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  1. There is not ONE thing I want to remember about 2020 so I pray to god she isn’t working yet because anything coming out of 2020 is the DEVIL.
  2. Which Britney fragrances do you have and which is your favorite?! My top two are prerogative rave and Rocker Femme fantasy. It’s a shame they are so hard to come by though. Most stores don’t carry them.
  3. Ala Sugarfall, strangest love, sippin on, to love let go, 911, burnin up, get naked.
  4. A few times. I saw circus 3 times. Twice at staples and then once front row in Vegas. Then I went to the jimmy kimmel concert series for FF. I went to the FF tour. I was about 4 people deep for the Jimmy concert which was cool. It was not too many people and we had to wait for like 7 hours lol. But circus front row will never be matched. And the backstage tour was fun. Fe was the sweetest.
  5. If they’re in California it’s literally required if you are in public.....
  6. I don’t think buying land is a literal reference. Taylor is definitely a symbolic when it comes to words. I think she’s referring to removing your self from all of the awards shows, interviews, album releases, and stepping into more of a “normal” life.
  7. The first part of the song is about someone in the business before Taylor came along. They left Hollywood for the most part to enjoy life and that’s when Taylor’s name was up in lights. The time line Correlates with Britney. Taylor Swift came out in about 2006 2007 which is when Britney stepped away from the Hollywood aspect after all of her troubles in 2007. Taylor became “big” around 2008.
  8. I truly love the song The Lucky One by Taylor Swift. It reminds me so much of Britney’s life of fame. Taylor often said that Britney was one of her favorites as a kid, specifically the song lucky and it’s video. That statement really gives me the image of Britney and this song. What do y’all think?
  9. Literally considering dyeing my hair like this. Someone help me find the best photo of this glorious look!
  10. Literally my favorite performance. I love this number she did. I wish she would do this specific performance at a residency.
  11. I’m going to have to pass. I’d MUCH rather have let go, strangest love, or something else that’s unreleased since were such amazing fans and can make old things go number 1
  12. My cover was updated to that one in my iTunes! Waaaaaay better. Can we all go buy blackout and get it to number one so she changes that cover too
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