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    My name is Arturo and I'm from Mexico. I'm a big Lana del Rey fan, of course, and I really appreciate pop history... I miss the old Britney.
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  1. I don't know if you already discuss this, but back in December, some guy recorded a video when we can see Lana del Rey up in a beautiful vintage car in the streets of L.A, shooting a new video. Back then we thought it was for California or another single from Norman ******* Rockwell, but no, gurls... The marketing Queen knew she needed a video for the new era ASAP and she filmed just 4 months after NFR release date. I have the proof right here: It's not the first time she did this with a new single. I remember she filmed "Love", the first single of Lust for Life much before she even said something about it. And she gave us Honeymoon just one year after Ultraviolence. She's ready and she's comingo for blood!!!!!!!
  2. And it was a big scandal... First she said, they criticize me 'cause I don't take my clothes off (when nobody said that), and then goes with this video. Girl, I'm always more naked in a summer in Mexico and I'm not making a big deal of it. Gosh! Hope it goes #1 on Billboard and Rain on me #2 hahahaha just kidding
  3. She's not that kind of artist, but I feel like this drama helped Ariana and Lady Gaga (she's in Interscope too). All of this happened like 2 days before "Rain on me". Not saying the success of the song is about this drama, but Ariana was a hot topic before the premiere. And Lana was trending on Twitter for 13 hours with more than 1.5 million responses. Ariana and Gaga were trending for only 5-7 hours (the day of the video premiere) Lana del #MarketingQueen
  4. @JordanMillerand you miss the most important thing of the video: New album name: Chemtrails Over the Country Club. Out September 5. My only question is: When the new single is going to come out? And I don't know if she have the video already? I mean, she should release the new single in june or july, but we still have this pandemic going on. I'm so excited! love her!
  5. It's one of the worst pop songs in a long time. Stop saying is art, it makes me feel bad, like it's the end of pop music and we will only listen trash from AMAZING ARTISTS like Ariana and Gaga.
  6. You can't read 2.0.... She meant big pop stars can talk about that, but alternative artists like her can't, and it's true. Do you know how much hate I received as a Lana Fan for her lyrics. Imagine how she feels.... And Ariana's fans don't get that hate cause she's mainstream
  7. This is why she made that statement in the first place.... For people like you!
  8. Honey, I totally get the feeling that you didn't read the statement (yet again). Lana del Rey said: I'm not not a feminist... You know what's that means? Ok, we're good. And, she explained why she named those singers. She's not comparing herself with Beyoncé, are you serious? They're so different and you think she doesn't know. Learn to read, please.
  9. From the very start, I knew that collab with Ariana was a bad idea. I know she's everywhere these days, but I thought the song was awful, and the only part I liked was Lana's. After everything that happened yesterday, it seems like Ariana was angry at Lana. In a recent post, Lana said Ariana and Doja Cat gave her a feedback and she kind of said they did not want to be associated with her. Now we can see Lana just unfollowed Ariana, and that's the end of that friendship. Not surprised that Ariana didn't get it. Her ego is huge. Related:
  10. Comparisons between Lady Gaga's new material and Future Nostalgia are correct and we can't skip them 'cause they're going for this retro-gay club-dance vibe (it doesn't matter if it's 80s, 90s or whatever. Yes, Dua Lipa did an amazing work of art, and her album is really solid. In the other hand, Lady Gaga really made this melody twice, as you guys said, this song is like Stupid Love 2.0. I didn't like it at all, and I know it would be a "hit" because we have two major pop stars in one song, but we're gonna forget about it. Other thing, I thinks this is not a cool move for both of them (are they the new princess and queen of pop? No, not really.) Hope other songs in Chromatica are better <3 still waiting
  11. I thought they were going to give us a new video.... About the song, I'm not into it at all. I prefer Stupid Love and I didn't like that one. I think Gaga is trying to get more commercial, but she can't find her formula. It sounds so generic :/
  12. Go to Lana's Instagram account. In the same post we're discussing, she just gave us some comments on the haters and he told us she's not a racist. And she said she named her favorite artists <3 Go a pay some tribute to our Queen.
  13. I was talking last night with my boyfriend about Lana del Rey (as you can see, I'm a big fan). My boyfriend loves Bad Bunny and urban artists like that... So I was trying to explain how Lana's music touch my heart since Born to Die. He told me she was actually restricting her audience for people like him, 'cause she uses a lot of references and moods people don't understand all the time, and then I get it. It's weird how people is trying to get Lana for that statement but I'm not surprised. She build our generation. She gave us new sounds, she open the gates for other alternative artists, and this is how you pay her. People in twitter says she's mad 'cause she's not selling like Ariana or Beyonce (and we know she doesn't care). People in twitter is saying she's a racist for include black singers in her statement (and we know she is not). Can't wait for the new album - SEPTEMBER 5
  14. It's really hard for me explaining her art to people like you. "Her SNL concert was a mess" "Lana does seem to be depressed all the time" Give her a break. Just listen her music with detail and then, you will know.
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