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  1. Yep. An isolated person can be easily manipulated. I truly believe Britney nowadays will do and say anything the ones around her tells her... I didn't want to think like that but we have some evidences of Britney literally helping c-ship team with their narratives. They basically use her every week to prove they're not lying and she seems to agree with everything. If she really is the one writing her IG captions, the "Stockholm syndrome" might be real.
  2. Her voice sounds very weird. Some people on twitter are saying she is the one liking FreeBritney posts from his phone lol. They probably forgot the "incident" with the shortest livestream of all time.
  3. I think he is in his middle age crisis and uses a "hot young girlfriend" to feed his ego. Their relationship looked off. He seems conservative, with time he probably would start to hate her content, no doubt. If she was in this for money, something really bad must have happened to make her stop her goal. If she really liked him, she probably woke up with the fact that guy is a jerk.
  4. Jason Trawick follows her. With the way Bryan was talking about women with strong opinions on that interview... I think we can imagine how hard is to be his girlfriend. She needs to give us some tea.
  5. Exactly, that's the point. If they post a recent video of Britney with her dad saying how much she adores him... How something like this would change anything? He still will be the awful control freak man he always was! Her team tries to manipulate not only Britney, but us. They think we will stop having bad feelings about her sister only because of posts like this. At end of the day, nothing will change the fact Brit has a family full of leeches.
  6. If this was really Britney, she has a serious obsession for her ex Timberlake. Like, that's the only picture she has with her sister? The timing is just another hint that things are very sketchy behind the scenes, Brit simply forgot JL birthday and remembered today? Lmfao. But I can see Britney really thinking JL is smarter and stronger than her.
  7. I really like her, but clearly It won't end that quickly... Accurate with Britney current situation.
  8. Me too. Pay attention on his face during the whole time tho, and the way Britney looks at him before she starts to talk... Creepy vibes.
  9. If Britney is writing her own captions and posting on her social media, why not visit exhale? Billy has a point. However, If he is implying she reads things online just because she said It... Pay attention for what she's saying on the video, she never tells where exactly she reads the comments... Internet? Britney acts like internet is something far away from her, like a person or object, something she shouldn't be in contact because of the "negative stuff" that can hurt her feelings. So don't worry, the chances of Brit visiting exhale are slim. But I bet people close to her for sure loves to see what we are commenting here.
  10. Nah, she needs the freedom first and It won't happen this year... That's the important thing, nothing else.
  11. Why people are scared of vaccine? Nevermind, not a genuine question, I don't want a silly debate here. Good she was vaccinated, she looks good. She talks about internet like she never actually read the stuff, like the "I heard things..."... Funny The handler vibes on this video tho... btw she said very similar things her boyfriend's sister said when she was vaccinated.
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