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  1. Looove Lily and this is hilarious... Can you imagine If she promoted this with her cover for womanizer?
  2. Yeah, thankfully some things changed a lot for these shows. I just posted because this woman probably didn't understand why Britney was so quiet and only repeated what her team told her to say. I don't think this Adrienne should have said things that way tho... It was cruel!
  3. Billy and Maxi are competing... Who gives more info about Britney? Lol The X Factor part is interesting actually, I kinda believe him on this. Even tho any person could see Britney barely interacted with anyone outside her team, even on a talent show with multiple people around. I remembered this this woman was very disrespectful but the few interviews Britney did while on the show were stressful, you can tell she couldn't speak freely and was extremely nervous most of the time.
  4. Britney finding out her sister pregnancy that way still bothers me so much. Ok, we can say Brit was the one who didn't want contact with the family, but... If your sister or daughter has some serious problems where the whole world judges her, why you can't just try to stay close? If that wasn't a setup, I think the family only decided to "help" because of the fear of losing the fortune, the Golden mine. What they would do If Britney decided to cut the money completely? Jamie Lynn deserves to be exposed. Ungrateful!!!
  5. I feel like she probably thinks her fans wants this Britney, I just don't see her comfortable doing It these days. It looks forced, her expressions tells all. Britney has this sexy kitten persona, that's her "performing" now. And I believe she is completely tired of the character, but at same time she thinks that's what the public wants. Her bad management didn't help at all. Her potential as an artist never was truly highlighted.
  6. The fact his pictures (the ones she took) have better quality and angles than hers... He not only doesn't help, but keep implying there's nothing wrong with her account, even tho he knows why people are complaining. I thought real relationships were all about honesty
  7. I do think Britney currently helps her dad, giving material to feed his narrative. I just don't if she's really aware of this... Manipulation is way more dangerous than drugs.
  8. The fact she never did a livestream and that "incident" with her boyfriend happened, I think it's fair to assume she can't have a normal interaction with us. Her informations are most likely filtered. The most odd thing is: we know people didn't ask those questions she keeps reading on Instagram, I wonder who is behind these fake fan interactions. Usually when a person posts things, she wants to see the feedback. Britney allegedly posts, people destroy her writing the most disturbing things yet she keeps doing the same content? Like nothing happened? Hardly a person would love to be called crazy, bad mother, prisoner, among other stuff they write there.
  9. Her eyes looked dead, that's It... Anyway I won't waste my fingers explaining, ya know. Vem com grosseria depois quer falar de empatia, fofa? Tá rs.
  10. Lol why? Because you can't handle someone with a different opinion? Sis, I think It looks bad, deal with It. Pode vomitar a vontade, só depois limpa tudo... queridinha.
  11. The fact this fame hungry person is BFF of Britney's boyfriend and he told personal stuff about Brit... Ugh. Maxi telling everything: Sam is the best thing that happened in Britney's life. Britney wouldn't be nothing without Sam. Sam is totally Free Britney, he is the reason she decided to end the c-ship. Everybody wants to be Sam, he is Just perfect. Smells good and has a brain, I swear! Sam has a long... I mean, he is perfect for ***, he told me that and I believe in him.
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