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  1. Love this idea, so here's mine. 1. Love Takes Time 2. Emotions 3. Hero 4. Miss You Most at Christmastime 5. Forever 6. Close my Eyes 7. Crybaby 2000's 8. Lead the Way 9. Through the Rain 10. We Belong Together 11. Side Effects 12. Obsessed 13. When Christmas Comes 14. Dedicated 15. The Distance you're welcome. if you made it this far, hey lamb! xo
  2. love this song. had some **** time with it and my man already.
  3. i don't detect shade in what she said - she went out of her way to say she wasn't ****ting on the album. but she said comparatively, it didn't have the freedom of creation that butterfly did.
  4. Does said study address the fact that said gut bacteria is a DIRECT product of and exists in direct relations to dietary habits??? Like.....how dumb can this type of argument be? Someone eating candy and ice cream isn't going to have the same gut bacteria and digestive system as someone who eats broccoli and carrots all day...? Can we just stop trying to fit a circle into a square just to justify the politically correct agenda which serves no one except the people who are skinny and rich at the top of the food chain???
  5. There's no sense. This is the same group of people who call anyone who disagrees with them a liar, but then they can rebrand and relabel biological and scientific FACTS (the ones they swear by) to call FAT people healthy. No, being FAT is not healthy. Earning an F in gym class is not the same as earning an A. If that hurts your feelings, you need to grow up. Take care of your body. Take care of your mind. Stop blaming other people for calling out the negative repercussions of NOT doing so. That's insanity.
  6. ??? it's on all major streaming platforms. A highlight on her underrated (but also somewhat underwhelming) 14th album, "Me. I Mariah blah aksjdhfasdf". Her 15th album "Caution" is where it's AT. Actually imma start a "caution" appreciation thread....
  7. i can't i can't. she can keep it. i am OFFICIALLY done with this broad. Taylor is out here putting out 3 QUALITY pop albums in an 18 month period - this ***** has had OVER a decade(!!) and given us a mediocre DEMI FLOPATO screaming match, a handful of decent bops on Liberation, a handful on that other forgettable album with her being pushed out of a vag on the cover, and that's IT. Otherwise, it's been literally insulting. Like, I'm insulted. No one wants to hear you sing the same damn 20 year old Disney song. No one is here for these Kelly Osbourne 2008 type outfits. No one is interested in your whacked out Christmas album leftovers from 25 YEARS AGO! LIKE!??? she's absolutely done. Everything about her continued "stardom" is, to me, insulting. Let's stop acting like this ***** does anything besides take the clearest, easiest, laziest path to keeping her lights on. What a squandered talent. PS - Even when I stanned her, I couldn't tolerate the hollering and yelling that she calls that Christmas "album". NEXT!!
  8. It HAS MADE her $60 million since its release in 1994. It isnt $60 million annually. Good thing you have a lamb around...
  9. her self titled album was a whole MOOD and moment dahhling. she could have kept the last two albums though.
  10. loved the book and love her. will be watching. some of her first performances of "i wanna love you forever" are still mind-blowingly great to me.
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