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  1. RIP my ultimate Queen. Ya'll call me a hater when I don't enjoy the Grande's and Cyrus's of this pop climate, but THIS is and should be the bar. Period. RIP Nippy, you are loved and so so missed.
  2. Can we boycott this mumble singing nickelodeon clown please? She’s been over for me for years. Girl bye
  3. What other places in the world are you referencing specifically? We test more than any other country, with far more advanced tests, while also being home to nearly 400 million people, and therefore have the lowest mortality rate when all factors are considered. Italy, like you mentioned, boasts 60 million citizens to our 375 million. Of course things would be more easily "managed". And by the way, there isn't even proof that their totalitarian-esque lockdown produced the great results you're claiming. Even after all their mask wearing and locking down, as of today, they have more cases than they have had in months. Stop regurgitating CNN's talking points and provide some actual facts please.
  4. The same scientists who mocked him for locking the borders months before other countries, potentially (and probably) saving hundreds of thousands of lives? The same scientists who said "go out and about your business into New York City, San Francisco, etc.."? The same scientists who mocked the mask wearing, then recommended it, then said shut down the country, then said open it up, then said shut it down again? Oh right. Yeah. Those "scientists". lol. Ya'll kill me.
  5. Oh God. What a question. Pardon the pun. Hardcore religion stole 25 of my 32 years from me, cost me my family because of my sexuality, robbed me of my childhood, deprived me of normal developmental years....so NO, I am not religious. I just cut ties with my entire family within the last three months, which has been the hardest thing in my life. I came out, and they couldn't handle it. I am VERY spiritual, and do believe in energy and karma. But the whole Jesus thing? Over it.
  6. exactly my problem with this *****. i can't stand her. she's a swagger jacker, and for someone who is supposedly a "vocalist", her enunciation is just plain terrible. Girl no one knows wtf you're even saying half the time in that whisper singing. She's a flash in the pan for me.
  7. I had to check to see if it’s April and this was one of Jordan’s infamous April’s fools posts...
  8. So after years of closeted Grindr surfing and hookups, I met my boyfriend on there early last year. Since then, we’ve moved in together, later bought a new house we are currently renovating (just got my quartz counters! 🙆🏼‍♂️) and are happily committed and still enjoying every second together. I care about him and us so much that it pushed me to face my truth, and I came out to my very religious family. Plus he’s hot af with a nice big peen 🙃😃🤡 sooo there’s hope. I would say try bumble though, a little less hook up oriented.
  9. It’s not the decency and compassion - it’s the unfeasibility of the “socialist idea” that leaves the masses hungry and property-less in its wake. It cannot be achieved. It’s a fruitless and therefore foolish movement to stand behind. Name me a historical example that proves otherwise. Betcha can’t.
  10. Do you guys realize how dumb you sound with this mask nonsense? First your democratic governors mocked them circa February/March (while also mocking Trump for closing the border to China...) Then the dems condemn those who don't wear them. Then Trump makes a DRIVE-BY while IN a car while WEARING a mask and he was "exposing" people to the virus. But wait, how? Don't masks work? And now he wears the mask, takes it off because he is not within six feet of ANYONE (you know, the way you take yours off while eating in a restaurant, despite the building being an enclosed space and FULL of people?). You libs seriously need a new narrative. This mask shaming nonsense over a disease with a 99.8% survival rate is just plain embarrassing. While you were writing this "article", Trump was on day 3 of the virus and already back to work and beating it. GTFO here with this garbaaage.
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