wonder If this is team Britney trying to paint a new scenario over the c-ship or this is the project the Gram girls talked about? Give me a siiiign
  11. "...Not a public one", but u promote this relationship every opportunity u get, Scammy... Lou, Jamie and Dina are more dangerous than this idiot and before giving details about how he is paid and contracts and stuff, we should have some proof, then Free Britney can't lose credibility... However, the videos didn't lie. He told her to smile, he told her to kiss him on red carpet... We're talking about facts now. He's only trying to save his ***, not Britney's. Interesting.
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