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  1. I’m tired of Britney being used like she’s not even alive anymore, she’s thrown around and has random artists names slapped on her songs just to promote them, she’s not a promoter, now because kim petras is larrys client britney is forced to be on a song with her? Pathetic, if an artist of Britney’s calibre has people featured on her songs it should be Xtina, Beyonce, Madonna, Janet, etc.
  2. Did y’all get the links? I’ve ordered two copies so it’s not like I’m gonna listen and not buy anymore.
  3. I still think this is why she now is fighting to get her dad out of the picture, I think she wants to marry Sam and have kids and is turning 40 soon so this is the right time if she wants to have more kids. And that’s fine, I just get mixed vibes from Sam.
  4. Sis i wished, while I do think her next album is being released next year I don’t think it will be that soon lol
  5. Same. I’m all for him asking fans to be kind on Britney, now on the people ruining her life? I wish them worse
  6. Exactly, once again he shows his true colours. I don’t know what crumbles they sent his way, but Cassie has consistently manipulated public oppinion against Britney, and this is was then used in court against Britney, he can ask me to be nice about her and I will kindly decline his request
  7. All lovely to hear, but don’t expect us to be nice to them just because they were nice to you (whatever that means?). We know for a fact that her instagram comment section was/is being manipulated to make Britney look bad, positive comments with thousands of likes were several times deleted, and this is well documented, it was either Cassie or Britney, I choose to believe it’s Cassie. And THEN, her insta comments were used in court against her (!!!!!!) if you still side with Cassie after that just because she’s nice to you but is not nice to the woman who is the reason why this website exists, then that’s on you.
  8. AKA cassie, her social media manager, retweeted. I’ll believe Britney supports it when she records a video. Even then, I’ll have doubts since she was 100% against The Zone, yet still recorded a video supporting it.
  9. It’s sad, yet extremely predictable (...), seeing Jordan supporting these people, I’m sure if Lou was ‘nice’ to BH (AKA threw some crumbles his way, by responding to a dm of his or whatever he means when he says these creeps are nice to him), he would defend Lou too, idgaf if they were nice to his little website or not, Cassie purposely deletes comments from real fans and promotes comments saying Britney is crazy, since the last few months a lot of people that supported #FreeBritney now think she might be crazy from what’s posted, including the captions, Cassie does it on purpose (whether it’s Lou’s order or not) and I wholeheartedly hope she loses her job very soon. Same goes for Jeff, he gets some adrenaline feeling dogging Britney around in interviews and creeping on her and what she says, it’s the highlight of his day, week or month when he does it, if he only does it once in one year then it’s the highlight of his year, I hope he’s jobless very soon. It infuriates me that she allows him to dogwalk her around, I know there’s a conservatorship but if she can say she’s not going to work until she has things her way, she should say she does not want him creeping up on her, or she can’t do that too? I don’t know. Lastly, once she’s out of the conservatorship, or if it will take long, then at least once her dad is out, I hope she absolutely fires 100% her entire team from publicists to the people that manager her social medias to the bodyguards and starts brand new, new label too if she’s gonna keep recording, which I’m sure she will, she’s just waiting for Jamie to get out. Maybe keep Larry as whether we like it or not, his hard work helped Britney a lot becoming Britney Spears and he is (or was) an amazing manager and I don’t think he’s as bad as fans make him out to be, but if Britney thinks he is then wipe him out too. In fact, I’m afraid he’ll keep connections with Papa Spears and Lou, fire him too.
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