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  1. I understand Britney Jean was a terrible situation and even I have some doubts nowadays what's really Britney or not, but we only know for sure the "replacement" scandal happened during that era. Myah did backing vocals for circus and FF albums. I'm saying this because i've seen some haters spreading lies about Britney not singing some songs from others albums. Like Keri Hilson supposedly sang for Britney because we can hear her on GM and BTI... Or that Cathy Dennis is the real Toxic singer. I know Myah story will always haunt us, but some fans exaggerates with these videos without any proof.
  2. Sometimes I wonder If Britney remember that she dated Justin, this is hella weird. The tagging makes her looks so desperate, like she wants his attention. That was probably the most stiff video to date. And If someone still wants to know If Britney knows what's going on "outside", let's think for one second that maybe she was the one who posted this... Today we had news that Justin interview dragging her will be on the documentary, her allegedly friend Felicia did an interview for this same doc. Does she know any of this? Well...
  3. I don't know but If Felicia is really involved It worries me a bit. Fans will eat anything she says as gospel truth, anything. I know you guys like her and she always seemed nice with Britney, but she is more close with the Spears family than with Britney herself. I'll wait to see her intentions (If she is the person interviewed), but I don't think she'll speak against the c-ship... Just my opinion. Hope I'm wrong.
  4. Oh yeah, forgot about that. Some fans told she said she was scared before leaving the X Factor taping first day, when she had the "allegedly" panic attack.
  5. I don't know, but even when she's talking about the mean comments (when she says on video) she seems very clueless about what people are writing. Example: Britney mentioning having no makeup and saying sorry. That's not what people are saying, they say she looks bad with the racoon makeup... The little detail: she's always with the heavy eye makeup, never stopped. My guess: the boyfriend and some other people feeds her with some info they think it's ok for her to know, but she doesn't read any of It. I think she was with his phone quick and he didn't see, then when It went live he snatched the phone from her hand, for what people were saying It was fast. This episode alone proves there's definitely something sus about Britney + internet. She never went live before or after this.
  6. Sure, I don't like the guy but unlike some people from here thinks... I have no interest to make an I hate Scam Asghari club, that's just my opinion. In my opinion, he knows the videos are bizarre and encouraging her to make more... Doesn't help. The comments are awful because the bizarre land crossed the line... You can see how his account is totally different. Obviously he needs to respect her wishes and If she wants to do the videos, fine... but Britney herself is full of insecurities, I don't believe she really knows what people are saying about the videos and how bad they are for her image. She wouldn't keep doing It If she knew. At this point, Britney needs someone honest with her. Like, remember the "fans questions" videos? She answers questions clearly no fans asked. Does Britney knows no fans asked that? About the "scared" thing. I remember some: She talked in a video with the boyfriend. Some others Instagram vídeos. Ellen backstage last appeareance. On tour. Some meet & greet.
  7. Makes sense. She probably was alienated from the beginning and maybe didn't understand what the c-ship exactly is. Maybe she thought It was like some rehab since the family and Larry tried with the rehab before. The gaslighting started way before the actual c-ship... And I personally feel like she still doesn't know much of her own situation and that's why someone from outside should evaluate her.
  8. She has been saying "she's scared" a lot in recent years, even when It had nothing to do with the paparazzi. And the fact the "boyfriend" was defending an account "allegedly" not managed by her... An account trying to paint Britney in a terrible light I wouldn't say he's helping... Quite the opposite. Oh and that second picture was the day I started to see him as a fame hungry.
  9. Britney officially co-wrote My Only Wish? She is listed as co-writer on some pages but isn't for others.
  10. Nice, but I still don't understand how she "accepted" the situation. According to him she didn't want her dad involved but she knew the c-ship would be inevitable. C-ship were that common back in the day? Her case was always like "rare" because of her age. Did someone threatened her? Even If It was for the kids, Britney didn't seems ok with the situation when she's talking about It on FTR, she was clearly upset. I just hope Adam brings some clue about how fishy everything was since the day one. However, he did say some things pro-cship years ago.
  11. Besides pure ignorance, the difference between Britney and the others is that she can't actually talk about her problems. People around her make sure to avoid the "mental health" issues conversation. Britney isn't obligated to talk about her personal problems, but she is a huge star with worldwide fame, people WILL make questions no matter what. I don't think people would talk that much about the head shaving If she really explained what was going on during that time... Britney only said It briefly for FTR and most of the GP didn't see that doc. All the silence didn't help Britney at all and still don't. About Raven, she is right. It never was about Britney mental health, the family wants "allegedly" the money and control. Love how it's spreading the fact Britney social media is "allegedly" completely fake, finally! Stan Raven and the best Disney show
  12. The fact you think I like Kingham, the allegedly k*ll*r of old people, way more dangerous than Jamie and has a terrible track record. Nah, I like him as much as I like the allegedly demon Exorcist Lou TayTay
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