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  1. Did some deep digging last night. I'm a Britney fan, but firstly a Mariah/Whitney guy, so while I've always known about the cvship and the effed up stuff it entails, I really didn't understand the depth of it until last night. Legit went through every file, watched every relatable interview, read every scanned letter, and I'm left with one question - when and why did Britney stop fighting it? Seems like up until 2011/12/13, she was very avidly trying to free her own self. But then things changed, and now she's posting about cherry muffins and yellow shirts. My best guess is (and it might not be popular) is that it's a layered and complicated issue, but that Sam might be at the heart of it. We all know Britney is a hopeless romantic. Maybe when he came onto the scene, she was willing to tolerate the other **** in her life for his sake and the hope of another baby. I just pray he isn't a pawn. To be completely honest, there's a large part of me that's always found him very sus. I think he might care about her, but I get a patronizing vibe from him in a lot of the videos they've put up together. His constant commenting on her instagram is also weird to me. Healthy relationships are NEVER instagram-comment relationships. Either way, curious to hear your guys take on this. Why has Britney stopped fighting? "Prescribed drugs", Sam, something else? Praying for Brit. So terrible all around.
  2. Or my 690k home I just closed on. 🤷🏼‍♂️ More insults. I feel bad for you man. Make some real human connections. Done responding to this childishness 💋
  3. HUH? What the heck are you even talking about lol. Another liberal unable to sustain an argument so it resorts to off topic name calling. In the words of Donald Trump, “Sad!” 😂😂 best of luck buddy
  4. I love when liberals say turn off Fox News 😂 as if I’m incapable of finding my news elsewhere. Everything is political in this thread. The conservatorship wouldn’t exist as it does in many other red states, where civil rights are valued instead of redwood trees. Take several seats because I can already tell you aren’t educated enough for this conversation if Fox News is your go-to response.
  5. A liberal state with too much government power? Naaah couldn’t be!
  6. Jordan, well put. I agree (to some extent). But my question to you is...do you feel this way about republicans/Trump? Seems like you don't operate this way when it comes to politics and are quick to label Trump as ****, racist, a moron, etc, when you probably couldn't explain or even recognize the Opportunity Zone Incentives contained within his tax bill or the FIRST Step Act or countless other bills his administration has passed. Juuuuust sayin'. If you're not about "cancelling" Nicki Minaj based on her (strange) associations with pedos/racists/rapists, but you do the same to someone from the other side of the political aisle, what does that make you?
  7. Wow! Someone did their actual research before jumping on a bandwagon! Again, glad you’re here don. Let’s close this thread shall we, since it’s so obviously FAKE NEWS? 🙏🏼🙌🏼🎉
  8. Yeah, I second this. I’m unsure why these types of incendiary, misinformed and biased “articles” and posts are so frequently appearing on my favorite celebrity gossip site. During the Obama era I remember none?? Now, a red triangle is a symbol for a word that Google is censoring (why it's censored, I’m not sure; ignoring history doesn’t change it)...and everyone who votes conservative is racist and evil. It’s getting aggravating now. People want entertainment to distract them from the constant tension in the world. An occasional political post here diversifies the pallet, but too many of them harm the integrity of the site. It’s a turn off. Let’s move on.
  9. Absolutely ******* not!!!! Dude is this real?? This is terrible????? Omg I have to go...I can’t....😨😨😨🤢🤢🤢🤢
  10. Perfect size to throw around 😈😈😈😜 give me a chance to make you rethink your “politics” 😘😜
  11. That’s the TRUE American experience - civil disagreement. Kudos Jordan!
  12. The difference between liberal and conservative is the conservative gays wont say ****. Largely, we don’t base our identity on our politics. And we don’t like to blame the government for all of our problems 🤷🏼‍♂️😁🥳
  13. Lest we forget....”Charmbracelet” and “Glitter” came before “The Emancipation of Mimi”....it ain’t over til it’s over Katherine.
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